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Bagsy BeautyI really like Bagsy. A cruelty free, British Brand with great products and beautiful packaging. I mean, what’s not to love? I’ve blogged about Bagsy products before, and today I’m reviewing a few more products.

One of the things I really love is the packaging. Each item has different exterior packaging, it makes the range both beautiful and distinctive. The products inside are always simple and clean looking, it’s a winning combination and should appeal to those who are drawn to pretty things and those who like classic simplicity.

Starting off with the Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick in Ready to Wear (£12)

bagsy Wow lipsWow Lips are chubby lip gloss pencils in opaque shades, full of nourishing ingredients. Ready to Wear is a gorgeous red toned chestnut shade, very popular right now and very easy to wear. I have another one of these, Killer Heels, and I wear it often, this will be too I’m sure. Although they are a gloss pencil, they are quite light on the gloss and don’t feel at all sticky on the lips.

Next is the Lip Cocoon in Raspberry (£7.00).

bagsy lip cocoonHands down my favourite product. Raspberry Lip Cocoon is a tinted lip balm. I am literally living in this right now. I love tinted balms anyway, despite being drawn like a magpie to lipsticks, I actually don’t wear them a huge amount, preferring something more subtle for daily wear and this totally fits the bill. Its a beautiful tint, really comfortable to wear and moisturising and it has a beautiful fruity scent. It’s gorgeous,

Finally we have Beautiful Eyes in the aptly named, Take The Plunge shade (£14.00).

bagsy beautiful eyesI’ve only worn this a couple of times, it’s not really my colour, but don’t let that put you off, the colour is beautiful, a glorious lightly metallic blue shade that works like a charm as an eyeliner and that’s despite it’s chubby point, I can get a great line with this. It’s not (only) a liner though, this pencil blends like a dream meaning it’s great for a wash of colour. It wears incredibly well too, bearing in mind I have quite hooded eyelids, with a primer this is still in place when I remove my make up at the end of the day, it doesn’t budge! Without a primer, it still lasts all day but I have a tiny amount of transfer to my upper lid, and I do mean tiny. If bright blue isn’t your shade, there are several more shades to choose from.

Swatches, Lip Cocoon in Raspberry, Wow Lips in Ready to Wear and Beautiful Eyes in Take The Plunge

bagsy swatches

If you haven’t checked out Bagsy Beauty yet, then please do, I really recommend!

*Products received free of charge for review purposes


Looks like Clarins are on a roll in 2006, after my post last week showing a couple of bits from the new Spring collection, I’m thrilled to share with you a few more new products. Meet the new Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipsticks and Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base.

Clarins InstantI’m going to start with the Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base which is a completely brand new product and retails at £18.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base

The Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base is a transparent balm in essence, but this isn’t your average lip balm. Essentially its purpose it smooth and soften the lips, evening out lines and helping your lipstick to stay in place for longer. It’s quite honestly a little tube of magic. It goes on clear and feels very comfortable and not at all greasy (my pet hate, greasy lips!)  and it does indeed make my lips feel smooth and lovely. When combined with the Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipsticks it does indeed increase longevity and I see no reason why it wouldn’t apply to any brand of lipstick. I think, and I will try this out, that it would be amazing under liquid matte lipsticks for comfort, while keeping the finish matte.

Next up, the Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipsticks. £20 each.

Clarins Joli Rouge BrilliantClarins lipsticks are totally amazing. They can do no wrong in my eyes. I’ve tried the Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipsticks before, and they are just very lovely. The difference with this new launch is that they have been reformulated, and now have more moisture, finer pearl particles and new shades.

What’s lovely about these lipsticks is that they glow, the pearl particles seem to give light, the colour is sheer and radiant and the finish is moisturising and comfortable. They are just lovely.

Left to Right is Guava, Fig and Cherry.

Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Clarins Joli Rouge BrilliantThe tip of each lipstick is designed to make application a breeze and they are not only beautifully scented, but flavoured too. I suppose for some this may be off putting so it is something to bear in mind, but I personally love the scent, it’s red berries, light and fruity.

Here are some slightly embarrassing (for a variety of reasons) photos of each colour being worn.

First is Guava, a lovely peachy pink.

Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant GuavaNext is Fig…

Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Fig

Finally Cherry.

Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant CherryAll the products are beautiful and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them. The shades are beautiful and wearable and very comfortable to wear. I much prefer to wear softer, sheerer finishes so these are right up my street, and the Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base is brilliant, having tried these on yesterday, with the base, the last shade I tried, Cherry, was still in evidence at teatime.

Both the new Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipsticks and the Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base are available now from Clarins counters and Clarins online.

*All items received free of charge for review purposes.

I love Badger products. I love the packaging, I love the ethos and I really love the products. Great products that do what they are supposed to, with no fuss, but with lovely ingredients and whimsical, handbag sized packaging. What’s not to love!

I just received the cutest little gift from them, with fab products ideal for the Winter so I wanted to share with you today.

Badger Balms Seriously how cute is that? Inside was the most lovely postcard too.

Badger BalmsOf course the box didn’t just hold a gorgeous postcard, inside were several of Badger’s best products for winter months, and I’m so grateful for them as there isn’t one I can’t use.

Badger Balms Badger BalmsAnd actually I missed one little item in my box so that’s got a photo of its own.

Badger Balms

Aromatic Chest Rub £4.99 Love Lula

The Aromatic Chest Rub couldn’t have arrived at a better time! Every single person in this house has a cold at present, and this natural product is suitable for the whole family. You can use it as a chest rub, or add it hot water for an inhalant. We’ve been using it rubbed on chests to help ease breathing and aid relaxation. It contains Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Ravesara and Tea Tree. Brilliant stuff and the ritual of rubbing it into my kids chests reminds me very much of being cared for by my parents when I was a child <3

Badger Balm for Hardworking Hands £4.99 Graftons Beauty

I can’t, in all honesty, say my hands are hardworking…but I can truthfully say they are not loving the winter weather much, they feel dry and my cuticles are not at all pretty, which is always the first sign of dryness in my hands. Badger Balm is a brilliant product. It’s very rich and very moisturising, making ideal for even the dryest of hands, even those that are cracked (ouch!). The scent is unisex, and is lightly scented with Sweet Birch and Wintergreen. This has gone straight in my handbag for use when I’m out and about. It’s great for all sorts of skin problems, but very gentle.

Sleep Balm £4.99 Graftons Beauty

Oh I needed this so much! My sleep is dire at the moment. I’ve tried everything, warm baths, milky drinks, breathing… but my sleep is still crap. And actually this doesn’t help me sleep much better but the aim is to use aromatherapy to calm the thoughts and clear the mind, making sleep easier to come by. I’m a firm believer in aromatherapy and always have lavender oil to hand so I am delighted to add this to my sleep ‘tool box’. Rosemary clears,  the mind, Bergamot is uplifting, Ginger is strengthening while Lavender is relaxing. It smells out of this world! If you can’t sleep because you can’t shut your active brain down, try this out!

Seabuckthorn Hair Oil £17.99 Superdrug Online

I’m no stranger to the bleach and as such my hair is a little damaged. I say a little but actually it’s really quite unhappy. So a hair oil is perfectly timed! You apply this to your hair and leave on for at least an hour but preferably overnight, comb it through first, then wash out as usual. I love that if you’re short on time or don’t want to sleep on oily hair, you have the choice of just leaving it in for an hour. Seabuckthorn Oil aids in collagen production, but also there’s some Apricot Oil which really penetrates the hair, and Pomegranate Oil which has high levels of antioxidants as well as promotes regeneration. I’ve not tried this yet, but I will do so soon, it smells glorious.

Highland Mint Lip Care £2.49 Bath & Unwind

Last but not least is the Highland Mint Lip Balm, I like the Badger lip balms, this isn’t my first and I’m quite fussy, it’s minty which I like, and its active ingredients include Olive Oil, Beesewax and Aloe. Again this one is in my handbag, and I apply it every time I go out to product my lips from dryness. They get dry so easily so I use balm as a preventative rather than a treatment and this works a treat!

I would recommend Badger products to absolutely anyone, they work an absolute treat.

*All products were received free of charge as a gift.

I love Badger Balms! Their little Headache Stick is a great product for headache sufferers. It doesn’t get rid of migraines but it feels great on the skin and really helps. Their whole ethos and range of products are great, simple, natural, high quality and effective. The range is extensive, with skin care, baby products, health products, stress relief products and so on, it’s a really great brand.

I just received this fab Badger Summer Essentials Collection* in the post and wanted to share it with you.

Badger Balms Ideal for festivals, days out, and Summer life in general the kit includes cute re-usable bag and four full sized products.

The Badger Foot Balm is perfect for tired hot feet, it soothes, smoothes and has anti-bacterial properties thanks to the peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree and cardamom.

The Badger After Sun Balm cools and soothes skin after a day in the sun with shea, olive and jojoba while lavender, ylang ylang, orange and lime not only smell lovely (and it smells incredible) but cools and moisturises.

Badger Lip Care Stick Unscented contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, castor oil, aloe vera, sea buckthorn and rose hip to makes lips perfectly soft, for those who dislike scented lip balms.

Finally there’s the Lip Care Stick Tangerine Breeze which smells divine and and does all the same good work as the Unscented version.

Amazing quality products, and you get them all, and the bag for an amazing £12.00. Fantastic.

Available from Graftons Beauty.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.

Me and Lip Smackers have a long history! Back in the 90’s there was a chain of stores called Bow Bangles here in the UK, it was bought in the mid nighties by Claires Accessories, and thats how it still is today.

When Bow Bangles arrive in Exeter it was a treasure trove the like of which we’d never seen before and my friends and I were particularly addicted to Lip Smacker lip balms. Prior to learning about Lip Smackers, your only flavoured lip balm options were Chapsticks and this was a whole new world of lip balm pleasure and quite possibly the reason I still have more lip balms than I really know what to do with these days!

These are the ones my friends and I were totally into.

Lip-SmackersAt some point in time I forgot all about them but over the last year, having daughters, they have crept back into my consciousness and in fact I bought some as stocking fillers this Christmas.

I was really pleased to be sent a Lip Smacker Coca-Cola Party Pack* to try out.

Lip Smacker Coca Cola Party PackI’ve managed to try them all but theres been a bit of a battle with the Chloe and Lola over ownership. That’s the magic thing about Lip Smacker lip balms, they just appeal to all ages!

My absolute favourite is the Grape Fanta, with Cherry Coca-Cola coming second, but they are all lovely! Chloe likes the classic Coca-Cola flavour and Lola likes Pineapple Fanta. They don’t just taste and smell good, they are very moisturising and protective too.

I’m happy to see the Lip Smacker brand going strong, they will always have great appeal to all ages I think.

This Party Pack is £12 and available from Claires along with lots of other Lip Smackers…. I’ve got my eye on the Disney Frozen ones (Blueberry for Elsa and Coconut for Olaf) but again I think it’ll be a battle with Chloe and Lola!

*Product received free of charge for review purposes

I don’t know about you, but my lips have really suffered this winter. Central heating and the cold outside have dried my lips out something rotten.

Over many years I’ve tried many lip balms, and nearly all didn’t help or made the problem worse (thats a whole other blog post). The only thing I know to work reliably on chapped lips are lanolin based balms and as the name suggests, Lanolips excel in this department. I’ve tried a few of their products, all have been great, and the new 101 Ointment in Strawberry* is no exception.

P1160325Super cute packaging adds to the appeal. The classic little tube and sheep logo, dotted with strawberries.

The ingredients are Medical Grade Lanolin, Vitamin E and 100% Fruit Extract, in this case Strawberry. It smells gloriously fruity, and a true strawberry taste as you would imagine.  Strawberries though aren’t just there to make the ointment smell nice, the fruit’s main ingredient is alpha-hydroxy acid, helping to slough off dead skin.

The great thing about 101 Ointment is that it isn’t just good for a perfect pout, but that there are many uses for it. Try it on dry cuticles, dry patches of skin, sore noses after a cold, anywhere that needs moisture and protection. It’s a beautiful product, perfect for the handbag, to be used any time.

Cruelty Free, baby and vegetarian friendly, 100% natural and dermatologically tested. I think everyone should own one.

£7.99 from Victoriahealth.com and Waitrose.

*Product provided free of charge for review purposes






07. 08. 2013

Today I just want to tell you briefly about a retailer that I’m really impressed with! BigGreenSmile.com are an online retailer stocking a huge amount of natural products. There are natural cleaning products, baby products and above all, a huge range of beauty products! The site is absolutely brimming with information. Each product has lots of info and the ingredients listed where applicable, as well as telling you about the brand, so you can see whether you’re buying handmade local goods or from a brand that is larger and further away. You wont find any products tested on animals, you won’t find products that contain unnecessary chemicals, and many products are organic and/or vegan.

So for us beauty fans, what’s there, well there are numerous cosmetics brands including Dr. Hauschka, Lavera and Alva and there are so many desirable brands, Zoya polishes, EOS lip balms, Hurraw lip balms, tonnes of Korres, Burts Bees, (my fave) Melvita, Organic Surge, thisworks, and many many more.

I picked out a couple of things to try out from the site, and I think I picked well.

The EOS lip balm in Pomegranate & Raspberry is truly a fantastic product and worthy of the hype. I use this every single night and it’s hands down my favourite lip balm. Smells delicious, tastes delicious and does a great job. £4.99 and lovely.

And then I picked out the Korres Fig Body Scrub. Yum. Really works like a charm, smells gorgeous, is vegan and goes perfectly with my Korres Fig Body Lotion. Very happy with this. Ground bamboo and jojoba beads do all the work and it’s lovely. This one is £12.

Please do head over and check out BigGreenSmile.com, you’re sure to find something you like!

*Disclosure – products provided for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own*

Here’s a little treat. I’ve worn this to death and I’ve had mine months and months and there’s just a tiny little stump left so I’ll definitely repurchase at some point.

Anyway, the little beauty in question is the Paul &Joe Moisture Lip Treatment.

Paul & Joe Moisture Lip Treatment

I’m a huge fan of lipsticks and have far far too many…but here’s a little secret, I very rarely wear them. I buy them because I can appreciate a good colour and I simply must have it in my life, but in reality, I probably wear lipstick once a month? Another ten days of the month I’ll wear a lightweight gloss or a gloss/lipstick hybrid or a coloured balm but the vast majority of the time I wear nothing…well nothing except for this stuff. I don’t wear it because of it’s moisturising qualities. I don’t, in all honesty believe that balms work. I’ve tried some that seemed to work for a while but I’ve never seen any long term improvement.

What I do love about his is that a) it feels beautiful on and b) it gives my lips a look that I just love. It adds a clear shine to the lips that isn’t glossy, but is just perfect for my needs.

If like me you favour a natural but healthy and plump look to your lips you can do a lot worse than this balm. Oh and it’s unscented and unflavoured and there’s no tingly effect. Perfick.

Available from Beauty Bay

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

You all know by now how much I love the Clarins collections for each season. I was late to discover Clarins but when I did it was love at first sight. Usually I share all the products in one great big long post but this season I’ve decided to break it down into pieces. Largely because it’s the Easter hols and I’ve got the kids here, time for sitting down and writing blog posts is limited, and when I do have time I just want to do nothing as much as possible! So here we have it, the Limited Edition Lip Products for Summer 2013.

Starting with the most eye catching, the Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms, £18 each.

Left to Right is Crystal Rose, Crystal Mandarin, Crystal Gold Plum and Crystal Berry.

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms

Oh they are just so pretty aren’t they. Don’t be put off by the blue and green, the jelly like outside of these balms is completely transparent on the skin. I love these Crystal Lip Balms, although they are a little tricky to apply because of where the colour is in the stick, its worth the effort and I find the balmy outside of these gives you a sort of just bitten look. They are lovely and moisturising too.

Anyway, here’s swatches. In the same order as above, Crystal Rose, Crystal Mandarin, Crystal Gold Plum and Crystal Berry. Note, not a hint of green or blue to be seen.

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms

I apologise for the quality of the following pics, they were cropped from much larger pictures and didn’t come out as well as I had hoped. You get the idea though.

Crystal Rose.

Clarins crystal Rose

Crystal Mandarin.

clarins crystal mandarin

Crystal Gold Plum.

clarins crystal gold plum

Crystal Berry.

clarins crystal berry

I absolutely love Crystal Rose, which is a goes with anything pink, but my surprise favourite is Crystal Gold Plum, a surprise as I thought I wouldn’t like it at all. It’s absolutely gorgeous though, Different but so pretty. If you only treat yourself to one of these, get Crystal Gold Plum. So so nice.

The other limited edition lip products for this Summer are gorgeously fruity and juicy Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gels which are £16 each. Available in two shades, Crystal Pink and Crystal Plum. I find Crystal Pink to be completely wrongly named, it’s very much red toned to my eyes, but regardless, it’s pretty gorgeous.

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gels

There are supposed to plump your lips and add a non sticky high gloss. I don’t see much in the way of plumping, but they are extremely glossy with no stickiness.

Crystal Pink on the left and Crystal Plum on the right.

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gels

They are really fruity (so not one for those who don’t like scented lip products) and I love the scent, it’s like Summer in a tube.

Crystal Pink (see it’s red isn’t it?!)

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gels

Crystal Plum

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gels

These are both gorgeous and if you’re looking for a pop of translucent coloured gloss this Summer then look no further, these are gorgeous!

All of the above are available from Clarins counters nationwide now or www.clarins.co.uk/

Keep checking my blog for more of the beautiful Clarins Summer products this week.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

I’m really falling in love with some of the smaller lesser known brands out there at the moment and before Christmas I received a beautifully scented package from Savonnerie London.

All the products are handmade in the UK and are made with botanical extracts chosen for their benefits to your skin. All products are sulphate, paraben, artificial colouring, artificial fragrance, petrochemical free. Ingredients are all sustainably sources, produced and packaged. All products are vegetarian but a few items contain milk, beeswax or honey.

Anyway, onto the bits I’ve been trying out.

Savonnerie London

Firstly the Cedar Natural Soap £4.50. Actually this soap was popped in the package for my husband but it was too late, I’d claimed it for myself, the smell, the smell is to die for. Cedar essential oil, hint of cinnamon. This is such a beautiful soap, and very moisturising. Can’t recommend highly enough, especially the price which is fabulous. Next on my list is Honeycake Soap followed by Marmalade!

Then there’s the Nutritive Lip Balm £4.96. A beautiful lip balm, very moisturising, with Tamanou oil for healing and camellia and rosehip. This is as good as any lip balm I’ve tried and I was advised to use this before bed and put around the outside of my lips as well… I was wary of doing this as sometimes using products around my lips can give me awful spots on my lips but I tried it anyway and I’ve had no adverse effects at all. This is just very lovely.

Then I’ve been trying out the Daily Facial Cleanser. £13.95. For me this is a cleanser I either use in the morning or as my second evening cleanse (after an oil based cleanser). I massage onto my face and then wipe away with warm water and a flannel. This is so gentle. Contains Aloe, Chamomile and Camellia Seed Extracts and this removes any last traces of make up and is so gentle. My skin feels lovely and soft after use.

Finally, the most gorgeous Body Butter ever. The Rose and Shea Body Butter is £12.95 and my first thought was that it’s quite a small pot for the money, and considering the size of my body 😉 Actually though this is incredible. I can’t explain it but the tiniest bit goes such a long way, the texture is rich, but light. Like it’s been whipped into a thick mousse consistency but once it’s rubbed in it doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin, it just absorbs nicely leaving you so soft and beautifully scented…oh the scent. You have to like rose obviously, but Rose Absolute is just to die for. This is sheer bliss. I’ve been using this regularly, and there’s still loads and loads left, but I’ve been using this particularly on the site of my scar from my recent operation. Beautiful stuff.

So there we have it, beautiful products, beautifully packaged. I have felt a real shift in my attitude towards products these days and would much rather buy my skincare and bath and body products from these lesser known, smaller brands. There are such gems tucked away! I heartily recommend Savonnerie and the beautiful products.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*