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 Boots No7 Iluminated Make Up Mirror

You may remember a few months ago I got myself a dressing table and what every dressing table needs is a mirror. Funds were incredibly limited and I found myself looking at the No7 Iluminated Make Up Mirror on the Boots website. Now I must say from the off that the mirror is currently sold for £51.05 which I would never have paid for it, no it was half price and I paid £25, just before Christmas I think. I should also mention that I deliberated for a while because there are loads of bad reviews on the site for it. But I was running out of time since I didn’t actually have a mirror to put my make up on with so I just went with it.

First thing I noticed was that the mirror is quite small. The whole thing is large and heavy, but the actual mirrored area is quite small, not a problem for me at all, might be for some though.

The next thing I noticed was how poor the light was. It really isn’t that bright but actually, this was an initial disappointment but I quickly got used to it and sitting in the dark at night tweezing my brows for example, using just the light of the mirror, was absolutely fine.

Next, there are two sides, a standard mirror and the reverse being a x5 magnification. Superb. The tiniest things are clear and obvious, if not a little too obvious because I find myself cross examing every single thing that I would never otherwise have noticed!. Great for spotting brow hairs that are only just sprouting and need tweezing!

I must say, I was rather hoping the bulb would last longer than the two months it did…but having said that I do spend an inordinate amount of time using this mirror…but still! This leads me onto something that if you’re thinking the light not being great is putting you off, then this might change your mind, but when I replaced the bulb, the bulbs we had in the cupboard here are much much much brighter than the bulb it came with so the light is much improved, so it’s an option to just switch the bulb as soon as you get it if you find it’s not bright enough!

 Boots No7 Iluminated Make Up Mirror

So would I recommend this? Yes I absolutely would. I use mine every day, intensively, and it does a great job, doing all that I’d want it to do. Bright light, great magnification for tweezing etc, and its not offensive to look at in anyway.  The big but is that I would say its probably not worth the asking price of £51.50. In fact I’d go so far as to say it’s hideously overpriced given the amount of people that seem to dislike it. I’m sure it is probably quite often in the sales so look out for them and grab one because at half price its well worth it, but be sure to read the reviews on the Boots site to see what it is that people didn’t like about it and make an informed decision!

And heres an arty shot for you demonstrating a close up of my make up free face. Eek!

 Boots No7 Iluminated Make Up Mirror

No7 Matte Top Coat

I think Matte nails and I are not meant to be. Full Stop. I understand that the nature of  matte polishes is that they wear quickly and I guess I’m just not prepared to put up with that.

I’m sorry for the stock photo and lack of pics of this in use, but I actually gave it away before I got round to taking pictures.. Thats how much I hate it.  That’s not actually strictly true, I love the way it looks, but I really can’t be arsed with manicure that don’t last a day, in fact, you’re lucky if they last an hour. That’s just not my bag. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s chipped nails, as soon as I spot even the tiniest chip I have to wipe it all off! So, I can’t recommend this product at all, although it is fair to say that’s not exclusive to the No7 Matte Top Coat, but all Matte nail products.

16. 05. 2010

Nothing exciting but unusually for me I think kind of polished. Normally, no matter how hard I try I never look as polished as I’d like and today is no exception… but it’s better…

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation
Estee Lauder Bronzing Blush
Mac in Lillyland Face Powder to lightly contour
Mac MSF in Soft & Gentle

Mac Greasepaint Sick in Zinc Zone
Max Factor False Lash Mascara
MUA Eyeshadow #1 on brow bone
Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl in Oriental Metal

Boots No7 75th Anniversary Lipgloss in 1990’s Jennifer

I love that lipgloss. Bought it with a No7 voucher of course, might go back for another shade at some point! Also still loving my kohl and the Greasepaint Sticks!

25. 03. 2010

My £5 No7/ Ruby & Millie voucher expires at the weekend so after dropping Chloe at nursery this morning I though Lola and I ought to take a little trip to Boots. The Boots I went to doesn’t have a Ruby & Millie bit except for some brushes but as I am awaiting my Sigma brushes I decided against that. So I wandered over to the No7 counter. I’ve decided that I really don’t like No7. It just looks so boring. Nothing really stood out at all. I wandered around with the Totally Teal nail varnish in my hand for a while before deciding against it and finally I picked up and bought this:

No7 Glitter Eyeliner

It’s No7 Glitter eyeliner in Royal. In the the tube it looks navy blue with very fine silver and blue glitter. But actually it is a not very opaque black with tonnes of tiny glitter particles in blue & silver. View the pics large to see how sparkly they are.

No7 Glitter Eyeliner


No7 Glitter Eyeliner

It’s nice and wearable, even in day time. I gave the swatch a good rub and it didn’t smudge or smear. So far so good. I’ll look forward to trying this out!

21. 01. 2010

Firstly I’d like to thank Eva and Jo @ http://www.beautyliciouslove.com/ for their advice regarding my fine lines and wrinkles!

Today I’ve ben out and bought the following:

Thats No7 Protect & Pefect Day Cream, Night Cream & Intense Beauty Serum. All are around the £20 mark, give or take 50p. The serum in particular reckons you’ll have results in 4 weeks. We shall see! Now was a very good time to buy since they have a buy two get one free offer on plus I had a £5 off No7 voucher so that lot cost me £35 which, if they work, will be a bargain!

These pics are for comparison in the future purposes. I don’t now if you can see on the last pic but in the last few months I’ve developed a very deep crease on the side of my mouth, its weird because it looks like a scar, it’s about half a centimetre long and much clearer when I have make up on.

Anyway, watch this space!