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I have this lovely friend. Lisaloo. I don’t talk to her enough any more, having two children ruined the many hours I had hands free for chatting with mates, so our chats are infrequent and often brief but regardless I think very highly of her. Not only is she lovely but she’s very clever at making scented wax things. Candles and Tarts. You can find her website here and I suggest you take a look because I’ve yet to find such strongly scented candles and the scent list is immense!

Anyway, I asked Loo if she’d mind reviewing Origins Starting Over Age-erasing Oil Free Moisturizer for me as at the time I was sent it I had a bit of an overload of moisturizers and here is her review.

Origins Starting Over™ Age-erasing oil-free moisturizer with Mimosa

So Origins have come up with another age fighting moisturiser, this time for oily skins. I am 40 in exactly 7 days!! A timely trial I think. 🙂 I’m not oily, well yes I am in my T-zone which is why I thought this might be for me. Its not 🙁 Its lovely and light, silky to apply if a little sticky and very cooling and de-puffing feeling but it just doesn’t do anything for me. I was hoping it would be enough for my T zone and especially as a pre make up moisturiser but its just like applying thick water. I gave it a good month but saw no effect whatsoever just made my dry bits even dryer.

It smells nice, it looks nice but its just not for me. I am also giving the thumbs down for that slightly tacky feeling you get when you apply any gel. Remember the feeling of gel aftersun? Bleh!

Sorry Origins, not a patch on your Youthtopia, you will have to pry that one from my cold dead hands!

£34 for 50mls.
Origins Perfect World SPF25 Moisturiser

You guys know me by now don’t you? You know that when it comes to skin care, if it isn’t anti aging, I’m not terribly interested!

So I was pretty pleased to be sent Origins newest moisturiser, A Perfect World SPF 25. Age Defense Moisturiser with White Tea.  In addition to the White Tea, there are vitamins, C & E, French Maritime Pine and sunscreens. It’s an everyday moisturiser, is oil free and protects the skin as well as helping to minimise the appearance of age damage.

First observation is that it is strongly scented. It’s of no concern to me, I like the smell, but those who don’t like fragranced products may wish to avoid. I think its a nice smell but my words have failed me and I’m not sure how to describe it!

Origins Perfect World SPF25 Moisturiser

It’s a fairly thick cream, although not as heavy as some I’ve tried, and more importantly, despite the thickness, it absorbs very quickly and easily. Surprisingly, I’d never guess from the texture that it was oil free. It’s nice. It does a decent job actually of moisturising my skin but it’s not quite moisturising enough and I have some (recurring) dry patches around my nose that this cream isn’t getting shot of sadly. The rest of my skin is excellent though.

I wouldn’t recommend this if you had dry skin at all but if you are oily or combination it’s really ideal. My skin needs a little bit of extra help so I am thinking that it will work for me if I use it in the mornings, so I get the benefit of the SPF during the day, with a boost of something more moisturising in the evening..

£30 for 50mls.

I have ok skin as a rule, but I do have several extremely dry bits. Elbows, ankles, sides of feet and upper arms being the main culprits. Over the years I’ve tried many things on them  and mostly to no avail. I find a very good scrub works the best and it doesn’t really matter what I apply after that. Having said that I always try to find something really moisturising. I ususally end up using my normal body lotion and going over the dry bits once or twice a day with something like Lush Lemony Flutter. This helps but it doesn’t cure it.

Anyway, step forward Origins All-Purpose High Elevation Dry Skin Relief.

Origins All-Purpose High-Elevation Cream

This cream was created for residents of Denver, Colorado where the altitude and weather played havoc with their skins. So this cream is designed for anywhere thats dry, cheeks, arms, legs, tummies, anywhere! It’s allegedly non greasy but rich and has some lovely ingredients, Shea Butter combined with Sunflower, Safflower, Sesame & Jojoba Oils and Wheat Bran Extracts.

As soon as it arrived I started rubbing it like a woman possessed. Feet, arms, elbows all  received heavy applications and yes, it does feel rich but yes, it is quickly absorbed. My elbows have shown an instant improvement, in fact they are no longer dry at all, my feet are softer but are going to need some more work, I have very little doubt, based on performance so far, that they will soon be lovely and soft too! It’s £20 for 75mls which isn’t cheap but a little really does go a long way and for me personally, I’ll only be using it on very small areas so I would expect this tube to last me a very long time indeed. It might be a different story altogether if my expansive derierre needed uber-moisturising… I’m not even sure one tube would be enough. It is a quite large bottom 😉 I’m exaggerating of course, but in all seriousness if you suffer very dry skin all over your body, this won’t last long at all if you used it daily, but for dabbing at small areas of dryness, not a problem and probably fairly econimical.

Very nice and I will definitely keep using this as its done a good job on my dry bits.

Origins. Not a company I know much about I have to admit, but I’ve done a little reading and this is what I’ve learned:
They make natural skincare products that are proven by science.

Included ingredients are plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils.
Ingredients not included are parabens, mineral oil, animal ingredients and other nasties.
They care about issues surrounding animal testing and packaging.

Sounds like a company I should have tried before now. And now, I am cursing the fact I live in Devon as their new flagship counter opened in Selfridges, London, yesterday. And I want to go.

It’s a state of the art counter offering customers the opportunity to explore the Exclusive Service Menu which offers skincare advice and treaments and a touch screen Interactive Playground. I want to play!

The Exclusive Service Menu includes one of three 10 minute express treatments, either Eye Energiser, Power Booster Mini Facial or the Eye Energiser for Men.

Then there’s the aforementioned Interactive Playground, aka the Digital Information Centre. A touchscreen tool you can use to understand more about the products and services offered by Origins, get advice from experts as well as being able to book an appointment!

Lastly and perhaps most appealling to a new customer is The Sampling Bar. You can take home a trio of samples chosen for you by the staff depending on your skin type.

Sounds well and truly fab if you ask me. Shame I’m not able to take advantage but if you’re in London or nearby, go and check it out! And then let me know how it was!