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This is the last of my recent Misa duochromes. I got through them quickly. Anyway, this is Decadent Drifter. Again, another one I failed miserably to capture the beauty of with my camera. A lovely pale blue with a strong golden/baby pink flash through it. It’s quite sheer and needed three coats. I really really like this one and I wish I’d managed to do it some justice in the pics.

Misa Decadent DrifterMisa Decadent Drifter

So thats that! All done. Generally speaking, all the Misa duochromes have been quite sheer, needing three coats, but they are thin and quick drying so for me, that wasn’t an issue. I’ve really loved all the ones I bought so I guess one day I’ll be looking to add to the collection as there are loads more I’ve not tried yet.

Fear not though nail polish lovers, I have some Essie’s winging their way to me as I type and I look forward to sharing them with you soon.

22. 06. 2010

I think after this one I’ve only got one more Misa to show you! This is Luminous. And I may as well tell you from the off that the pictures look nothing like it! It’s much pinker, although a baby pink and there’s a very strong gold flash. Sorry!

Misa LuminousMisa LuminousMisa Luminous

And just for fun I had another Konad practice. It wasn’t a successful effort. Most of the two small stars are missing :S

Misa Luminous

Anyway, this is a lovely colour. Really lovely, it’s a shame the pics don’t do it any justice at all.

This is the Misa polish from my recent haul I thought I’d like the least but actually it’s turned out to be my favourite so there are lots of pics. A coppery, reddy, orange with a hint of gold flash and a tonne of btight pink flash. Stunning. It looks pretty in the pics but its nothing compared to how it looks in real life! Here it is,  Misa Bojangles.

Misa BojanglesMisa Bojangles
Misa BojanglesMisa BojanglesMisa Bojangles

What do you think of that then? Its so different!

Another of my Misa haul, Glimmering Mauve. I’s quite nice, it’s not love but it is nice. Something nice for the office maybe, the duochrome saves it from being too boring!

Anyway, here it is in 3 different lights.

Misa Glimmering MauveMisa Glimmering Mauve

Misa Glimmering Mauve

So what do you think of this one then?

10. 06. 2010

Another day another Misa Duochrome from my haul. Don’t worry, although I do intend to post them all, I don’t intend to post them every day! But anyway, here’s todays, Street Style. Although I took loads of pictures I wasn’t able to capture how lovely the pink duochrome is! Anyway, it’s very nice 🙂

Misa Street StyleMisa Street StyleMisa Street Style

Do you like this one?

09. 06. 2010

This is the first of my new Misa duochrome polishes, Road Warrior. It’s very nice, a taupey, goldey, pinky, reddy and in some lights I swear I see a hint of bluey shimmer. Anyway, here it is. Lovely. Applied like a dream. This is two coats, a third might have been nice but two will do! Anyway, without further ado, I give you Misa Road Warrior.

Misa Road WarriorMisa Road WarriorMisa Road Warrior

See, lovely!

06. 06. 2010

Hope you’re all alright?

Today I’m bringing you a much blogged about polish, Misa’s Dirty,Sexy, Money which I was given for my birthday by the lovely Eva. I’ve had my eye on it for a while so I was very grateful 🙂

Misa Dirty Sexy Money

Gorgeous colour and I think Misa’s might just be my new favourite polishes. I just love the formula and they are so reasonably priced. I don’t understand why they aren’t more widely available but if you hunt around you will find them. I have lots on my list now!

A couple of weeks ago in THIS post I mentioned in passing that pink shot through with gold was pretty much my all time favourite colour.  A week or so later I was nosing around at Lucy’s Stash when I saw THIS post. Love! Anyway to cut a long story short she didn’t like it, I loved it and she offered to send it to me, which was so kind. Anyway, it got here. It’s total love. In fact it’s so much love I’m sporting it on fingers and toes.

Misa No Shrinking Violetta
Misa No Shrinking Violetta

I’ve never used a Misa polish and I’ll definitely be looking for more. Perfect application and beautifully glossy. Love the formula.