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I’ve talked to you before about Jacava London, a brand of nail polishes completely new to me, but I really liked the colours. They are a “9 free” nail polish brand and vegan as well as cruelty free.

What I think they do extremely well is curate collections of beautiful colours. The Woodlanders Collection is wonderful, full of rich colours. It’s a huge collection of 17 shades. Lovely dusky hues, and gorgeous rich shades.


I received three shades to try myself, left to right, Ormonde Gate, Shawfield Street and Lavender Court.

Jacava London Woodlands CollectionEach applies beautifully and stunning shades. I’m sorry that I can’t show you a full manicure, but I had a gel polish recently so I can’t!

Jacava London Woodlands CollectionExcuse the streaky corner on that purple shade, the polish isn’t streaky at all, its a perfect two coat creme, I just forgot to go over the corner with my second coat as that’s where I was holding it.

Beautiful shades and I’d highly recommend these. and if they take your fancy you can buy the whole collection and more on the Jacava London website.

Alternatively, if you fancy winning the whole collection, that’s all 17 shades, keep an eye on the Jacava Facebook page where a competition will be launched later today, given that each polish is £15.50 its an amazing prize!

*Products received free of charge for review purposes


Until I received these for review I’d not heard of Jacava London, which is surprising because as a beauty blogger you do tend to think you know all the brands out there!

Jacava London are the UK’s only “9 Free” nail polish brand, meaning they are free of Formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, phthalates including DBP, parabens, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide and lead. The polishes are all made in the UK and contain argan oil, jojoba oil and vitamin to nourish, and each bottle’s gold printing is done with 22 carat gold for a touch of luxury and if all that isn’t enough, these are vegan and cruelty free. Result!

The Pastel collection has six shades, of which  I have three, and they are all gorgeous shades. Left to Right we have Lowndes Court, Pastel Lilac and Park Lane.

Jacava LondonI am sorry for the swatches, my nails all broke off recently and are just not in their best condition sadly 🙁  Left to Right is Lowndes Court, Pastel Lilac, Lowndes Court again and Park Lane.

Jacava LondonI love pastels but they are notoriously difficult to work with sometimes and these are a mixed bag in terms of ease of application. My favourite shade, Park Lane, is the trickiest to apply, with Lowndes Court also a little tricky, while Pastel Lilac goes on like a dream. I think its something to do with the amount of white in the formula, makes them a little tippex-y to apply. That said, with a little care and attention, along with some patience its possible to get a great looking manicure. I’ve used some pastels in the past that are impossible to apply neatly but this isn’t the case with these.

With a decent base and top coat I get two to three days of chip free wear which is about average for me. The price for these is £15.50 each which I think is on the high side. I do love the shades though and having had a look through the website there are loads of shades I’d love to try, which is always a good sign for a polish brand, a great colour range!

Although I’ve not heard of this brand before, the ethos and gorgeous shades mean that, in spite of the price, I definitely think this is a brand to watch. You can purchase from the Jacava London website.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.


So after a few days hiatus, I’m back with a little look at the new No7 Summer Collection.

No7 Summer Collection 2015

Shade wise, it’s a really unusual set of colours for Summer and most definitely something a bit different from the normal bronzes and teals! Dusky Pinks and plums are unusual, but beautiful and are complemented by some pops of brighter colour.

Starting with the No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in Tea Party (£9.50)*

No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in Tea partyMauve grey, dusky pink and deep, dirty plum suit either day or evening and look beautiful on either pale or bronzed skin.  It looks great it if you apply the grey-ish shade all over, adding the pink over the top for a shimmering finish, you can add as much or as little of the plum shade as you like for day or evening. It’s a versatile palette, which can create pretty pink shimmering looks as well as deep smokey looks.

No7 Stay perfect Eyeshadow trio in tea party

The other item I was sent was the No7 Gel-Look Shine in Rose Gold (£7)*

No7 Gel Look Shine Rose GoldI personally wouldn’t call this a rose gold, it’s more of a bronze shade but there are definite hints of rose gold in there (see the first photo for a shot of the bottle). My nails are not in a good state right now so you’ll have to forgive the lack of swatches on my nails and settle for the swatch above. I know it looks a bit brush-strokey, but trust me when I tell you that with a little care, its easy to get a nice finish on your nails, with no brush strokes.  I don’t find the nail polishes last terribly long on me, but its fair to say that could be because of the condition of my nails. There are also polishes in Pink Grapefruit and Bluebell which looks like a gorgeous cornflower blue.

There’s also a High Shine Lip Crayon in shade Pink Petal. I don’t have this one to try but I have a couple of other shades and these pencils are gorgeous, lightly moisturising and a gorgeous shine.

The collection is available now exclusively in Boots and Boots.com.

*Items received free of charge for review purposes.

I thought I’d show you my two all time favourite nail polishes today! China Glaze Techo, I’ve owned this one for years, it never gets gloopy, it just lasts really well. It’s a holographic silver glitter in two sizes, I suppose with lots of coats you could get full coverage, but for me I’ve only ever used it as a glitter top coat (before my normal top coat). OPI’s My Pointe Exactly is my all time favourite polish, I’m actually on my third bottle. Granted, the first was a mini, and I lost another, but still with every single other polish I’ve ever owned, they are nearly all still full. This is from my favourite collection, the NYC Ballet collection in 2012, a collection of pale, sheer colours that make nails look clean and groomed.  The special thing about the collection is that none of them are streaky, which is almost unheard of with pale milky shades, the formulation of these is excellent. My Pointe Exactly is a sheer milky grey, unusual and perfect.

My Pointe Exactly Techno

Combined, the two make for a understated buy pretty manicure, I’m still not feeling ready for Summer brights and I’m living in powder blue clothes at the moment, so this combination just felt right 🙂

China Glaze Techno OPI My Pointe Exactly


Super easy to do, I just did two coats of of My Pointe Exactly (This is a sheer polish by design so it never really gets opaque, but you can build the layers as required) and then I just dabbed Techno on the tips of most fingers, except the ring finger on both hands where I dabbed it on the base.

A quick top coat and done! Clean, pretty fresh nails!

The problem with glass slippers, I’d imagine, is that they are see through… I mean if all of a sudden a fairy godmother rocked up and magicked me into a beautiful ball gown and a pair of glass slippers, I’d be worried. My feet have been stuck in boots all winter, if Prince Charming saw the current state of my feet, he’d run a mile away from me,  not fall in love!

I’d have to tell that Fairy Godmother to come back the next day once I’d had chance to lavish a little tlc on my tootsies.

These products would make it no big hassle though.

P1160927Palmers Foot Magic (RRP £3.99)* is a one stop product ideal for tackling dry and hard skin on the feet. Containing Vitamin E, Mango Butter, Peppermint Oil and Cocoa Butter, this product is gorgeous.

Rather than being a cream, this is like a rich balm. The texture is beautiful, but it is greasy.

P1160930It melts on contact with the skin and smells lovely. A perfect product to use overnight, and I’d recommend popping cotton socks on top, a) to protect your bed, and b) to keep the product in place and on your skin and working all night long. If you have a huge amount of dry, calloused skin on your feet I would recommend trying to remove some of it first, with a pumice stone, or scrub, whatever your chosen method, you’ll find if you can remove most of the hard skin, this will penetrate much better and leave you with soft skin. A gorgeous product and very effective.

No decent Cinderella would dream of stepping out in glass slippers without perfectly polished toes and Morgan Taylor’s new Cinderella collection really fits the bill.

Sparing you my toes, I give you:

Best Ball Gown Ever*

P1160941Morgan Taylor have absolutely nailed this Cinderella colour. I mean look, the following image is taken from the Cinderella book I had as a child.

dsc_3349A beautiful periwinkle blue with flashes of silver and gold. Its something of a miracle that with this frosty finish there’s no streaking at all! The colour is beautiful.

And then there’s Party at the Palace*

P1160969Party at the Palace is a soft turquoise shade with gold shimmer and its beautiful!

I’ve never tried Morgan Taylor polish before and I can tell you hand on heart I’m smitten. I’ve been having problems with polish staying on my nails for years… this lasts so well with no chipping for days. It also seems to dry incredibly quickly! With these particular shades, I needed t do three coats and I’ve not used a top coat, they have a lovely shine. They are available from http://www.sallyexpress.com/ and sell at £10.99 each. Beautiful quality though, truly, as you would expect from a professional brand.

So those are a couple of products I’d recommend for getting your feet spring ready, or y’know, if you’re invited to a ball at the castle!

*products received free of charge for review purposes

It’s a bright sunny morning here in Devon at the moment so it seems a good moment to keep the Spring vibes going and to share with you the Spring offerings from No7.


Starting with the two nail polishes. There are two shades in the Gel Look Shine formula. Coral Crush and Sweet Lilac. (£7 each)*.

P1160382The colours are beautiful and opaque in one coat, although I would always recommend two coats. Gorgeous Spring shades. I found Coral Crush applied like a dream but Sweet Lilac was a little trickier, having a bit of a tippex type formula, I also didn’t find Sweet Lilac that shiny, but with a careful application and and nice top coat, neither of those things are too much of an issue. Nice Spring colours.

The highlight of the launch is the No7 Mini Eye Palette (£11)*.


P1160363Although it’s called a mini palette, I wouldn’t say it’s especially mini really! There are eight shades, each shade is taken from one of No7’s other palettes and you can find the details of where each shade is from on the rear. Mine unfortunately turned up with one shade crumbling. It’s a soft shadow though and I’m not overly surprised or concerned. The shades in the palette are all amazing.

P1160369Each shade has some shimmer, the darkest shades have minimal shimmer, it’s more like sparkle, and very little of it and there are a couple of shades that are richer shimmery shades.

The palest shade is my favourite, it’s the best kind of highlight shade. It’s a white shade with the faintest tinge of pink, and no obvious sparkle or shimmer although there is a slight pearl. My descriptions aren’t the best, but trust me, it’s a great highlight shade.

I thought when I opened the palette that I’d experience some fall out on application and that the dark shades might be a bit tricky to blend, but that hasn’t proved to be the case at all. I would definitely recommend this palette if you are looking for a neutral set of eye shadows, and this one works especially well for night or day with a good range of shades and finishes.

My top pick is definitely the Mini Eyeshadow Palette, it’s a great all rounder.

The collection is available now from Boots counters and Boots Online.

*Items received free of charge for review purposes




ButterLONDON Holiday Lacquer Sets

If you love your nails all sparkly and festive, ButterLONDON uses colours that errs on the side of edgy rather than expected. These sets are £30, making it £10 per polish.

ButterLONDON Holiday Lacquer Sets

The pink shade with larger glitter chunks is Shambolic, The dark green is Jack The Lad and my favourite, the gold shade, with larger green glitter pieces is Scuppered.
ButterLONDON Holiday Lacquer Sets

As you can see, they come to life under lights with some major sparkling going on!
ButterLONDON Holiday Lacquer Sets

You can find them HERE

*Regular readers of LadyoftheLane will know that Charlie is taking some time out after an operation, so this post is brought to you by Jane at Britishbeautyblogger. 

At first glance this isn’t the most exciting of collections but to me it’s very autumnal and worth a close look. As a collection it’s not exciting to look at but in this day and age where nail polish seems to be all about effects and duochromes it’s good to remind ourselves that creme colours can rock!

This is a twelve colour collection of which I have five to share with you.

Starting with French Quarter For Your Thoughts.

OPI French QUarter for your thoughts

A pale to mid grey creme. I like this colour, I have a problem with grey polish, many don’t flatter my hands at all and make my fingers look extremely red, but this doesn’t. It’s lovely and I think I might do this one with a Cloud Konad stamp.

I Brake For Manicures

OPI I brake for Manicures

A dark and dirty purple. I love it. I’ve not seen anything like it to be honest, but I’m not that well versed on all the polishes in the world. I just like this. It’s purple, but not as we know it.

Get in the Expresso Lane.

OPI Get in the Expresso Lane

At first glance, similar to the above shade and I suppose it is in tone. Except this isn’t purple it’s brown. Dirty Brown, a bit murky, rather than chocolatey. It’s nice but it doesn’t thrill me especially, browns rarely do, but if I was to wear browns, this would be more my cup of tea than a chocolatey shade. Does any of that make sense? It’s late a night. Bear with me…

I Eat Mainely Lobster

OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster

I should think this will be the most popular colour from the whole collection. It’s a bright coral with a very subtle shimmer. I don’t think it’s very Autumnal but I don’t have a problem with colours being seasonal really. I’m happy to wear black in the Summer and Lilac in winter. it’s a pretty colour.

My Address is Hollywood

OPI My Address is hollywood

This a nice colour. A very subtle shimmer again and another coral, but softer and pink-er. Interestingly, in real life this and I eat Mainely Lobster bottles look very similar, but actually they’re not. It’s not the most exciting colour I know, but it is “nice” and a really nice colour for day to day wear I think.

So that’s all the shades I have. All pictures above are two coats, no top coat and I found the application a breeze with all. Also, they dried very quickly.

Any take your fancy?

All available now from www.lenawhite.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Samples*