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Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in Whitehall

I can’t imagine there are many people who haven’t yet heard of magnetic polish but for the benefit of those who haven’t, magnetic polish looks and applies just like a normal nail varnish, the difference being you can add a pattern to your nail using a magnet built into the lid.

Nails Inc. released a couple of colours not so long ago, a silver and a purple, and the two newest additions are Whitehall, a teal, and Kensington Palace, a raspberry and I was sent Whitehall, the teal to try out.

I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t sure I was going to like the finish as I think on some of the blog posts I’ve seen it look a bit like the nails were deformed…but like crackle polishes beforehand, I think this is one those products you have to try out yourself.

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in Whitehall
Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in Whitehall

Clearly I do not have the knack with these, instead of lovely waves I have blobs where it’s darker! I need to practice more as having seen these on other blogs I know the fault lies with me.

There are two things I especially wanted to mention, the first thing is that the wear on this polish was excellent, lasting me over 4 days, I removed on day 5 with a little tip wear. The other thing is that theres a lovely iridescence in the polish that really isn’t evident in the pictures. It adds a depth that is really pretty.

The Nails Inc. Magnetic Polishes are £13 each and £1 of from the sale of each polish is donated to the youth charity The Princes Trust. The Princes Trust gives practical and financial support to 13-30 year olds who have struggled at school, have been in care, are long-term unemployed or have been in trouble with the law and helps them develop key workplace skills such as confidence and motivation with great success.

Available from http://www.nailsinc.com/

I watched Gossip Girl twice. Hated it, never watched it again. As such I couldn’t tell you who the flip Serena is nor can I get excited about the Gossip Girl involvement in this polish collection..what I can get excited about is FLAKIES. My very first flaky polish. Sure I could have bought that Gosh one but I didn’t like it because I don’t like how most flakies are orange and green (which incidentally is what the Lily Collection from this Gossip Girl collaboration looks like for those who are struggling to get hold of Gosh Rainbow). This is a flaky polish and black creme polish for layering and the flaky polish is BLUE! yay!

Nails Inc & Gossip Girl - The Serena Collection

Ok so the first thing I want to mention is that “swatch” on the packaging which I personally don’t think does the duo any favours, it looks almost like a crackle polish, not the wonderful flaky effect it actually is.

Let’s have a little look at the bottles.

Nails Inc & Gossip Girl - The Serena Collection
Nails Inc & Gossip Girl - The Serena Collection

Seriously, how gorgeous! I’ve been waiting for this. The black cream polish is called Serena and the “overglaze top coat” is called It Girl. And here’s how they look together.

Nails Inc & Gossip Girl - The Serena Collection
Nails Inc & Gossip Girl - The Serena Collection
Nails Inc & Gossip Girl - The Serena Collection

Pretty no? I found the black a little patchy on one finger, but with a bit of care you could fix that and the top coat is gorgeous, subtle but striking at the same time if that makes sense. To be honest though, as great as the combination is I can’t wait to try It Girl over some other colours… green perhaps? Blues? The possibilities are endless and gorgeous.

So that’s the Serena Collection, I’ve also mentioned the Lily Collection which is a Gosh Rainbow type colour “overglaze” over a black with plum overtone base, the final one has to be my absolute favourite, not that I’ve seen it in the flesh, but go and have a look at the beautiful Blair at Pandora’s Nails. WANT!

These Gossip Girl sets are £20 and out now!

Orly Instant Artist and Dotting Tool Review

I’m a shocking nail artist. I can’t do it. I really just can’t! I thought Orly’s Instant Artist might be just what I was after. Alas I’m still quite shockingly bad at nail art but these have helped make me a bit better. The following pictures were taken a few weeks ago now when I first got these and I must say I’ve improved a fair bit.

Firstly the brush. Long slender and perfect for doing zebra or tiger stripes.

Orly Instant Artist and Dotting Tool Review

They are water based so you can easily remove mistakes which is great. I also find that if you have gel manicures or Shellac for example, these are perfect, they just wipe off until sealed with top coat.

Here are a couple of shoddy attempts!

I used the Black Striper and the dotter tool for Chloe’s little lady birds 🙂

The dotter tool is FAB. I did this with my Artistic Colour Gloss a couple of weeks ago and I loved it!

Orly Instant Artist and Dotting Tool Review

The Instant Artist Colours are a not too Shabby £5.80 and the Dotter Duo Tool is approximately £7.

Available from www.lookfantastic.com

Love love love my dotty nails!

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

China Glaze Crackle Metals

It’s fair to say that many of us bloggers are over the whole concept of crackles. I’m not overly concerned about seeing another creme crackle but I must say I was quite excited to be able to try out the newest version from China Glaze, Crackle Metals. Sufficiently different enough for me to want to give them a go and pique my interest.

What we have are six shades of crackle top coat, all muted and soft shades.
Tarnished Gold – a warm, honey tone hue
Platinum Pieces – shimmering silver
Haute Metal- pale pink
Crackle Medallion – bold bronze
Latticed Lilac – soft lavender
Oxidized Aqua – deep aquamarine blue
I struggled for ages to decide which colour to swatch them over. I don’t know why when the answer was right in front of my face with these swatches on the right! Black was the best choice.
Now follows something of a mish mash of swatches, you will probably want to enlarge most of them. All have a glossy top coat on unless otherwise stated.
L-R: Crackle Medallion, Tarnished Gold, Platinum Pieces, Oxidized Aqua and Latticed Lilac.
China Glaze Crackle Metals Swatched

L-R: Haute Metal, Latticed Lilac, Oxidised Aqua, Platinum Pieces and Tarnished Gold.

China Glaze Crackle Metals Swatched

Latticed Lilac.

China Glaze latticed lilac

Haute Metal

China Glaze haute metal

Haute Metal with no top Coat.

Oxidised Aqua, Platinum Pieces, Tarnished Gold and Crackle Medallion.

China Glaze Crackle Metals Swatched
So there we have it. Do any of them take your fancy? I think they are really quite pretty and much more subtle than the usual stark crackle top coats and I’ve got an idea that I might really like these over bright white. Especially the gold and the pink.
At the time of writing I don’t know the prices or UK launch dates but will update as soon as I do.
Disclaimer – PR Samples



Hi all,

I just wanted to do a little post this evening to pat myself on the back!

As you all know I’m in the process of starting up my mobile nails business and my worst fear came true when I had a client book for a french manicure. Now I can’t do french manicures, or rather, I can do them on myself and I’m happy with them, but they are by no means perfect and there’s no way I could charge for them. I’ve literally spent hours and hours practising and I do mean hours, about six hours over the weekend and numerous odd hours here and there… with no consistent results. One would come out perfect, the next three would be wobbly and I’d make a mess tidying them up, then the next one would be great, the next awful and so on… so imagine my horror when I get a booking (only my second!) for a Gelez French Manicure.

Gelez is a soak off Gel polish that lasts up to two weeks with no chipping. It’s ultra glossy and protects your natural nails beautifully.

So I had a rare day today without the kids so I got all my kit out and sat here for a good couple of hours working on my own nails and I think I finally did a good enough job to charge for. I’m so pleased with myself! It’s not perfect by any means but it is without question the best I’ve ever done. I was so pleased I even got a bit carried away and threw on a few Swarovski crystals for good measure!

 So I’m feeling a lot happier about my first french manicure client now!
If anyone has any top tips for doing french manicures, I’d love to hear them… as Gel Polish is slightly easier to work with than normal polish so I still need to work on my normal french manicures!

EDIT – I forgot to say, this would cost you £50 in Harrods!

Nail Rock Nail Wraps

I was recently sent two packets of Nail Rock Nail Wraps to try out and I have to admit I was pretty excited as I’ve been meaning to try these out for ages but never quite gotten round to it!

For the uninitiated, nail wraps are essentially stickers for your nails.  They come in a wide variety of gorgeous designs. Are designed to last your a couple of days maximum and come of easily.

The first of the two sets I decided to try were Gold Lace on White.

What you get is a sheet of stickers, enough for four and a half hands in a vaiety of sizes and these looked very pretty and glamorous.

Nail Rock Nail Wraps
I read the instructions, re-read them and read them again to be sure and off I went. Essentially you select the size you want, loosely stick it to your nail, use heat from a hairdryer to soften them up and then smooth onto your nail, using heat to keep them soft and flexible. Once in place you give the whole thing a blast of heat to fix it on and then you use a nail file to file off the excess sticker hanging off the end of your nail.
Well thats the theory at least. Actually, these made me feel like a proper dunce. They took me an hour to apply, I couldn’t get many of them to go on without creasing and I had to reheat and reposition many times. Then don’t even get me started on filing the ends off! A wooden file is recommended. I don’t know what a wooden file is to be honest but I ended up trying three, a card one with sand on it (emery board), glass file and a metal file. I could get the ends off at all with any of them. In the end I cut off the bulk of the excess with scissors and tried to tidy them up with a file at the end. Not very successfully.
Due to my hideous botch job these started peeling up at the edges within an hour of them being on and they didn’t quite last 24 hours before I had to take the whole lot off. Heat is recommended to soften the glue for removal but I didn’t need to, they just peeled off easily.
Want to see? I must say I’m embarrassed at the state of my cuticles, so incredibly dry at the moment!
Nail Rock Nail Wraps
Nail Rock Nail Wraps
 If you look closely you can see how shoddy the application is but still, they are really pretty! Really pretty.
I’m not blaming the product at all at the moment. I have quite a few of these left to try again and I have another design waiting to be tested so I’m hoping that it’s just a case of getting the knack and practising! So hopefully when I have another spare hour I’ll have another go and be able to show you perfect results and they might stay put a bit longer too!
If anyone has any tips for filing off the excess please let me know. I was filing downwards but they just weren’t shifting so any advice gratefully received!
These would be fab for a night out I think and they are a good price at £6.65 for two full sets of hands and a bit extra. Available from http://www.nailrock.com/, River Island, Lipsy, http://www.asos.com/ and Topshop.
03. 03. 2011

OPI Nail Apps. I saw these over at http://www.lenawhite.co.uk/ a week or two ago and I must say the certainly piqued my interest. Nail Apps apparently make nail art easy and come in 12 designs. You choose the sizes closest to your nail sizes, trim the width if necessary, rub to warm the stickers and then smooth onto clean dry nails, filing off the excess. Sounds simple!

OPI Nail Apps Launch

I’m loving the look of Skulls, Tigress, Steps, Magic Garden, Jump and Crazy Daisy. They look gorgeous and they are available now (http://www.lenawhite.co.uk/). My only reservation is that they are £13.80 per pack and claim to last 1-2 days when applied properly which seems very expensive for something so temporary. I think curiosity will get the better of me though and if I do cave in and get some I’ll report back on what they are like, but at that price they’d better be amazing!

I saw the Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos first over at http://www.londonbeautyreview.com/2010/10/review-andrea-fulerton-nail-tattoos.html ages ago! I made a mental note to get them. It’s taken months but I now have two of the three designs.

Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos

It was really the skull and crossbones I wanted, I grabbed the key and padlocks thinking they’d be good for a valentines manicure.

Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos
Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos
 These are £2.03 a sheet. It’s not a lot of money but I still think its a lot for a sheet of minute stickers! I don’t really mind though, it’s not like you have much choice. I love nail art stickers and there aren’t many of them about. I bought mine in Superdrug, I think they might be exclusive sellers of the Andrea Fulerton range, I’m not sure.
Anyway, I wanted to wear the skull and crossbones and decided to go for the traditional Jolly Roger look using China Glaze Liquid Leather as my colour. 🙂
Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos
Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos
 I’m absolutely useless at getting them on straight. Being so small it’s just too fiddly for clumsy hands.
I like these, I’d love to see more in the range though, the set I didn’t buy was chains, not my cup of tea. I believe there are some crosses too but they weren’t in my Superdrug. Four designs doesn’t seem a lot though! I’d like some cherry designs and maybe some butterflies too.

It’s been a while! I dragged out the old Konad kit the other day to have a play, had one failure but I really liked this one. I chose the fishnet design from the Konad M57 plate. I didn’t want it to be obvious though so I chose two similar colours, China Glaze Naughty & Nice and the Red Special Polish. I love the effect!

Konad M57
Konad M57
Konad M57

And under a flash?

Konad M57
Konad M57

I love this, I’m going to work on more Konad designs that are subtle like this. It probably means I need more Special Polish colours…oops!

I just had to show you this because… well because it just looks so awesome! Two thin coats of the beautiful Orly Lunar Eclipse with a coat of OPI Black Shatter top coat (out in Jan), and a quick slick of Seche Vite to finish. Stunning!

OPI Black Shatter
OPI Black Shatter
OPI Black Shatter
OPI Black Shatter

So, I never got hold of the Barry M crackle top coat, for those of you who did, how does this compare do you think? Is it worth the extra money?

I’m wondering what combo to do with it next! I love it much more than I thought I would.