Just Charlie G
09. 03. 2010

Not much to report today! I’ve just been into town and not bought anything much. Just a couple of ballistics from Lush BUT they did give me a sample of the Colour Supplement foundation stuff so I look forward to giving that a whirl as the concept is a bit odd to me!

In other news all questions for Jo Givens at Liz Earle have been submitted so watch this space for the replies.

If you bought from my Blog Sale then it was posted yesterday – please let me know when it turns up. If you haven’t looked already then please check it out, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation now included!

I’ll leave you with a cheesetastic pic of me with my girls 😀

MAC Hot Gossip and Velvet Teddy Lipsticks and Holiday Mineral Shadow and Iris Accents Softsparkle Pencil.


In other news, Lola has slept spectacularly well the last two nights, I’m fairly sure it coincides with her new love of food. But the bad news is the biting is still going strong and I still wonder how I can completely give up the breast feeding because its no fun at all. I’m still continuing to give her plenty of finger food and home made stuff but Ella’s kitchen stuff is absolutely the bomb. She LOVES it all!

Chloe had a terrible D&V bug and continued to use the potty throughout so I think its fair to say I’m fairly sure she’s cracked it. Yay!

24. 11. 2009

Chloe, three poos on the potty, zero fuss. Several more wees. Potty Training so far so good.

Lola, asleep in her inflatable nest thing. First nap EVER not taken on mummy. Happy happy joy joy.

24. 11. 2009

I did manage to sell three of the eye creams in the previous post thankfully. In other cosmetics news, my new pot of Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation in Candy Cane arrived this morning. I love this stuff, amazing adaptable coverage, perfect match for my skin. I highly recommend it. Application takes a wee bit of practice but well worth it.

Lily Lolo Candy Cane

Firstly, the boob biting seems to be abating a little, thank you Lola.

Chloe seems to be getting the hang of the potty now, no tears this morning, good girl.

In other news, Katie Price walked out of the jungle. Good, perhaps she’ll spend some time with the kids now. Oh and she dumped Alex after he flew out there to propose. LOL.

Chloe is three. Often described as a “character” which pretty much tells you everything you need to know. We’ve been attempting to potty train since the start of the summer holidays. She took to it very well, doing all her number ones on the potty and wearing knickers until she developed an issue with number twos. She was so petrified of going she wouldn’t even go in a nappy and started witholding, so we had to get some laxatives. So after several weeks in knickers we were back to square one. Nappies at all times, tears if you even suggested a poo on the potty. We tried stickers, toys, treats, but there was no bribe big enough to persuade her it was worth trying. She would use the toilet or potty for a wee once in a blue moon but that was that. For months. I was afraid to push the subject for fear of a) making it into a bigger issue than it should be and b) witholding again.

A few days ago, Chloe was naked after a bath and we were trying to get some medicine into her much to her great distress…I’m not sure if she was upset because she needed the loo or if she was so upset that she literally pooed herself but either way she was caught off guard and took herself to the potty and did a poo. Hooray. She was still upset about the medicine but very proud of herself for doing a poo on her potty. We took her to the ELC and let her choose a toy as a reward. A couple of days passed with her back in a nappy and refusing to use the potty, until she was naked and getting upset again (this time because she didn’t want a bath) when the same happened again. Lots more praise. Another day or two passed with nappies on. Today we put her in knickers and told her we’d run out of nappies… she did a poo on the potty with zero fuss! Hallelujah. I know Chloe and I can guarantee its not the end of it but I think the worst might be over!

Lola is six months and we’re on about day 10 of weaning. I’m doing a mix of Baby Led Weaning and puree’s (the fact that I’m doing both means it’s not actually BLW really) and it’s slow going…. so far we’ve tried sweet potato, apple and carrot purees, yoghurt, toast and philadelphia, plain pitta bread, sticks of cucumber, steamed broccoli, melon, mango, pineapple. Not much has been eaten but she’s really enjoyed chewing the toast, pitta bread and melon, oh and the broccoli. Today she had a bit of Tiger Bread at lunch and an Ella’s Kitchen pouch (parsnip, carrot and apple) for dinner which I actually think she enjoyed, it’s the first puree she’s had where she’s opened her mouth and eaten several spoonfuls with minimal spitting out.

In other Lola news, breast feeding isn’t going too well. She’s biting me every time I try to latch her on, its miserable and painful and I’ve absolutely had enough. She has two teeth. Ow. I fed Chloe for two and a half years and whilst she did bite once or twice it was nothing like this. Lola won’t take a bottle but tomorrow I’ll be trying formula in a sippy cup. I don’t want to stop breast feeding but I can’t keep going like this.

God love em.