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Although, I’ve never blogged about them, I have a history with Burt’s Bees. I’ve used several of the products in the past and I’ve purchased the lip balm more than once, it’s really pretty good. So then I was delighted to learn about two new additions to the lip balm range.

Firstly theres the Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter which a)smells delicious and b) really works and secondly the Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Acai Berry. Acai is a superfruit don’t you know! Its really hydrating and the berry contains antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, D and E and again my lips are lovely and soft and it smells lovely. Reasonably priced products that do what they should.

They are both £3.49 and available from Boots, John Lewis and www.burtsbees.co.uk

I’ve just been having a good look round the website and think the lip shimmers look good too!

Ok, I know we’ve all seen millions of reviews about this product. I personally have seen quite a few negative reviews and almost all of them have had a bad experience because they’ve not used it properly. I thought it might be helpful to do a sort of how to post. Now, I’ll say from the off that I really do like this product, it leaves my lips flake free and soft, but I do have reservations but I’ll go into that later.

The cost. It’s £4.99. I don’t think thats much tbh. It lasts a really long time.

Opening for the first time. It will no doubt have sugar around the rim. Run your finger all around the outside of the pot and clean it all off. Then use whats on your finger. Thats the outside of the pot cleaed up. Next time you use it, squish it all down in the pot firmly and that should sort any overflow/mess.

Using the stuff. Don’t scoop. you don’t need to. I’ve seen reviews where people are complaining that it drops off their lips and fingers. I saw a review which featured a picture of lips covered in the stuff (way way way too much). General complaints about messiness and so on. So to use, simply press your finger firmly on to the top of the product. What sticks to your finger is more than enough. I promise. Like this:


Thats it. That’s enough for one lip.  It’s firmly stuck to my finger, no mess. Scrub it in and repeat for the other. Lick off whats left. And thats where I have reservations. I’ve seen people complaining about how repeating it several times a day would be bad for their teeth and diet. Once or twice a day should be adequate. However, what I’m totally not getting is the licking off bit. I’ve always though licking your lips wasn’t good advice since it’s drying. Maybe that’s just an old wives tale I don’t know, but licking your lips doesn’t seem the best idea for dry lips. I’ll carry on using this because I do like it, but I doubt I’ll buy again since I think licking it off aggravates flakiness….clever trick Lush! Ooh my lips are so flaky better buy some more scrub!

Totally unrelated but look at these beauties:

Thank you Graham.xx


You lot know me by now. I’m always moaning about Lush. The product quality has deteriorated, product sizes are shrinking, prices go up blah blah blah. I started looking around at what I did still have and use and erm, its quite a lot. So here we go (and this doesn’t include the four massage bars in the fridge I forgot to photograph!)

My desk shelf:

Lush Stash
Bubblegum Lipscrub, Vanillary Perfume, Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter.
My desk (can’t centre this for some crap reason):

Lush Stash

Vanillary Solid Perfume, American Cream Solid Perfume
My purse:
Lush Stash
Flying Fox Temple Balm
By my Bed:
Lush Stash
Heavanilli Massage Bar & Boob Tube cream.
Bathroom Cupboard:
Lush Stash
Small Charity Pot


Lush Stash

Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder, Vanilla Dee-lite Lotion, Forum Special Artemis Cream (raspberry & lime) and a special secret black pot of joy 😉

Bathroom Shelves:
Lush StashBack: Chai S/g, Special secret s/g.
Front: Flyimg Saucer s/g, Happy Hippy s/g, Sonic Death Monkey s/g, Flying Fox s/g, Rub, Rub Rub s/g, Freeze s/g.
Lush Stash

Rehab Shampoo, Veganese Conditioner, Ocean Salt Scrub, Ultrabland cleanser (enter my giveaway for some Ultrabland of your own!)
Bathroom Drawers:

Lush Stash

Lush Stash
Lush Stash
Lush Stash
Lush Stash

Various ballistics, soaps and bubblebars.

Spare Bathroom:

Lush Stash

American Cream conditioner, Narcotick s/g, Veganese conditioner and I love Juicy shampoo.

Thats it! phew! And you know how you can tell that I’m not into Lush anymore? It’s half of what was there a year ago. I’m not even kidding. I’m just trying to use this lot up!