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Mavala That's My Colour

Just a quick post really to let you know about the Mavala That’s my Colour Campaign launching today!  If you’ve ever seen something, a flower, a car, a dress and dreamed of having that a nail polish (I do this all the time with cars!!!) then now’s your chance. Mavala’s are encouraging you to send in pictures of objects you’d love to see turned into a shade of nail varnish for the whole of April. You can use Twitter or Instagram using #thatsmycolour or post directly to the Mavala Facebook page.

At the end of the month long campaign, three entries will be selected to created the Mavala That’s My Colour Collection launching in early Autumn.
For what it’s worth, this is my colour!

What are you waiting for! Get to it!!!

There’s one brand I consistently turn to when my cuticles are in need of some tlc. Mavala.

I use Mavala’s Nailactan nightly (when I remember!) which keeps most of my cuticle issues at bay, but during the day, or whenever it springs to mind I use the Mavala Cuticle Oil.

Mavala Cuticle Oil

I keep this on my desk, where I am so often and I use it several times a day to keep things soft and nourished. There’s only so much you can say about a cuticle oil but if you’re in the market for a cuticle oil, this is the one I’d highly recommend and I’ve tried many (both professional brands and consumer).

Available from Beauty Bay for £11.85.

Highly recommended.

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Mavalia Lipstick

Who knew Mavala did make up? Not me that’s for sure! There’s a whole range out there under the name Mavalia. I’ve only had the pleasure of trying out this one lipstick but if its anything to go by I’ll be wanting to check out more.

Take a look at this beauty, Mavalia Creamy Rose.

Mavalia Creamy Lipstick

I have to confess, it hardly looks exciting. In fact it sat on my dressing table for quite some time before I even swatched it. Now I’m fully in love. This lipstick is a beaut. The formula is gorgeous, the wear time is good, the price is excellent. I’m giving it lots and lots of love right now.

Mavalia Creamy Rose
Mavalia Creamy Rose

I’m suspecting that this range is aimed at the the beauty professional since it’s available on a website where I buy professional nail supplies, Beauty Express. The lipsticks are £6.58 inc VAT, I say that because it seems sensible to point out that as this is a professional store, all the prices listed are NOT inclusive of VAT, so if you take a look, bear that in mind! Oh and interestingly, I can’t actually find this lipstick, No 597, Creamy Rose, in fact the lipstick reference numbers on Beauty Express aren’t even three digits so I’m not sure

I’ll definitely take a closer look at the rest of the range based on this one lipstick, I’m very impressed.

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I couldn’t resist making another little Fushigi Shop order when I saw that two new types of nail stickers had been added.  I’m not sure if it’s the packaging or the stickers I like most, either way, they are lovely things to get in the post. I’m in danger of fawning so much I sound stalker-ish, so lets just look at the pictures.






And because I love them so much I had to put the Fushigi Botanica stickers on straight away and I chose the gorgeous Mavala Lemon Cream as a base.

So gorgeous.

The Mavala Lemon Cream you can buy from Beauty Bay for a bargain price of £3.50 and of course the nail stickers came from the Fushigi Shop where you’ll find a whole host of pretties.

*Disclosure – The Polish was a PR Sample*

Hi all, today I’m bringing you a look at the Mavala Nail Colour Collection for Autum/Winter. It’s called the Woodland Collection and its very appropriately named. Beautiful autumnul colours, berries, greens and browns. There are six shades in the collection and I was sent four of them to try.

Mavala Woodland Collection

Left to right, the colours I was sent are Black Cherry, Dark Brown, Cedar Green and New Delhi. In addition  there is a taupe called Marron Glace and a shade called Onyx which I am assuming is a black shade. The photograph there isn’t a great representation of the colours as it’s with a flash, there are darker than those, although not by a huge amount. All of them, on the nail, appear to be creme finishes. Actually they are not all creme’s but that is how they look. Black Cherry has some very fine shimmer and the Cedar Green has a depth to it that I’m struggling to describe.

Anyway, lets have a quick look at some swatches firstly with a flash and followed by natural light:

Mavala Woodland CollectionMavala Woodland Collection
The latter of those two pics is far more accurate, although the red is showing up much brighter than it actually is. I was really surprised by how much I liked the green, given my dislike of greens on me usually and it was Cedar Green I chose to wear properly first. It wasn’t a success. Here’s why:
Mavala Woodland Collection
Can you see that? It’s streaky, sheer, patchy, just not good and that’s two coats! The colour is so beautiful I think I will probably try again with three coats as I really want to make this work for me.
The other shades allhave beautiful rich shades and great formulas so to balance things out, look at the beautiful New Delhi. Opaque in one coat, a second coat just adds a great depth of colour and darkens it.
Mavala Woodland Collection
Mavala Woodland Collection
In terms of colour the first pic is more accurate, its much darker than the flash would have you believe and its gorgeous.
Mavala polishes are  great value for money are all “3-free” and great value for money at £3.95.
Available from department stores, beauty salons and pharmacies now.

Do you remember this post? Back at the beginning of October I had to admit my nails were in a terrible state and serious action was needed to get them back to their former glory. Step forward the Mavala Heroes.

So the first product I was sent was Nailactan. It’s a moisturising creame you apply every evening and massage into your nail bed which helps to restore elasticity and thus prevent splitting. Easy to use, I just keep it on my bedside table and use it last thing at night. I have forgotten once or twice but you know, I think that doesn’t matter. You can use it over your polish, but it is recommended that at least once a week you make sure you apply massage it into bare nails.

Next is Mava-Flex. This is a serum to restore flexibility and improve structure of the nails. For flaking, brittle or splitting nails this addes a boost of hydration. You rub this into bare nails twice a week, again, I’ve been doing it last thing at night so it has plenty of time to absorb. Also, in more recent weeks I’ve only been doing this once a week rather than twice. This give you instant results. Put it on, go to sleep, when you wake up in the morning, your nails will be less flaky for sure.  So in conjuction with the daily use of Nailactan you’re ensuring plenty of moisture is added to your nails.

Finally, Scientifique. This is something of a cult product. Why? Because it works! The tip of your nail is the bit that gets the worst of any damage suffered. This hardens and strengthens the tip of your nails.And it really does. You paint onto the tip of your nail (and your nail only, it will harden your skin if you get it on your skin), leave for a minute to dry. Then paint as usual. Once your nails are up to strength you can just use a two or three times a month.

So in using all these products you’re ensuring your nail bed is nicely hydrated and moisturised whilst reinforcing the fragile tip. I must say the Scientifique is something of a marvel. A few of my nail tips were extremely soft and bendy as a result of all the layers that peeled. Amazingly, I didn’t lose them, they stayed firmly on until long enough for me to file down.

I’ve realised I forgotten to take a comparison photo so I’ll have to refer you to yesterday’s Konad post to see my healthy strong, growing nails.

Because I’ve been using these three products together, it’s hard for me to break it down and say you must try this one or that one, all I can say is that using the three products together has really worked like a charm for me. Very highly recommended indeed if flaking/peeling/weak nails are a problem for you. Oh and my cuticles have never been better.

Scientifique is a measly £6
Mava-flex is £14.50
Nailactan seems to vary in price but looks to be around the £16 mark.

10. 10. 2010

I’ve recently lost three nails due to flaking, peeling and general crap-ness. I don’t know what’s causing it, I have had a massive change of diet, but it’s for the better so I’d be surprised if it was that. I am left wondering if it’s either Seche Vite or just frequently using nail varnish remover. I am using a formula containing moisturisers but I’m no expert so have no idea really whats causing it.  I’ve been using my Nail Envy religiously but it’s just not cutting it this time. Time to face facts. My nails need help. So as of last Wednesday I have embarked on a  new regime to restore them to their former glory.

This time I’m bringing out the big guns. Some highly recommended Mavala products, as well as continuing on with the Nail Envy as a base coat.  The products I will be using over the next few weeks are Nailactan a cream to be massaged into the nail every night, Mava-flex a serum to be painted on and rubbed in twice a week and the cult item Maval Scientifique Nail Hardener which comes highly recommended by pretty much everyone. You use this twice a week too.

I have high hopes for this lot so am looking forward to seeing the results over the next few weeks and I will of course be updating here with my views on the products.

Has anyone else tried any of these products? What did you think? Any tips for me or anything you think I ought to know?

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Mavala Paradise Collection

Pretty aren’t they? L-R Spicy Red, Flamingo Pink, Vibrant Pearl, Mango Orange, Paradise Blue and Tangerine

They look like holiday colours to me! I was sent Mango Orange and Paradise Blue to try.

Mavala Paradise Collection

I’ve never tried Mavala before but when I got these I was thrilled, in the bottle the colours are stunning shimmery, but almost metallic. Very pretty. I’m not a great lover of blue polishes on me but this was so stunning I put it on immediately.

Mavala Paradise Blue

It’s unbelievably stunning, bright, rich and glossy.

Mavala Paradise Blue

I got a few little air bubbles but put that down to rushing and the layers I applied being a bit thick. A truly stunning polish. Sadly, things went wrong when I tried to remove it. I had used a base coat but regardless every last fungernail is now stained green. Badly. And I’ve been using extra strength polish remover too. I’m not best pleased, but it really is incredibly beautiful.

After that disaster I was a bit worried about trying Mango Orange so I only did one nail!

Mavala Mango OrangeMavala Mango Orange

But it’s also beautiful, jewel like and actually this one came off easily and left no stains. I won’t be afrad to use this one!

I have my beady eyes on Tangerine and Flamingo Pink as well. I love the finish on these. Love the colours. Love the blue but sadly, I won’t be reaching for blue again!

Little bottles, 5mls and they sell for £3.95 from www.mavala.co.uk.

Oh yes, before I forget, all Mavala polishes are free from parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphor, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal. They also have a breathable fomula.