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I thought I’d show you my two all time favourite nail polishes today! China Glaze Techo, I’ve owned this one for years, it never gets gloopy, it just lasts really well. It’s a holographic silver glitter in two sizes, I suppose with lots of coats you could get full coverage, but for me I’ve only ever used it as a glitter top coat (before my normal top coat). OPI’s My Pointe Exactly is my all time favourite polish, I’m actually on my third bottle. Granted, the first was a mini, and I lost another, but still with every single other polish I’ve ever owned, they are nearly all still full. This is from my favourite collection, the NYC Ballet collection in 2012, a collection of pale, sheer colours that make nails look clean and groomed.  The special thing about the collection is that none of them are streaky, which is almost unheard of with pale milky shades, the formulation of these is excellent. My Pointe Exactly is a sheer milky grey, unusual and perfect.

My Pointe Exactly Techno

Combined, the two make for a understated buy pretty manicure, I’m still not feeling ready for Summer brights and I’m living in powder blue clothes at the moment, so this combination just felt right 🙂

China Glaze Techno OPI My Pointe Exactly


Super easy to do, I just did two coats of of My Pointe Exactly (This is a sheer polish by design so it never really gets opaque, but you can build the layers as required) and then I just dabbed Techno on the tips of most fingers, except the ring finger on both hands where I dabbed it on the base.

A quick top coat and done! Clean, pretty fresh nails!

I’m no Nicki Minaj fan. I am however a huge fan of OPI and this latest collection really catches my eye. The colours are amazing and just look at this promo image.

I find that incredibly inspirational! It makes me want to get out my kit and try to recreate them all. I just think its amazing.

So I was sent one shade from the collection to try out, Metallic 4 Life.

OPI Metallic 4 Life
OPI Metallic 4 Life

Its small silver glitter and larger silver glitter in a black base. It is absolutely rammed with glitter which makes it quite gloopy, but that’s just how heavily glittered polishes are, it’s how it applies that matters and it applies perfectly.

I would say for perfection you need three coats, I noticed one nail was a little sheer after taking the photographs, but I’ve done two anyway. It’s gorgeous. Sparkly and different. Love it!

OPI Metallic 4 Life
OPI Metallic 4 Life

Each shade is £11 and available from www.lenawhite.co.uk NOW!

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

Breast Cancer Awareness Month starts today and there are a lot of worthy beauty products you can purchase to show your support (I really wanted the Estee Lauder Jewelled Pin but its sold out online already!).

I’m just doing a quick post to mention that OPI are supporting the cause by launching a brand new shade,  Pink of Hearts Shatter topcoat.

If you’re not over shatter top coats yet then this looks pretty and and for every bottle sold £1 will be donated to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity for their ongoing research into cancer and work on finding a cure for the disease as quickly as possible. The top coat costs £10.50 and is available from www.lenawhite.co.uk.

At first glance this isn’t the most exciting of collections but to me it’s very autumnal and worth a close look. As a collection it’s not exciting to look at but in this day and age where nail polish seems to be all about effects and duochromes it’s good to remind ourselves that creme colours can rock!

This is a twelve colour collection of which I have five to share with you.

Starting with French Quarter For Your Thoughts.

OPI French QUarter for your thoughts

A pale to mid grey creme. I like this colour, I have a problem with grey polish, many don’t flatter my hands at all and make my fingers look extremely red, but this doesn’t. It’s lovely and I think I might do this one with a Cloud Konad stamp.

I Brake For Manicures

OPI I brake for Manicures

A dark and dirty purple. I love it. I’ve not seen anything like it to be honest, but I’m not that well versed on all the polishes in the world. I just like this. It’s purple, but not as we know it.

Get in the Expresso Lane.

OPI Get in the Expresso Lane

At first glance, similar to the above shade and I suppose it is in tone. Except this isn’t purple it’s brown. Dirty Brown, a bit murky, rather than chocolatey. It’s nice but it doesn’t thrill me especially, browns rarely do, but if I was to wear browns, this would be more my cup of tea than a chocolatey shade. Does any of that make sense? It’s late a night. Bear with me…

I Eat Mainely Lobster

OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster

I should think this will be the most popular colour from the whole collection. It’s a bright coral with a very subtle shimmer. I don’t think it’s very Autumnal but I don’t have a problem with colours being seasonal really. I’m happy to wear black in the Summer and Lilac in winter. it’s a pretty colour.

My Address is Hollywood

OPI My Address is hollywood

This a nice colour. A very subtle shimmer again and another coral, but softer and pink-er. Interestingly, in real life this and I eat Mainely Lobster bottles look very similar, but actually they’re not. It’s not the most exciting colour I know, but it is “nice” and a really nice colour for day to day wear I think.

So that’s all the shades I have. All pictures above are two coats, no top coat and I found the application a breeze with all. Also, they dried very quickly.

Any take your fancy?

All available now from www.lenawhite.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

This small collection looks really sweet and I have one I’ve got swatched here, Swimsuit…Nailed It! I’ve got three photo’s because I just couldn’t decide which was best.

OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It
OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It
OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It

It’s a gorgeous bright blue. Full of shimmer, but it’s not frosty, it’s the right kind of shimmer. Lovely. I’m not a big fan of blues truth be told but I do like this one and I’m more likely to wear it on my toes. It’s very nice. Application was a dream but I needed three coats to get rid of the nail line. Dried quickly though, not th end of the world.

Here’s the Press Release.

Love the look of It’s MY Year and Congeniality is my Middle Name. Actually on reflection I do rather like the look of all of them!

This collection is out now. £10.50 each from www.lenawhite.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

I’ve been looking forward to this collection for what seems like an eternity and a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent a couple out to try.

CND Nail Effects

The shades I was sent to try are the Silver Shatter top coat and Stranger Tides, a fab looking murky grey/khaki shade.

CND Nail Effects

So first up is Stranger Tides. I love this colour!

OPI Stranger Tides

I found it slightly streaky, three coats is definitely better than two (there are two in the above pic) and I pretty much haven’t stopped wearing it since I got it. I remove it when it’s chipped and put it straight back on again. Virtually unheard of for me but my nails are quite short and damaged at the moment, worse than in the above picture and this is a nice colour that doesn’t draw too much attention to my fingers but definitely doesn’t feel boring.

You may be looking at that picture above and be thinking it gives me terrible lobster fingers, but it doesn’t at all. My fingers are decidedly red because of the colour I’d just removed (as can be seen in the second picture down). I seem incapable of removing reds, shocking pinks and blues without leaving it all over my fingers.

Anyway, I digress. Silver Shatter. I thought I was over shatter polishes to be honest but I love this!

OPI Silver Shatter

I think the two shades work together really well and I love it. It’s a more subtle effect that the Black Shatter and the formula is nicer too. So yeah, thats the polish I’ve been rocking for the last fortnight. Love it.

The collection isn’t out yet but I plan to buy Mermaid’s Tears, Sparrow Me The Drama and Skull & Glossbones although I wouldn’t mind the others as well! I’ll be looking to see which are in the mini’s set when it’s released!

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean

Any of these take your fancy?

I’m not sure of the exact release date but am sure it’s pretty imminent and will be available as always from http://www.lenawhite.co.uk/ at £10.50 each.

OPI Femme De Cirque


I’ve mentioned a couple of times lately that I’m having a spot of nail varnish apathy, instead of being drawn to the rainbow of colours I own, I find myself drawn to nudes and french manicures. Not sure why, but as such one of the latest OPI launches, Femme De Cirque, is really calling my name. A small collection of 4 soft shades for Spring/Summer 2011 this won’t appeal to everyone but before you switch off I urge you to read on as I Juggle…Men is a must have by my reckoning!

I was sent a couple of shades, Step Right Up and I Juggle Men. First up is Step Right Up:

OPI Step Right UpOPI Step Right Up
A very pale pink, this was three coats, fairly streaky but three coats is good enough for me and as I’ve mentioned I’m really into the nudey, less in your face look at the moment. I’ve yet to find a pale milky colour that isn’t streaky.
But then we have the jewel in this collections crown. I Juggle men. A sheer base rammed with tiny iridescent particles, mostly blue on the nails but also flecks of pinky purple. It is so stunning. In the bottle the pinky purple is the dominated shade.
OPI I juggle men

And then layered over Step Right Up, please enlarge:

OPI I juggle Men

This is so pretty and right up my street, this is my prefered way of wearing I Juggle Men. However, if this isn’t your thing then don’t turn away yet, because you need to see this layered over black for the full impact. I give you I Juggle Men over China Glaze’s Liquid Leather.

OPI I Juggle Men
OPI I Juggle Men


If this collection takes your fancy it’ll be out soon from http://www.lenawhite.co.uk/ as usual.

03. 03. 2011

OPI Nail Apps. I saw these over at http://www.lenawhite.co.uk/ a week or two ago and I must say the certainly piqued my interest. Nail Apps apparently make nail art easy and come in 12 designs. You choose the sizes closest to your nail sizes, trim the width if necessary, rub to warm the stickers and then smooth onto clean dry nails, filing off the excess. Sounds simple!

OPI Nail Apps Launch

I’m loving the look of Skulls, Tigress, Steps, Magic Garden, Jump and Crazy Daisy. They look gorgeous and they are available now (http://www.lenawhite.co.uk/). My only reservation is that they are £13.80 per pack and claim to last 1-2 days when applied properly which seems very expensive for something so temporary. I think curiosity will get the better of me though and if I do cave in and get some I’ll report back on what they are like, but at that price they’d better be amazing!

As you probably know if you are a regular reader, back in November I was sent OPI Not Like The Movies from the Katy Perry Collection and the Black Shatter Top Coat for review purposes. I absolutely loved the combination (review here) and wanted to get the rest of the polishes from the Katy Perry Collection too to layer with black Shatter. I picked them up for about a tenner from Ebay.

OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection

Last Friday Night & Black Shatter:

OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
 Very sparkly, very sheer, very pretty but nothing like the blue in the bottle.

The One That Got Away.

OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
 A beautiful colour on its own but I hate it with Black Shatter over it. I think it looks cheap and nasty. It seems I only like Black Shatter over pale shades.

Teenage Dream:

OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
 Very pink and very sparkly, sheer, but not as sheer as Last Friday Night.
And a reminder, Not Like the Movies:
OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
Still my favourite.
Nice colours individually but I would absolutely NOT recommend this set of mini’s. I have no issues with the tiny lids and brushes, I still managed to get good applications from them, and generally I do recommend the mini sets as great ways to try collections out, but in this case, two of the mini’s are glitters, glitters that are quite thick and take two coats, which means that after one manicure the bottles are substantially emptier. If you fancy these colours buy full size bottles!
I really love Not Like The Movies and will probably get some use from Last Friday Night as a layering glitter.

OPI Texas Collection
The OPI Texas Collection is due out in February and is the Spring/Summer Collection for 2011 and as yet I’ve yet to see much in the way of hype about it, in fact I’m sensing more of a collective snore… I suppose at first glance the collection does appear to be a rather uninspiring collection of cremes and frosts.
I am fortunate enough to have been sent six shades (from the full collecction of 12) to have a closer look at and I urge you to consider taking a second look, there are some cracking colours and whilst I may not have chosen them, several caused me to sigh happily whilst gazing at my pretty fingers.


So without further ado, lets take a closer look at the shades I was sent.
Firstly, Do You Think I’m Tex-y
OPI DO you think I'm Tex-y
OPI DO you think I@m Tex-y
I ADORE this. It’s nothing fancy, in fact it’s a little sheer, and in the pictures there are three coats, but it’s a glorious pink. It’s ever so slightly muted, but bright too (which I realise sounds like a contradiction but it’s why I’ve shared both of the above pics). I’m told (but haven’t tried) that if you pop a coat of white on as a base, the sheer polishes work very well. However, three coats of this was perfect for me and didn’t take an eternity to dry. I can see me getting a lot of wear of this when the sunshine finally arrives!

Next is Austin-Tatious Turquoise:

opi austin-tatious
opi austin-tatious turqoise

Another sheer one, this three coats. A glorious greeny blue. Whether it’s more blue or more green depends entirely on the light you’re in at that time. But the reason I urge you to take a look at this one is that there’s PINK shimmer, it’s subtle but it’s there and it lits this polish  out of the ordinary. Don’t try looking for pink in the pics, I failed miserably to capture it!

Next, I Vant to be A-Lone Star:

 OPI I vant to be alone star
opi I van to be a-lone star

The only real disappointment of the lot. It’s a beautiful beautiful colour and I really adore the colour. Palest blue and colour wise it’s my favourite of the lot. BUT the formula is awful. It is so streaky and I had to keep adding more layers to try and even out the streaks, so in these pics this is three thick coats and even with a topping of Seche Vite it still took forever to dry and it’s still streaky. Very disappointing. Even now as I scroll through this post this is the colour I love most, but its such hard work. You should have seenthe state of my other hand it was a real mess!

Guy Meets Gal-Veston

opi guy meets gal veston
opi guy meets gal veston

It’s a coral jelly and therefore it’s sheer. Obviously you can see my nail line clearly through the polish and I know that will instantly repel some people. However I remind you of the white base coat trick but I quite like this. It’s bright and I think in Summer especially this would be super hot, especially if you are the bronzed goddess type!

Don’t Mess with OPI

don't mess with OPI
don't mess with opi

My surprise favourite of the lot! It’s a bright green creme finish, but it’s got that muted effect I love so much that stops it from being  too bright for me. A total surprise because I don’t like Greens on me generally, but I’m going to get loads of wear out of this. Smooth and virtually opaque in one coat. Gorgeous.

It’s Totally Fort Worth It

OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It
OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It

The last one I have to show you! It’s Totally Fort Worth It is really hard to describe. It’s a pale grey that looks to be tinged with lilac. Just a smidge. But what makes this special is that it’s full of pink sparkle. The sparkle is very subtle and I’d love it if it was a bit more prominent but it’s there and it’s really pretty. It gives the overall colour an air of something you can’t explain. An overall hint of pinkness rather than obvious sparkle. Again, it’s very sheer and this is three coats, but its a lovely formula and not thick at all so those three coats dry quickly enough.

So thats it, any of those catch your eye? I do believe that with these shades pictures don’t really do them justice, they are so much more effective in the flesh.