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Max Factor Fantasy Fire

At last! I have it! I am of course talking about the much blogged about Fantasy Fire from Max Factor. I’ve been trying to get it for ages to no avail until a week ago when I walked into Boots and a choir of angels sang whilst a beam of light parted the clouds to shine over the Max Factor stand. There it was. I grabbed it. Looking furtively around with my elbows at the ready to tackle other mad nail polish addicts that may try to steal my precious.  Actually there were none and I just went to the till and bought it along with a few other things… which meant I earned myself a No7 £5 voucher. Normally I bin these as I’m not a No7 fan but I decided to inspect the polishes to see if I could find something to go under the Fantasy Fire as I know it’s a sheer one. There were actually several I fancied but it was Violetta that came home with me.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

No7 Violetta, beautiful colour but I can’t say much else about it because the application was shocking. It had a gluey thick consistency, as I was brushing it onto my nails it seemed to stay stuck to the brush which gave me a very  patchy finish. This is two coats.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

You’ll see the patches showing through in all the following pictures too anyway.

Now onto the Max Factor Fantasy Fire. Truly a polish worthy of the hype. No more words, just a few pictures, some of which are blurry but still give a good impression of the polish.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire
Max Factor Fantasy Fire
Max Factor Fantasy Fire
Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Boots £3.99.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint

More lipstains for you to have a look at. This time courtesy of the fab Kenneth Soh who sent me a lovely parcel of bits to try a couple of months ago.

The Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tints are alright. I don’t love them, I don’t think they are as good as the Revlon ones.

I was sent 06, 05 and 03. I don’t know if there are shade names, there aren’t any printed on my products…

Straight onto some swatches:

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint


Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint


Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint

I really liked 05 for a very soft natural colour, all the colours were nice enough, but nothing really wowed me. That said, I’ve reached for 05 a few times when I’ve not wanted to wear lipstick but wanted just a touch of colour.

I’m not finding these stay put for very long (if you lick your lips they are gone immediately and they don’t last much longer than an hour on me), but unsurprisingly, the darker the colour, the longer the stain lasts and I found them quite patchy. I don’t know if it was my application or not, but I can’t see how I could be doing it wrong, it’s a felt pen style so fairly straightforward to apply..

They didn’t really blow me away and they certainly aren’t long wearing… and looking at the reviews on http://www.boots.com/ I’m not the only person who has found this.

I don’t think there’s much more I can say about these, nice colours, shame about the product!

These are £7.99 from the usual Max Factor stockists, sadly I don’t recommend you go and buy one.

Max Factor have recently released a range of accessories including make up brushes, tweezers, nail files, eyelash curlers, that kind of thing. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a selection of the products.

Max Factor AccessoriesMax Factor Accessories

First of all I love the design, the metal items are matt black and the brushes are super shiney and tactile. They all look very stylish.

Powder Brush £14
This is my favourite of all the items, big, soft. fluffy, picks up a decent amount of powders and distributes it lightly and evenly with no shedding.

Eyeshadow Brush £6
Neat little brush, perfect for putting a wash of colour over the whole lid, picks up a lot of product so you have to tap or blow off the excess. Again, no shedding, brilliant for the price!

Lip Brush £6
Love this, metal brush, does the job perfectly. I find lip brushes are the worst for shedding usually, there is nothing worse than brush hairs stuck in your lipstick, but that problem ususally rears its ugly head after a fairly long time, so watch this space!

Tweezers £8.50
Another stylish product, they do a good job of gripping and pulling out the hairs. I must confess I struggled a little short fine hairs, but then I always do.

Eyelash Curlers £8.50
Unfortunately the only product I simply couldn’t get on with at all. In short the curved bit you put your eyelashes in is too long for me. I don’t have small eyes or anything but the whole thing won’t fit in my eye socket, therefore I can barelyget it anywhere near the tips of my lashes and I have long lashes! If I do manage to wedge it in and clamp half my lashes, the other end pinches my skin as it closes. I can’t recommend this particular product at all unfortunately. Never had this problem with lash curlers before!

There are 6 more products in the range, brushes, nail clippers and a nail file. Overall, I’d say this range is kind to your purse and well worth checking out. It’s a basic range, there are only two different eyeshadow brushes, but if you are starting out a brush collection or just want to fill yours out, theses are definitely worth looking at. Except the lash curlers, unless you have very large eye sockets!

Well I recently grabbed this because it was reduced from £10.99 to £7.99 plus I had a £2 Max Factor varnish.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Generally speaking I like Max Factor mascaras, I really like Masterpiece & Lash Extention so I expected to like this, and I do. There’s not a lot to say, I find with mascara’s that pictures speak louder than words since really what matters is what does it look like!

With that in mind here are just a few before & after pics and sorry about my before lashes, they are covered in foundation!

Max Factor False Lash Effect MascaraMax Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Hopefully you can which are befores and which are afters!

I don’t think I’d say it looks like I have false lashes on, so I guess on that score it’s a fail, but actually, I really like it and would definitely repurchase. It doesn’t smudge either I find. Yes, yes I do recommend this 🙂

16. 05. 2010

Nothing exciting but unusually for me I think kind of polished. Normally, no matter how hard I try I never look as polished as I’d like and today is no exception… but it’s better…

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation
Estee Lauder Bronzing Blush
Mac in Lillyland Face Powder to lightly contour
Mac MSF in Soft & Gentle

Mac Greasepaint Sick in Zinc Zone
Max Factor False Lash Mascara
MUA Eyeshadow #1 on brow bone
Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl in Oriental Metal

Boots No7 75th Anniversary Lipgloss in 1990’s Jennifer

I love that lipgloss. Bought it with a No7 voucher of course, might go back for another shade at some point! Also still loving my kohl and the Greasepaint Sticks!

Got visitors coming today which usually means I like to cake my face on. Having no social life whatsoever I take the opportunities where I can! Still working on my blending skills and practising with my Sigma brushes, I decided to dig out the Neutrals quad and get blending!

Mac Spring ForecastMac Spring Forecast
Mac Spring Forecast

I do think I’m getting a bit better at it. On my eyes I’ve used the Mac Spring Forecast neutrals quad and Rich Ground Fluidline and Max Factor Masterpiece, on cheeks is a whole bunch of stuff, Benefit Coralista, MSF in Soft and Gentle and I forget what else and on my lips is the beautiful Mac Rose Maiden. I think its one of my favourites.

I just wanted to say a quick word about Mac Studio Sculpt foundation. I know that Studio Fix is the favourite but I really rate the Studio Sculpt. I love the gel formula, I like the feel of it on my skin, I love the finish and the coverage is just perfect for me. Especially when I’m spotty!

Anyway, that’s me ready for the visitors so I had better go and have one last tidy up. Have a great day!

06. 04. 2010

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but purples don’t work on me really so I’m trying hard to make them work because I like purple!

Products used:

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation in light (reviews on this coming soon)
Sheer Cover Light Concealer

Mac Mineralize Blush Duo in Rhapsody in Two

Mac Please Me lipstick

Sleek Palette (original) purple & pinky purple
Sleek Palette (original) gold to highlight
ELF Brow Kit in Medium
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner Rockstar on waterline
Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

It was a bit more vibrant in real life and less pink. I dunno, I don’t think I can make them work really.

I picked this up on a whim yesterday. My current mascara is Max Factor Masterpiece which I like but it’s brown/black and I wanted a black one – this was £7.99 in Boots which is an introductory offer and it will be £10.99 full price.

So here are my bare naked lashes:

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara
I certainly don’t have sparse lashes thankfully but I’m always hunting for something special.
So here we are, this is the mascara on:

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara
I think thats a fair difference don’t you? Especially if you compare how far above the crease my lashes now extend. Even so, it doesn’t blow me away. I don’t really know what I’m looking for to be honest but I think there’s no denying it definitely extends! It also goes on well. Here’s a full face for an idea of scale!
Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara
So what do you think?