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Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeOver the years I’ve owned lots of Mac’s Mineralize Skinfishes. Some I still have and love and some went in blog sales. While I’ve previously reviewed the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, the ones without the word natural in the name serve different purposes. These beautiful domes of baked powder mostly serve as blushers and/or highlighters and the finishes range from soft and subtle through to uber chunks of shimmer.

I treated myself to the Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinisha while ago and its fair to say its my favourite of the lot.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Lightscapade Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeIt’s an incredibly looking product and always used to be released on a limited edition basis in collections, but at some point it became a permanent product, probaly because of enduring demand. The powder consists of swirls of pastel shades, peach, blue, pink and yellow/gold. The nature of this product means each one is going to be slightly different, I would imagine that the end result for most would be the same though when swirled together with your brush.

The powder itself is incredibly soft and smooth, and whilst it gives a beautiful soft glow, it’s not what I’d call shimmery, and most definitely not glittery. In short, its my perfect highlighter.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeAnd while I don’t choose to wear it every day, it’s a soft enough glow to wear in the day time if you want to, and I do sometimes.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeIt’s a whopping £24 but bear in mind they are big, weighing in at 10g, compared to a Mac Blusher which is 6g and retails at £18.50.

I bought mine from my local Mac store.

Phew! If forecasters are correct then next week is a threatening to be a scorcher and you’d best make sure of it because going on Summer’s we’ve had in recent years that one week will probably be all we have!

So with the sun in mind I’ve got a sunscreen to show you that’s a little different from your usual creams, making it a) convenient to use, b) very suitable for those who don’t like traditional sunscreen’s on their face and c) lightweight and small enough to be handbag sized.

Meet the Susan Posnick Brush On Block SPF 30

Susan Posnick Brush on Block SPF 30

Susan Posnick Brush on Block SPF 30

I have mostly positive but a little mixed views on this so I’ll just start by telling you a bit about it.  Brush on Block uses Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to give full coverage to your skin which is invisible. It also contains Green Leaf Tea extract which is a natural antioxidant, Safflower Seed Oil which functions as an emollient to moisturise and protect and Honeysuckle and Chamomile extracts to prevent inflammation and irritation that may be caused by Sun exposure.

Okay so the easiest way to tell you my thoughts on this product is with a list of Pros and Cons, and I like those, but don’t get to do them often!


  • There’s a bit of a knack to getting the product out of the tube and onto the brush. It’s a flick of the wrist type of thing, but it takes a bit of getting used to.
  • It’s messy. As you apply it, you can expect the dust to go flying everywhere.
  • When you’re used to creams, it can take a real mental adjustment while you get used to this! It’s weird!
Really though, aside from the mess, this is a fantastic product and one that was almost tailor made for me! It’s also suitable for kids so I’ve been giving them a dusting too on less hot days (on hot days I really want them in SPF 50 or more) but it’s a far less painful experience dusting them in this than rubbing suncream into their faces. I’d love to see one with a higher SPF!
Anyway, great stuff and perfect for my needs.
Available from John Bell & Croyden for £23.
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Until the press release dropped into my inbox I’d never heard of Vitage Colour Minerals. With so many mineral colour cosmetics on the market these days it’s little wonder but let me tell you, Vitage deserve a second look because I’m going to show a couple of lovely bits one of which has all the hallmarks of being a hero product.

Vitage Colour Minerals Natural Skin Glow & Natural Blush

Nice simple packaging, these products don’t scream out look at me, but they are worth taking the time to look at, trust me!

Okay I’ll show you the Natural Blush in Pink Perfection first.

Vitage Natural Blush

All the powders come in these sifter jars which is handy and at first glance, Pink Perfection looks alarming. And it IS absolutely packed full of pigment so you need to go lightly, but that’s a good thing, you only need the tiniest amount of product. In fact, you see the specks that have fallen on the floor in the picture above? That’s only slightly less than you need to do a whole cheek. Seriously. Just a touch more and you’ll have the perfect flush of colour. Of course you can build up as much as you like but I’d say start with a tiny bit and add until you’re happy with the final look, better that than going in heavy from the start and looking like Aunt Sally (my god I’m old, I bet loads of you have never heard of Aunt Sally!).

Anyway, here’s a little hand swatch to give you an idea of the colour.

Vitage natural blush

Soft, natural and pretty. The Natural Blush is £18. I’m pretty sure that pot up there is a life time’s supply you need so little 😉

But now onto the hero product as far as I’m concerned. Vitage Natural Skin Glow (£18) is a mineral powder to add glow, you can use it to highlight, you can use it on your eyelids or you can, with a light hand, use it all over your face.

vitage natural skin glow

I can’t really explain the finish of this. It’s not shimmery, there’s no sparkle, no specks of glitter. It’s more pearly I suppose and that means that when you brush it on, there’s nothing unnatural looking about it, it simply adds glow. Really lovely glow.

This hand swatch will give you a little idea of the finish.

vitage natural skin glow

It’s a heavy swatch of course, I wouldn’t recommend you put a load like that on your face, just the merest dusting where you want it. This is a must have product as far as I am concerned and it fills a gap for me that I didn’t know I had.  I want to look healthy and I want glowy skin, but I don’t always want the effect that highlighter gives me (Nars Albatross I’m looking at you right now). This is, for me, an every day product to add that glow.

I’ve been wearing both products, both the Skin Glow and the Blush every day and here’s how they look.

Vitage Colour Minerals Natural Skin Glow & Natural Blush


Vitage Colour Minerals Natural Skin Glow & Natural Blush

You can purchase Vitage Cosmetics here, and I highly recommend you do!

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

Pur Minerals 4-1 Foundation and Brush

You can be forgiven for not having heard of Pur Minerals if you are in the UK as they have only just launched here via Marks & Spencer. Known as “The Complexion Authority” they have created a range of amazing mineral cosmetics that not only work as cosmetics but that also have skincare properties. The formulas are designed to work with the skin  to correct, prevent and interrupt common concerns, even after the make up comes off.

As you probably have come to expect from a company producing mineral cosmetics, there are no chemical dyes, petroleum based oils, fragrance or fillers.

I really am not too sure what the 4 in 1 part of the name means. Obviously foundation is one, sunscreen is another, otherwise I’m not too sure!

Anyway, I’m going to just start with the negative, the Chisel make up brush (£13). It picks up and transfers the product well, it also buffs well, but sadly I found it shed hairs all over my face, so I’m using a kabuki I bought from another brand a few years ago which works perfectly.

Onto the good stuff. The 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Make Up Compact (£24).

Pur Minerals 4-1 Foundation and Brush

Pur Minerals 4-1 Foundation and Brush

So we’ve a pressed mineral powder in a sturdy compact with a mirrored lid. I estimated I would be the shade “Light” which seems to be about right for me, and there are ten shades available.

As with all mineral powder foundations you buff this into your skin in circles and build up to your desired level of coverage.

I’ve it’s been a while since I’ve used a Mineral Powder foundation with any regularity, and this is the first pressed version I think I’ve tried and I have to say I really really like it. It covers beautifully, even with my horrible skin at the moment, I managed to not need concealer and that’s really saying something. I don’t own another foundation that lets me skip concealer!

Love the finish and it’s so incredibly quick and easy to apply. Lasts well throughout the day too, but even if you need to touch up, it’s the work of seconds.

I don’t have a bad thing to say about it. It’s fantastic.

Pur Minerals 4-1 Foundation and Brush


Lovely stuff. Not mask like either, strangely, for saying it has such good coverage, my freckles still show through!

Available now, along with the rest of the range exclusively from Marks & Spencer’s Your Beauty and online from the Marks & Spencer website.

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Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

Given the amount of problems I get with various liquid foundations, powder foundations have been on my mind a lot recently. I get this weird thing where everything goes all patchy on my nose and makes my pores like massive craters, despite looking quite normal and not at all dry when wearing no make up at all. Quite often primers fix this problem, but while I’m trying to sort out my skin I am veering away from those at the moment. Not all foundations do this on me, usually the lighter they are, the more the problem, unless, strangely, it’s a tinted moisturiser.

Anyway, I love Clarins Skin Illusion liquid foundation but it was one of the foundations that did this weird nose thing to me so I was a bit sad to have to put it away (until I crack the problem and one day I will!).

Step forward Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation, the answer to my prayers.

Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

This is a mineral and plant based foundation, for all skin types and comes in fabulous packaging.

Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

The brush slots neatly into the lid, the jar has a removable sifter and off you go. It comes in six shades I believe, of which I have the palest, 105, which is a perfect match for me.

For those who don’t know how to apply powder foundations, the box has a handy little instruction diagram inside the lid.

Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

Basically, dip the brush in the powder, shake off the excess, buff it into your skin in small circles, repeat until you have covered your face. In terms of coverage, this is buildable but I’d say it’s a light to medium maximum. The finish is amazing. It’s matte, it’s flawless but still somehow is radiant. I’d say on application it does appear powdery, but give it half an hour and look in the mirror again and you’ll find the powdery look has disappeared and you’re left with something incredibly natural looking. It really is rather wonderful.

Here I am wearing it, and a touch of concealer on a couple of blemishes.

Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

See! Perfect match and not powdery, in fact, I’d say it’s very natural looking indeed. It’s not enough for my bad skin days at all, but if I’ve got just a few small blemishes then this works really well.

For me there is a little downside and it is the inclusion of silicones in the ingredients. Silicones, well I’ve never quite got to the bottom of it, sometimes they give me horrific cystic type spots, sometimes they cause no reaction whatsoever and I’ve yet to identify what it is that makes the difference so as a rule I avoid them all for fear of setting off a nasty reaction…it’s always a bit of a gamble and one I’m not usually will to take, but I’m glad I did as so far so good with this, I’ve worn it for about five full days now and no spots yet, in fact, my skin is looking excellent but I credit that to the actual care I’m taking over looking after my skin in general at the moment.

Here’s a full ingredients list for those interested. I don’t very often remember to include ingredients so round of applause for me!

Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

All in all this is a fabulous foundation, perfect for my better (even if not perfect) skin days and I adore the finish it gives. I don’t think the colour range is all that brilliant, there certainly doesn’t appear to be anything there for darker skin colours, but hopefully they will add more shades in due course.

Out now and £28 from Clarins counters and http://www.clarins.co.uk/

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

I haven’t bought any Mac in ages! This collection really appealled to me though it had to be said. Alas, money is tight so I could only pic up two bits. It was really hard choosing because I wanted at least three of the eyeshadows but it wasn’t to be sadly.

Mac Semi Precious

I ended up choosing the MSF in Rose Quartz, that outside colour was really calling my name, and the eyeshadow Hint of Sapphire. I know Temptalia didn’t like it, but it looked by far the prettiest to my eyes so I got it anyway (although I wanted the red and gold as well and was tempted by both the greens).

So I waited for the delivery wondering whether I’d made a huge mistake but I’m not disappointed one little bit. In this case my instincts were right and I don’t really understand why other bloggers haven’t got on with it! Let me show you.

Mac Semi Precious
Mac Semi Precious
Mac Semi Precious
 I know the swatches are underwhelming really. I included the blurry one so you could see the speckles of different coloured shimmer.
But on my eyes I love it. I applied dry over a base of Urban Decay Primer Potion.
Mac Semi Precious
Mac Semi Precious
 Do you see that sheen of green in the centre of the lid? Swoon!  Obviously it depends where on the shadow you pick up the colour, but I aimed for the green marbling. Gorgeous. I won’t go on about it, you either love it or you don’t but I really do.
And just to show you, this is 12 hours later…
Mac Semi Precious
 It wore pretty well.
And then the Rose Quartz MSF. Very pretty!
Mac Semi Precious

Below the swatches are the outside ring, the centre and blended together.

Mac Semi Precious
Mac Semi Precious
 Gorgeous, the center is a bit chunky but the outside is so soft and smooth I don’t care.
Really plaesed with my mini haul and if I happen to come into any more money I may go back for one or two little bits.
I’ve not like the look of any recent Mac collections but I love this one completely. Welcome back Mac! I’ve missed you!
Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous

I’ve cast my eyes over various BareMinerals products  in recent months but never quite got round to making a purchase, there was no reason, the main reason being there were just things I wanted more. But not so long ago I was asked if I wanted to try one of the Christmas Gifts and yes, yes I did please!

So the item I was sent was the BareMinerals Beyond Gorgeous gift, a 9 piece gift that comes beautiful packaged in a colourful cardboard sleeve which when removed reveals a gorgeously glossy hot pink gift box that I’ll be hanging onto, who knows what for but it’s way too nice to bin.

Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous

So in the gift you’ll find the following items:
Eyecolour in Satin Ruffle
Eyecolour in Frills
Big & Bright Eyeliner in Charbronze
Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
Blush in Pink Ribbon
Original Mineral Veil
Eye Shaping Brush
Flawless Application Face Brush

Quite the collection! The packaging of the products is amazing! Pink & black brushes and a pink ribbon design on each item, and a little ribbon loop. It’s very visually appealing. Also included is a face chart with tips/instructions for use.

Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous

Here’s a closer look at some of the colours. Firstly the Eye Colours and Eye Brush:

Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous
Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous

The Mineral Veil and brush:

Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous
The blush:
Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous
And finally a look at the lipgloss, its’s got a kind of coconutty smell, is a natural but very pretty pink, just a sheer wash of colour:
Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous
Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous
And finally I put all the products to work and I bring you my first FotD in god knows how long!
Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous
Bare Minerals Beyond Gorgeous
Particular highlights for me are the beautiful pink blusher, and the mascara, the mascara doesn’t budge, it’s not especially lengthening or volumising, but it’s really natural and gorgeous!
The kit is £45 and available from Bare Minerals counters nationwide now.