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I have some absolutely beautiful nail polishes to show you today and I’m really excited!

When I think about Barbara Daly products, actually I don’t really think about Barbara Daly products ever, except a few years ago I had a couple of really nice pastel polishes from her line in Tescos. But when I got this press release a few days ago I couldn’t wait to see them!

They are being marketed for the party season (I can’t bear to mention the C word just yet) and I can see how they would be perfect for the occasion, but personally I think most of the shades are far to nice to keep until then! Plus they have lovely holographic star lids. So cute!.

Barbara Daly Space Nail Polish

First is Night Sky. A deep purple with a lovely duochrome-shimmer effect.

Barbara Daly Space Nail Polish

Then we have Twinkle, a rich raspberry shade, again with the duochrome effect. I love this one.

Barbara Daly Space Nail Polish

Oh and next is Moon Dust. Stunning coppery rusty red with silver shimmer. I really love this one too.

Barbara Daly Space Nail Polish

My favourite, which I totally failed to capture in any of my photographs, Planet Dream. A subtle nude with lots of pink shimmer and hidden depths.

Barbara Daly Space Nail Polish

Then we have the sensible shade of the bunch, Simply Earth. A dark peach.

Barbara Daly Space Nail Polish

Finally there are two foils, the  Gold is called Space Sparkle and the Lilac is Glitter Galaxy.

Barbara Daly Space Nail Polish

Such a beautiful collection and not one you’d expect to find in Tescos. All perform exceptionally well and apply brilliantly and the foils deserve a special mention for being totally not streaky. Quite unheard of. A really beautiful collection.

Barbara Daly Space Nail Polish

These are all £5 each and available from Tesco Beauty now. Check your local stores as they don’t appear to be online yet. I predict a supermarket sell out!

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I recently won a giveaway from The Nail Arcade. The Nail Arcade aren’t actually open yet but they recently had a pop up shop for one week where you could buy Indie polishes, here in the UK.

I won a voucher and placed an order, of course contributing with some of my own cash, I of course wanted more than than my voucher was worth.

I was planning to show you all my prizes/purchase in one post but I couldn’t wait to show you this baby. Meet Serum No.5 Day Glow.

By day an unassuming bright creamy yellow.

Serum No. 5 Day Glow

By Night (or in my pantry) glowing goodness. In bed last night my nails were amazing! My camera just can’t pick it up too well but trust me, this stuff is amazing!

Serum No. 5 Day Glow

You need this, it’s amazing. It is however a complete bitch to apply. It’s matte and a bit grainy and streaky. I used three coats and a quick dry top coat.

Unfortunately until the Nail Arcade opens fully in the UK I don’t know of another stockist but do have a hunt!

Aloha! Hot enough for you. God damn it I’m fed up of this heat now. I’m more of a Spring or Autumn kind of a girl, I like the sunshine but I like it cooler and I love sunshine with plenty of breeze. Unless I’m abroad with an ocean or pool to regularly dive into.

I might not have easy access to  bodies of water but I can look at my nails for a hit of cool blue and this Summer Rococo have got it covered. They have several blue and turquoises in the line and I’ve got Smitten and Sandrine to show you today.

First up, the boxes they come in are really beautiful. Definitely keepers.

Rococo Nail Apparel Blues

Hidden within these pretty boxes are Sandrine (left) and Smitten (right).

Rococo Nail Apparel Blues

Sandrine is a beautiful dusky blue cream colour.

Rococo Nail Apparel Sandrine

Smitten is lovely teal, it’s less vibrant that It appears in the picture on my nails and more like the colour it appears in the bottle up there!

Rococo Nail Apparel Smitten

Both are creme shades which is refreshing and both apply perfectly and the wear time is excellent. I could get quite addicted to these!

They are all 3 free (formaldehyde, toluene, DBP) and dry nice and fast. At £12 each they are not cheap, but still cheaper than most of the high end brands but out perform most of them.

Available from Space NK.

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So i love with these beauties that popped through my letter box a week ago. Introducing the L’Oreal Color Riche Neons for Summer!

L'Oreal Color Riche Neons

I love the combination of colours but most of all, I love the Yellow! It’s just stunning on!

Here’s how I’ve been wearing them.

Wasabi Hint (green) and Acid Watermelon (pink)

L'Oreal Color Riche Neons

And here’s Flashing Lilac (purple) and Banana Pop (yellow). Please forgive the photograph, it was taken with instagram although there are no filters applied. I think you get the gist though.

L'Oreal Color Riche Neons

The gist is that these shades are awesome.

I haven’t found these to be sheer like most neons are and that means you don’t need to bother with white underneath and the formula is a breeze. Just gorgeous nail polishes. The yellow is my favourite. It’s opaque, bright, not streaky and just gorgeous.

The polishes came with the most amazing balloon!

Bubblegum Balloons

Our balloon escaped out of the back door and there were tears from Lola and I nearly cried too. We loved it so much!

The L’Oreal Color Riche Neon Pop polishes are £4.99 and available from Superdrug and Boots (although I can’t see all the shades on the Boots site).

The fabulous balloon came from the wonderful Bubblegum Balloons.

04. 06. 2013
Dior Nail Glow

I bought this beauty of a product on a a whim a week ago for two reasons, 1) I’ve realised that Dior polishes are exceptional in terms of application and wear time and 2) whilst I do love buying and wearing colours, my natural leaning is towards french, nude and natural nails. Timeless and classy. While I was perusing the various Dior polishes on offer (okay hello hefty wishlist of doom!) I spotted this. Dior’s Nail Glow.

So it’s a sheer pink to make your nail beds look pinker and your white tips look whiter. It’s got a hint of UV purple about it in the bottle which makes sense as you can buy optical brightening polishes for acrylics to make the white look really white and they can have a tinge of blue/purple about them in certain lights but they really work to make white acrylic look brighter so I was hoping this would do the same.

I absolutely love it. I received this on about Wednesday last week, it’s Sunday at the time of writing, it’s still fully in place with no chips.

Dior Nail Glow

Love it. Certainly won’t be for everyone, certainly will be to much money for many people to contemplate spending on a sheer polish but if you’re a fan of naturally glossy and healthy looking nails, this could be for you, it’s wear time alone makes it worth it for me.

I bought mine from Escentual where I paid £15.30.

Guerlain Gel Top Coat

Oooh this is going to be a quick review and I think I’m going to bullet point my thoughts for ease!


  • I’ve had a little bit of tip shrinking when using this top coat, only with my indie polishes, not any mainstream brands.
  • It’s thick so I’m getting through it fast.
  • I’m halfway down the bottle already and it seems to be getting a bit thicker. I’m not 100% sure about this and guess I won’t know until I finish. It’s still applying flawlessly so hopefully this won’t prove to be a big issue.
  • It’s £18
So from my little list up there you can see I have more con’s than I do pro’s BUT the pro’s are so good that unless the bottle becomes so thick it’s rendered unusable I think it’s worth the price and using a different top coat with my indie polishes. I’ve never had wear like this from any top coat ever. Seriously amazing.
You can see it in use here, here and here.
Although this is £18, you can purchase from Escentual for £16.20 at the moment.

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Dior Bird of Paradise

I had quite the shopping list for the Dior Summer collection, but when it came down it I had less money than expected and that list got edited down a bit but I’m still thrilled with the bits I got.  So lets take a little look!

Starting with the absolutely stunning Nail Lacquer Duo in Samba.

Dior Bird of Paradise Nail lacquer duo samba

I don’t normally like greens or teals on me, but having seen swatches of these on various blogs I knew I needed to get this duo in my life.  It’s not the first time Dior have got me with a green! Last year I fell for Waterlily and I find the formula to be exceptional on Dior polishes, they just apply like a dream. Metallic-y looking teals I find are often very thin and of course metallic shades are notoriously streaky, but this is not. It’s not even really metallic, I don’t know what it is, let’s just call it otherworldly. In the flesh it has a depth that I can’t capture on a photograph, I strongly recommend you check it out. The other shade is also beautiful. One thing I want to mention is that these are MINI polishes which I hadn’t realised. Ridiculous not have realised really since the price is so cheap for two Dior polishes (£18.70), realistically there’s no way they’d be full size! So anyway, here they are…

Dior Bird of Paradise Nail lacquer duo samba

Someone said to me yesterday “you can tell thats not cheap polish” and you really can, it’s amazing.

The other item I grabbed was one of the new Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca to be precise.

Dior Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca

Dior Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca
Is it a balm? Is it a gloss? Is it a lipstick? Well it’s all of those really. It’s a sheer(ish) wash of moisturising colour with a light gloss, nothing too shiny, definitely not sticky, in fact it feels pretty much weightless.

The reason I picked this colour is that it’s a) coral, but b) there’s something a bit special about it.

Dior Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca

Sorry the swatch is a bit blurry, but can you see why I was drawn to this shade?

What about this?

Dior Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca

Alright, if you still can’t see it how about this out of focus shot?

Dior Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca

Yes yes, that’s like a violet iridescence and it’s so so so beautiful. On the lips it’s barely detectable if I’m honest and if it was more obvious it wouldn’t be wearable, but it’s absolutely gorgeous! It was £16.15

Very happy with my little treats, and I may pop back at some point and grab the Birds of Paradise Addict Lipstick in Exotique which looks so pretty…

Anyway, I bought these from www.escentual.com where the prices seem to be cheaper than anywhere else!

Nail Varnish and Lana Del Rey. They are two of my most favourite things in the world and when the two are combined, well I’m just gonna have to get the whole damn lot. Which I have.

Pahlish - Coney Island Queen Collection

The collection is inspired by the lyrics and indeed the style of Lana Del Rey, and is designed to work with all your Summer floaty dresses.

The first I’m going to show you is my favourite, Singing in the Garden.

“I’m your little scarlet, starlet, singing in the garden”
Pahlish Singing in the Garden

The most beautiful green, it’s somewhere between a sage green and a mint green and is rammed with green glitters of varying sizes. So beautiful. Amazing forumla, a little sheer, this was three coats but those three coats are thin and dried very fast so no worries.

Next is Coney Island Queen.

“It’s alarming truly how disarming you can be, eating soft ice cream, Coney Island Queen”
Pahlish Coney Island Queen

A creamy nude base with rich gold glitter in two sizes. So pretty, I wasn’t keen on this in the bottle but I really liked it on, it’s glam in a very understated way. Formula great again.

Anticipating and Pacing.

“But he headed out on Sunday, said he’d come home Monday, I stay up waiting, anticipating and pacing”
Pahlish Anticipating and Pacing

This is a touch less bright and a touch less red than it is this picture, it’s a warmer coral, but I love this one, just for being so different to anything else! Slight gold shimmer and load of royal blue glitter, its striking and unusual. Again, great formula.

His Favourite Sundress.

“I’m in his favourite sundress, watching me get undressed”
Pahlish His Favourite Sundress

Orange/coral creamy base with subtle gold shimmer and lovely orange glitter. This one is lovely and a great Summer colour but the formula of this one was really hard to work with, it was very thick and I struggled to get a nice smooth finish, with a little perseverance and care I managed it, but it wasn’t anywhere like as dreamy to apply as the others.

Sugar Venom (a line taken from my favourite Del Rey Song).

“Pick me up and take me like a vitamin, cause my body’s sweet like sugar venom”
Pahlish Sugar Venom

Gah this is so gorgeous! Creamy bright pink with pink microglitter and a berry glitter. It’s gorgeous and in fact I’m wearing it on my toes and plan on wearing it on my toes all Summer long, it’s just so lovely! Back to the great formula again!

Finally, Mind Like a Diamond.

“She laughs like god, her mind is like a diamond”
Pahlish Mind Like A Diamond

Mind like a diamond (Twin Peaks experts might recognise that phrase??) is a gorgeous and really unusual shade. It’s grey, with grey glitters, but there’s also a pink duochrome in there too that really sets it apart from anything else I’ve seen, although none of pictures picked that up on my nails, trust me, on my nails, it looks just like it does in the bottle there. Formula was easy to apply but I think you can see there was some shrinkage on the tips, no worries, will just remember to cap the ends with this colour in future…!

Absolutely love this collection, it’s so beautiful. I bought all of them from the Pahlish Etsy Shop and I paid 59 dollars including the shipping from the US. Which works out at about £38 including international shipping which I thought was extremely reasonable and I’ll be ordering again, in fact I gather another shade has been added to this collection, Body Electric which appears to be a gorgeous mid blue with violet glassfleck and various pinky/lilac glitters. So I guess I’ll be getting that one, along with the gorgeous looking April Showers Duo.

After all of my recent adventures in indie polishes… I’m not sure I’ll ever buy another OPI or China Glaze again… the wear time on these is far superior.

I know we’re barely into Spring but what I’ve got to show you today just screams “HELLO SUMMER”. Beautiful colours and beautiful products.

I don’t even know where to start with these, they’ve got me all tongue tied. I absolutely LOVE make up, unsurprisingly, since I’m a beauty blogger, but these products have taken my breath away.

Okay, I’ve decided. I’m going to start with showing you the Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine glosses. I’ve two shades. 420 – Rouge Shebam (L) and 471-Prune Zip (R).

Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer Maxi Shine

Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer Maxi Shine

Dear god, look at those colours!! Okay so the range has 20 shades, in varying degrees of opacity, pigment and some shimmer and some none shimmery. Both of the above are shimmer free and Rouge Shebam is a little more opaque than Prune Zip.  In terms of texture these are amazing. They are non-sticky, long wearing, moisturising and although they aren’t plumping glosses as such they certainly make my lips look plumper.
Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer Maxi Shine Rouge Shebam

Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer Maxi Shine Prune Zip
Rouge Shebam in the full context of my face (!).

Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer Maxi Shine

I am in love. If you are planning to treat yourself to only one high end product this Spring/Summer, get one of these, there are four nude shades, two red shades, two orange shades and twelve variations on pink. I think I’ll treat myself to one or two more of these, I have am completely won over. High impact and highly wearable. Simply stunning. These are £22 each.

Oh oh but I’m not done yet. What about the new Colour lacquers? Well these are available in ten shades  and again I have two shades to show you. Meet 143 – Nahema and 165 Champs Elysees.

Guerlain Colour Lacquers

Guerlain Colour Lacquers

Guerlain Colour Lacquers

I took about 20 photographs of Champs Elysees but I just can’t catch the colour at all accurately. It’s more pinky purple than it looks above and its brighter.

First thing I’m going to say is I’m not wearing any top coat in these pictures. This high shine belongs to the Colour Lacquer alone.  It’s easy to overlook creme polishes as being boring in this day and age where “effects” are the in thing (can I just say that aside from glitter I’ve not seen one single effect that I like???), but even so, I often bypass cremes. But these are so not boring. These are saturated glossy and amazing. There’s a wide brush making application a breeze two strokes for me, one on the little finger, and two coats for opaque perfection. These go on easily, wear well and look beautiful and these two shades in particular are sunshiney bright.

These and all the other shades can be purchased from Selfridges right now, and the ranges will be launched nationwide from 1st May. I can’t wait to get more!

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Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Roza

Bobbi Brown don’t seem to do much in the way of nail polishes, in fact on the website I see a grand total of two polishes. One of which is Roza which was new for for Spring as part of the Lilac Rose collection. I am not sure if Roza is limited edition or not but I can’t see any evidence to suggest it’s limited.

Roza is described on the site as a pink grey, I’d call it a beige with a hint of pink but who cares really, this is LOVE. I don’t do neutral shades. You won’t find many on this blog, in three years of blog posting. This one, well lets just say I’ve just put it on tonight, for the fifth or sixth time.  Unheard of for me. Not just to wear a neutral, but to war any polish this often. I don’t know what it is about this polish, it’s just perfect. It wears for days on end on me, it’s glossy, it’s chic, it’s understated and classy. I don’t know, I just love it, and formula wise it’s perfection. I get far longer wear from this than any China Glazes or OPI’s I own. Love.
Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Roza
Roaza is £11 and available from www.bobbibrown.co.uk

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