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It’s well documented that I LOVE matte lipsticks, in fact despite a huge lipstick collection, its a matte I’ll reach for nearly all of the time. I bought Mac’s Whirl lipstick on the back of all the hype later. I love the nineties lip colour trend (possibly because in the early 90’s I was in my teens) and I love matte lipstick, so I just had to get this lipstick didn’t I?

It’s described on the website as matte Dirty Rose.

Mac Whirl LipstickI’d agree with the dirty rose description, although its not a description I’d give it. No I’d go for reddish brown, because I’m descriptive like that!

mac whirl lipstickI absolutely love it, but it comes off a little darker than the picture above and a little more matte. Its similar to Gerard Cosmetics 1995, which I also love.

mac whirl lipstick

mac whirl lipstick (2)A final note, the wear time on this is excellent. I can apply it in the morning and it’ll still be there mid afternoon, albeit faded. A great purchase in my humble opinion and its been a very long time since I bought  Mac lipstick!

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, this shade and similar shades are big news right now, so hop on the bandwagon and grab one for yourself from Mac Cosmetics for £15.50

Clarins. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in terms of cosmetics I don’t think Clarins receive nearly enough hype. Their make up is exceptional quality. I’ve tried Joli Rouge lipsticks from Clarins before and liked them, as well as similar lipsticks such as the Joli Rouge Brilliant which were gorgeous too.

Now however the Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick has had a revamp, the formula is more moisturising and there are now 26 shades to choose from. The Joli Rouge formula offers high pigment and high shine. There are some shimmery, some less shimmery, but all offer a luminous effect.

I’ve got three here I’ve been trying out.

Clarins Joli RougeClarins Joli RougeClarins Joli Rouge

The shades I have are Soft Berry, Candy Rose and Lilac Pink.

Clarins Joli Rouge

The shape of the tip has been designed to provide a perfect application and it really does, it makes them a devil to swatch though. Please accept my apologies for the last swatch, I don’t know why its so fat!

Soft Berry, Candy Rose and Lilac Pink.

Clarins Joli Rouge

You can see they glow even in the swatches, but actually only the middle shade, Candy Rose has any shimmer in it.

A closer look:

Soft Berry

Clarins Joli Rouge Soft berry

Candy Rose

Clarins Joli Rouge Candy rose

Lilac Pink

Clarins Joli Rouge Lilac Pink

I really love them all, the shades are all beautiful, the finish is beautiful, the formula wears really well on my prone to dryness lips and they have lovely quality packaging.

There’s a great range of colours, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a shade for everyone.

They are £19.50 each so a bit of an investment but they are worth it in terms of quality.  Available now from www.clarins.co.uk

*All products features received free of charge for review purposes.


I don’t think the trend towards matte lips is going away any time soon, which is good news for me since they have long been my favourite finish. I much prefer a matte, or nearly matte finish to a glossy look, and generally speaking I prefer the feel of them too.

The new Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks promise huge amounts of pigment, a matte and velvety finish, while not sucking all the moisture out of your lips, a common problem with matte lipsticks.

The Matte Revolution Lipsticks range of shades (there are 9 I believe) are for the most part bold, offering high impact colour.

A word about the packaging, which I failed to capture in my photos. They feel heavy, expensive and high quality.

The shades I have are (L-R) Bad Blood, Stark Naked and Blackmail.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick


And swatched in the same order:

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick


They are all just amazing. As promised the pigment is indeed heavy and the colours are amazing. Bad Blood is a true red, Stark Naked a nude shade that is opaque enough to cover my very pink lips, and Blackmail is the most amazing blackened berry shade.

Application on all is easy, they have that slight drag that you get with matte lip products, but they go on well with one swipe. They vary slightly in matte-ness, with Stark Naked being the most matte, and Bad Blood having a slight hint of a sheen.

I am wearing Stark Naked all the time, its incredibly wearable.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick Stark Naked


Bad Blood is amazing, and please excuse this photo, its sort of cringey-sultry-shouldhavebrushedmyhair-y.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick Bad Blood

I haven’t taken a photo of me wearing Blackmail because quite frankly it would put you off. Its sad, its my favourite colour, but it really doesn’t suit me at all, but if you can wear very dark lips, I would highly recommend.

I can’t think of anything there isn’t to love about these lipsticks, they apply really well, they last really well on my lips and I love the packaging. The price at £15.50 is reasonable. I think they feel like a much more expensive lipstick. I’m not saying they are cheap, but as I say it feels like a £20+ lipstick in all regards.

Available now from Urban Decay counters nationwide and the Urban Decay Website.

*Lipsticks received free of charge for review purposes.

The highlight of every season for me, is seeing what’s new from Clarins. For such a huge brand, I find they don’t get nearly enough praise, the quality of everything I’ve ever tried is exceptional and the packaging and design is always classy. I really feel I need to apologise for some of these photos which for some reason didn’t all come out as well as they should have done, but the main one, the swatches one, came out perfectly so it will be quite literally a case of all’s well that ends well.

Clarins Autumn 2015


So starting off with the Eyebrow Pencils (£17)*

Clarins Eyebrow pencil Clarins Eyebrow pencilAvailable in three, shades, Soft Blonde, Light brown and Dark Brown, I have Light Brown. Each pencil has a spiral brush at one end to tame and groom the brows, while the pencil isn’t quite the right shade for me (actually it is but I like my brows DARK), I’ve been wearing it anyway. The pencil is really firm meaning its easy to draw exactly where you want it to go, with a sharp point you can even draw in hairs. I like this a lot.

Moving onto the Crayon Khol (£17)*

Clarins Crayon Khol Clarins Crayon KholI’ve got lots of Clarins eyeliners and they never disappoint. They line brilliantly, they smudge brilliantly (with the brush on the other end of the pencil), they pack a powerful punch of colour and they wear really well, I don’t get transfer to my upper eyelid like I do with so many other brands. For this collection, two shades have been added, Carbon Black, for an ultra dark look and True Violet. True Violet is shown above, and I would suggest looking at the swatches at the end of the post because this colour is absolutely amazing. It applies darker than I expected, while the purple seems to be iridescent. Its beautiful.

Next up, the Ombre Mattes (£19)

Clarins Ombre MatteThis cream to powder finish eyeshadow is perfection. I absolutely love black eye make up and this is really black and gorgeous to apply. It’s silky and lightweight and doesn’t crease. It stays put all day long. I have Carbon, but the other shade available with this collection is Heather which looks like a purpley grey and equally lovely.

The final item to show you is the Rouge Eclat lipstick in the shade Red Paprika (£19.50*)

Clarins Rouge Eclat Red Paprika Clarins Rouge Eclat Red PaprikaOh Clarins lipsticks you’re the best,

When you’re around I don’t want the rest.

Gorgeous colours, classy cases,

Surely you win the lipstick races.

I love Clarins lipsticks so much I am inspired to write poetry. Amazing poetry I am sure you’ll agree.  But seriously, if you’ve never tried a Clarins lipstick, you should, the Rouge Eclat formula moisturisers without a hint of greasiness, while minimizing fine lines. They wear  really well on me and I just love them. There are two new shades for this collections, Tawny Rose, and Red Paprika as shown. Its a gorgeous orange hued, rich red shade and my pick of the collection.

Swatches of all of the above are here, Eyebrow Pencil Light Brown, Rouge Eclat in Paprika Red, Crayon Khol in True Violet and Ombre Matte in Carbon.

Clarins Autumn 2015 SwatchesNot shown, but also included in the collection is the Pretty Day 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette which retails at £33.

As always a gorgeous collection with extremely good quality products, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of the items shown above. That liner colour though is just perfect.

The Collection Launches in August and you will be able to find it on Clarins counters as well as Clarins online.

*All Items received free of charge for review purposes


07. 07. 2015

Absolutely loving the concept of Bagsy, small but perfectly formed handbag sized beauty products. I don’t know what it is about the concept but something just feels fresh and appealing about the range. It is in part thanks to the packaging which I love. The exterior packaging is gorgeous, featuring whimsical patterns and gorgeous shades, while the interior packaging is is clean, simple and appealing.

BagsyBagsyWhile the range is really appealing the products I received are a bit of a mixed bag(sy). (Sorry).

Lets start off with the Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzing Powder in Medium/Dark £12.00*

Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Seriously, how gorgeous is this product? This shimmer free bronzer comes in a mirrored compact with a little pouch to keep it safe in your handbag. The shade, Medium/Dark is a little too dark for me, but I do love a matte bronzer, I’m not really sure shimmery bronzers are much use except for maybe nights out and this has a gorgeous soft blendable texture, it’s also available in Light/Medium. I would recommend this, even though the shade wasn’t quite right for me. See swatch at the end of the post.

Next up, the Bagsy Wonder Wand, Concealing & Illuminating Duo £18*

Bagsy Wonder Wand Bagsy Wonder WandI love this product in principle, its a great item for your handbag, offering a concealer and a highlighter in one. Unfortunately, the execution of this one isn’t great. The highlighter is fabulous, its blends beautifully to offer a gorgeous glowy highlight, but the concealer lets it down. The Wonder Wand is only available in the colour way shown, and the concealer is dark, you’ll see from the swatches at the end that actually the concealer is darker than the bronzer, which considering the bronzer I have is medium/dark is especially surprising. It’s not like you can even just use the highlighter, and nor should you at £18, the product just wouldn’t work if you only used one half of it. It’s so dark  I don’t even have any friends or family I can pass this over too. Shame really, they need to either make this product lighter, or add different colour ways. See swatches at the end of the post.

Finally,  Bagsy Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick in Killer Heels, £12*bagsy Wow Lipsbagsy Wow LipsHands down my favourite product. Available in four shades these are gorgeous. Creamy, opaque, easy to apply and best of all this shade, Killer Heels is glorious.

Swatches Left to Right, Wow Lips Chubby Stick in Killer Heels, Ray of Sunshine Bronzing Powder in Medium/Dark, Wonder Wand Highlighter and Concealer.
Bagsy SwatchesSee what I mean about that Concealer? Its so so dark. But that highlighter is beautiful!

Other products in the range include Matte Lip Colours (yes please!), Pretty Cheeks Velvet Blush (oh yes please!) as well as hand creams, make up bags and more. Honestly its a great range, very appealing, well to me at least.

Exclusively available at Feel Unique, you can find the whole range here.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.

It my birthday last week, just one of the reasons I barely managed to get any posts up. 25 again!

I had some amazing presents from my lovely friends and family this year, some of which I’ll blog about in due course but today I wanted to blog about three lipsticks I received.

Gerard Cosmetics LipstickGerard Cosmetics have been on my radar for a little while now. Here in the UK the brand seems to have arrived with very little fanfare. I first spotted them on the Cocktail Cosmetics website and  as a retailer I trust, I always have a closer look at the brands they stock, when they appear online.

So Gerard Cosmetics seem to mostly focus on lip products, but not exclusively, they do seem to make a few other products, including highlighters which look gorgeous.

So, onto the lipsticks, I received three. Underground, 1995 and French Toast.

Gerard Cosmetics LipsticksMy friend couldn’t have chosen better. I am totally on board with the Nineties lip trend and these all fit the bill perfectly, I’m sure its no coincidence that the middle shade there is called 1995.

Starting with the swatches. Left to Right is Underground, 1995 and French Toast (same order as the bullets above).

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick SwatchesYou’ll notice that 1995 and French Toast are similar shades. 1995 in the middle, has a slightly redder hue than French Toast, but the other difference is that 1995 is matte, whereas French Toast isn’t. Underground is a tricky colour to describe, but its a nude with grey/taupe undertones, it can look quite grey on the lips, but its transformed when you warm up the rest of your make up. This makes it incredibly versatile in terms of wear, you can be edgier, or more classical with this lipstick, its really quite magic!

So here’s how they all look on me, starting with Underground.

Gerard Coesmetics Underground LipstickI can’t even tell you how much I love this colour! it is mostly matte and is creamy and applies beautifully and I love love love how it looks on. I can’t rave about this enough. A beautiful formula and finish and a fantastic colour. I have to say that it does take a bit of work to make me not look deathly wearing it, but mostly just a touch of bronzer strategically placed!

Next we have 1995.

Gerard Cosmetics 1995 LipstickSigh… another love. This matte lipstick is again creamy and easy to apply and not at all drying or uncomfortable to wear. I’ve been searching for a colour like this for a while, but none I found were just right, this one is. Totally Nineties and totally awesome. Except I don’t think we did matte lipsticks in the nineties did we? Clearly I’m far too young to really remember!

Finally, French Toast.

Gerard Cosmetics French ToastWhile this looks very similar to 1995, it is subtly different. French Toast is not a matte shade, its rich and creamy to apply but comfortable on your lips, I can’t abide a lipstick that feels creamy when its on, this doesn’t feel like anything, its just comfortable to wear. It’s also ever so slightly more orange toned than 1995. I’d recommend this shade if you’re looking for that perfect Nineties shade but don’t want to wear a matte lipstick.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about lipsticks before. Well, I probably have but its been a while that’s for sure. These perform like premium lipsticks but I find the price to be reasonable. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they are budget, but they are middling I guess, price wise.

Each lipstick is £12.50, but you can buy bundles, three lipsticks is £33, bringing the price down to £11 a lipstick. The colour range is fantastic too. I just can’t rave about them enough. Head over to Cocktail Cosmetics to check them out, I’ll definitely be adding more to my collection.



Today I’m reviewing two of the Makeup Revolution items you can win in my giveaway ending next weekend.

Starting with the Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in Didn’t I Tell You.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip LacquerStrange colour in the tube this one, I thought it was a blue toned pink but actually its much more of a coral toned pink when swatched. On my lips however it’s more coral than pink. Its a lovely colour.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip LacquerThese glosses are really amazing for the money. High Impact colour, brilliant price (£3) and they feel comfortable to wear. They are not too sticky either which is a definite point in their favour, but I always tend to tread lightly with lip gloss anyway, I don’t like the feel on my lips, this however feels comfortable. In terms of wear, like most lip glosses it doesn’t last for ages but when it does fade, it fades evenly leaving a light, attractive stain on the lips.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer

Moving onto the Ultra Velour Lip Cream in Not One For Playing Games.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Velour Lip CreamI was most looking forward to trying this one out, intensive colour, a soft velour finish and comfortable to wear. The shade Not One For Playing Games is a purple-toned pink and its gorgeous. In terms of texture its hard to explain. In my swatches, you’ll see the bigger one looks slightly sheer… it is! But somehow, this very slight sheerness doesn’t show on the lips and it delivers a full opaque colour. It looks glossy in the next pic, but it really isn’t, as you’ll see on the full face picture coming up.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Cream


It took me a while to get used to the feeling of this, it feels creamy on. Not at all sticky, but it feels creamy and smooth, you can definitely feel the product there. I love the finish so much though I have learned to live with it. At £3 this is another fantastic product.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Cream (6)


I will happily purchase more of both of these products.

In fact, this is the last in my series of Makeup Revolution reviews (for now) and I can say I’ve been amazed at the quality and the prices and would happily purchase many more products from the range in general.  A very impressive collection of products, far greater than I expected and I can’t believe I’ve not tried one single dud!

Don’t forget if you want to be win any of the products I’ve reviewed (along with a couple of extras) you can do so here.  I must just mention that unfortunately the giveaway is open to UK residents only. It is there in the Terms and Conditions but it seems quite a few people aren’t reading them as I’ve had lots of international entries I’m not able to accept. I will however hold an International Giveaway soon! So sorry for any disappointment.


Ah the nude lip, once upon a time finding the the perfect nude lip shade was every beauty blogger’s goal, but times have changed somewhat and we no longer want to wear a nude lip as much, but it is something that is handy to always have. Nude lips can make a perfect partner to the endless releases of neutral eye shadow palettes brands are throwing at us at the moment.

However, finding a nude lipstick to suit me turned out be difficult. Every shade looked wrong on me, at first I thought it was because my lips are so pigmented, and because I’m so pale, but it turns out that me and really warm shades just are never going to suit me, no matter how much I try and make them, because my skin is decidedly cool toned. So, if you’re pale, have a cool skin tone and have pigmented lips, you’re not going to find the search for a nude shade very easy.

I did however find one.  The catch is, and I might as well get this out of the way at the beginning of the post, I can’t find it anywhere to buy anymore. This is because the lipstick, Altered Beige by Mac, was limited and from the Mac Temperature Rising collection in 2013. Not even Ebay has been my friend. But before you go, please have a read of the post… do you know anything that will work as a dupe?

The packaging was lovely, a bronze matte, soft touch finish.

P1160730Inside is a lipstick that looks like an absolute horror!

P1160729It looks like a shell pink frosty finish. Actually, Altered Beige is a lustre finish, one which I’ve historically not got along with at all, and although there’s a hint of shimmer, its not frosty or shimmery really, neither is it pink. I believe it’s official description was “yellow beige” and I am not sure what possessed me to buy it. Pale, urgh, shimmery, urgh, lustre finish, urgh…but buy it I did and I absolutely love it.

P1160732Lustre finishes by Mac are slightly sheer but buildable and the reason I dislike them so much is that I’ve always found they just apply unevenly. This does not. I also don’t like sheer finishes in this sort of shade because of the colour of my lips, they always end up looking odd. But in my opinion this does not.

P1160746It’s just perfect.

So, despite having just written a post about a lipstick you can’t actually get (sorry!) I’m hoping someone out there might have some suggestions for dupes so that I can get a back up?

Thank you!

There’s a lot going on with Elizabeth Arden at the moment and it all looks fantastic so here’s a quick run down of what’s going on, starting with this beauty.

Red Door 25 Eau de Parfum (£78/100ml)


Elizabeth Arden Red Door 25

Unbelievably, this Valentines Day sees the 25th Anniversary of Elizabeth Arden’s iconic fragrance, Red Door.

To celebrate there’s a special 25th Anniversary Edition of the bottle, available for a very limited period of time only from Harrods.

The packaging is fabulous. The glossy box which lifts to reveal the door bottle seated in a gold base. The bottle itself is stunning, monogrammed and shaped just like a door, but I just love the chunky lid and the red colour of the fragrance.

elizabethardenreddoorThe scent itself is inspired by the classic Red Door Fragrance but with the addition of modern rose extracts at it’s centre. It smells beautiful, with blackcurrant nectar, violet leaf absolute and that rose centre, along with honey, musk and my favourite, patchouli. It’s beautiful and because it’s an Eau de Parfum, it lasts extremely well on the skin.

If you want a bottle of this, you’ll have to move fast, it’s only available until Valentines Day!

Also newly launched are the new Beauitful Color Moisturizing Lipsticks, Matte (£21).

Beautiful Color Moisturizing Matte Lipstick in Bold RedAvailable in 5 shades these velvety, highly pigment lipsticks have gone straight to the top of my wishlist. It’s taken me a long time to admit it but I’m not really a fan of lipstick, the only products I wear on my lips are matte lipsticks or sheer/balmy type finishes, otherwise I go bare (with rare exceptions!), so I’m always looking for new lipsticks to add to my arsenal. These  promise a matte finish, up to 12 hours wear and a huge burst of moisture. Just what a matte lipstick needs, they can often be drying, so I’d be interested to know if these really do moisturise! And that packaging. Gorgeous.

The last thing I had to tell you about is Elizabeth Arden’s new foundation. Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Makeup SPF 15 (£29)

Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin MakeupThis new foundation sounds promising. Anything with Flawless in the title has my attention.  Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin is available in 10 shades and promises a foundation that will last all day. I like the sound of a satin finish as matte can look lifeless, whereas satin sounds softly glowing. Shine should be controlled all day and imperfections  are not just covered, but blurred. What I really like the sound of is that it offers full coverage but has a light texture, long gone are the days where many of us are happy to walk around with mask-like foundation on. We want to look like we are naturally this flawless.

And that’s all my Elizabeth Arden news for now, let me know if anything takes your fancy, but hurry if you fancy the perfume!

*Item received free of charge for review purposes




I’ve been really looking forward to showing you this collection. New season Clarins collections are always my absolute favourites of all brands and this is no exception.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

The first thing I want to show you is the Be Long Mascara in Brown. It’s £21 and comes in Black and Brown and I’m thrilled to have a brown in my collection actually. It really makes a nice change from the intense black I usually opt for.

Clarins Be Long
Clarins Be Long
Clarins Be Long

I absolutely love everything about this mascara. I love the square sleek matte gold packaging. I love the brush which is just right. I’m on record as saying how much I loathe big brushes and I’m not a fan of funny shaped brushes either. I really like this though.  I like how it makes my lashes look longer but not only that I it includes ingredients that help the lash grow with each days wear, so it not only makes lashes look longer but helps them to BE longer too. Fantastic.

Then I want to show you the Crayon  Khol Long Lasting Eye Pencil. These are new and available in eight shades. £17.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

First I have Platinum. A shimmering soft black or grey. In this picture I have it on my waterline and top lashes, blended out with a brush (which is on the other end of the pencil!). It doesn’t wear well on my waterline.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

Then I have Taupe. The softest shimmering taupe. Again on top lashes and waterline and softly blended under my bottom lashes and shown with the Be Long Mascara in Brown. Again this doesn’t wear well on my waterline.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

And finally Intense Brown. A shimmer free brown. Again on top lashes and waterline. This wears much better on my waterline. Again shown with Be Long mascara in Brown.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

I really like these pencils, they are a bit hit and miss on my waterline but I have other fantastic Clarins kohls for that purpose which I love. But they are so soft and blendable whilst being long wearing. Really good stuff.

Other items in the “eye” portion of the collection include the 3-dot liner. This is actually a re-release from last year which I reviewed then. I liked it at the time but I’ve since really got the hang of it and now use it frequently to fill out my lashes. Such a great product. And of course there’s the usual Eye Quartet. This time called Forest, khaki’s and taupes, it looks gorgeous. Might buy this when I get some cash!

Then on to the Stand out product. The Face & Blush Powder.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

These are released with every collection. Each is visually stunning and for me, each needs a bit of playing around with to work out how best to use them. Some for me are setting powders, some are blushes, some are bronzers. And this beauty is a blusher for me, or a light bronzer. In this case the gold stripe is just decoration and sweeps away with one or two uses. It’s a gorgeous colour, really gorgeous. If you buy one thing, buy this!

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

The final things I have to show you are the Joli Rouge Lipsticks. There are three new shades with this collection. I have Royal Plum and Pink Camellia.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

Royal Plum.

Clarins Joli Rouge

Pink Camellia.

Clarins Joli Rouge

Both are a lovely hydrating lipstick with a hint of shine. I didn’t think I could wear Royal Plum as I thought it’d be too dark for me but turns out it’s lovely. Even if my kids looked at me like was from Mars. These are £18 each. There are also two new shades of Rouge Prodige Lipstick in Dark Cherry.

Swatches of the liners and lipsticks.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

So here are just a few pictures of how I’ve been wearing all of the above.

Royal Plum Lipstick, Face & Blush Powder, Intense Brown Liner and Be Long Mascara in Brown.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

Face & Blush Powder, Pink Camellia Lipstick and Platinum Liner.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

Taupe Liner, Face and Blush Powder and Be Long Mascara in Brown.

Clarins Graphic Expression Swatches and Review

All in all a beautiful collection with the highlights being the Face & Blush Powder and the Be Long Mascara.

The collection is available now from counters or from http://www.clarins.co.uk/

*Disclosure – All items provided as PR Samples*