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I’ve got a couple more polishes from Orly’s Spring Cool Romance collection to show you today. I’ve already shown you Steel Your Heart which I didn’t love. I’m pleased to say I like these two much more!

You’re Blushing

Orly You're Blushing

A medium purple-y taupe. I tried very very hard to capture to capture the true colour but my camera did not want to do it. On my picture this looks more taupe than anything but in real life there’s a lot more lilac in there. It’s a very nice work safe colour and the application was perfection.

Artificial Sweetener

Orly Artificial Sweetener

A beautiful shade of pink with a very slight pearl effect to it which makes it just that bit special. I wore this for AGES! I absolutely love it! Again, the formula on this one is gorgeous, I just wish I could do better justice to it with my camera, alas my photographs still need work. Trust me this gorgeous, a perfect pink.

£6.95 from www.beautybay.com

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23. 03. 2012

I’m sorry, I’ve been meaning to do this post for ages but I must admit I’ve struggled a bit.

As a collection I love this. Swatches I’ve seen are gorgeous. I particularly recommend The PolishAholic‘s swatches. The pink, Artificial Sweetener and the green, Jealous, Much? are really gorgeous, in fact they all are, except for the one I was sent to review, Steel Your Heart.

Orly Steel Your Heart
Orly Steel Your Heart

These have come out a bit green in my pictures, I’m not sure why, it’s a steel grey as the name would suggest and it’s a little frosty…which means brush strokes. It doesn’t seem to fit the collection either. That said I don’t hate it, I just wouldn’t choose it myself. The formula was perfection as is usually the case with Orly polishes and it hasn’t put me off the rest of the collection, I think I’ll treat myself to a few of them. The pink, green and purple taupe perhaps.

Pretty collection, just not overly keen on the one shade I was sent!

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And so I bring you the final two polishes from the Orly Fall collection, Nite Owl and Fowl Play. Talk about saving the best for last!
Orly Fall 2011 Nite Owl & Fowl Play
Ok so Nite Owl. It’s not quite as warm as the above photo would have you think, it’s a beige with silver shimmer and it’s lovely.
Orly Night Owl
A great work safe colour that is a little different from the usual beige shades thanks to the silver shimmer that adds an extra dimension.
And saving the very best till last, here’s Fowl Play.
orly Fowl Play
orly Fowl play

A purple jelly base (meaning that I used 3 coats for the above pics) full of flakies, predominantly red/purple/blue but in some lights, copper and gold and a hint of green too. It’s stunning. Actually because I’m a blogger and because I do nails for a living I change my polish very frequently because I either have other things I need to swatch or because I simple can’t abide a chip or tip wear… this lasted ages and I didn’t want to take it off. I removed it on day 5 with very minor tip wear. This polish lasts a long long time!

You can see my swatches of the other shades from this collection here and here and it would seem actually I missed one, I’ve not reviewed Lucky Duck, but you can see great swatches over at Scrangie as usual!

Lovely little collection anyway, but definitely Fowl Play is the most stunning colour and the Must have from the collection.

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26. 11. 2011
Orly Sweet Peacock

Just a quick and rare Saturday post to share this polish with you. I’ve already shown you two polishes from the Orly Birds of a Feather collection but I was just sent Sweet Peacock and put it on immediately (at the time of writing).

It’s a bright blue silver foil with a splash of silver in it which I haven’t captured too well in my pictures but it is there. If blues are your thing then this is gorgeous. I don’t love blues as I just feel, as I’ve already said before, that I’m too old for them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beauty of a good blue and this is a great blue.

Without Flash, sorry this came out a bit out of focus:

Orly Sweet Peacock

And with flash:

Orly Sweet Peacock

Lovely. It’s also worth mentioning that I found the other two shades from this collection tricky to work with and wondered if they were a bit old, whereas this one was perfect in application.

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Orly Fall 2011

Love the look of this collection! The first one in the row above looks spectacular. It’s a purple sparkle FLAKY! I was however sent a couple of the others in the line up to try out. Peachy Parrot and Seagurl. Lets take a look. Please excuse my awful nails, I bit a couple when I went in for my operation (nerves) and they are still recovering from the damage I created.

orly Peachy Parrot

It’s a frosty, orange-y coral. I don’t think it’s very autumnal? The colour is nice, nothing special really, but I found the formula quite hard to work with. It was a bit gloopy. I use Orly for my nail business so I’m not used to that.

Then we have Seagurl.

Orly Seagurl

Love the colour, A dark grey with shimmer, not too frosty, just right. The formula again was hard to work with. Also, I applied this at 9pm, took the photos at 9.30am the next morning and you can see a chip, and by lunchtime I had to remove it. I was wearing base and top coat. I am sure I must have had a couple of dodgy polishes as the lids were a bit glued and the polish seemed old (but it can’t have been because it’s a new collection!).

Love love love the colour of Seagurl and have it on my toes right now (where polish lasts a lot longer!) and I’ll try Peachy Parrot in the Summer I think. I can’t see me rocking this one at this time of year. I didn’t know I was such a traditionalist when it came to colours and seasons!

So, nice colours, shame about the formula on mine. I’ve not seen one other blogger mention dodgy finishes, so I really do think I’ve been unlucky with these. I still plan to buy Fowl Play as soon as I can!
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Orly Instant Artist and Dotting Tool Review

I’m a shocking nail artist. I can’t do it. I really just can’t! I thought Orly’s Instant Artist might be just what I was after. Alas I’m still quite shockingly bad at nail art but these have helped make me a bit better. The following pictures were taken a few weeks ago now when I first got these and I must say I’ve improved a fair bit.

Firstly the brush. Long slender and perfect for doing zebra or tiger stripes.

Orly Instant Artist and Dotting Tool Review

They are water based so you can easily remove mistakes which is great. I also find that if you have gel manicures or Shellac for example, these are perfect, they just wipe off until sealed with top coat.

Here are a couple of shoddy attempts!

I used the Black Striper and the dotter tool for Chloe’s little lady birds 🙂

The dotter tool is FAB. I did this with my Artistic Colour Gloss a couple of weeks ago and I loved it!

Orly Instant Artist and Dotting Tool Review

The Instant Artist Colours are a not too Shabby £5.80 and the Dotter Duo Tool is approximately £7.

Available from www.lookfantastic.com

Love love love my dotty nails!

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Orly Pinup Collection
 I’ve been looking forward to seeing this collection, the Orly Pinup collection, inspired by iconic pink up girls, featuring glitter and creme finishes. To me these aren’t classic pin up girl colours which I’d think of as being red, royal blue, white and black maybe? Anyway, thats irrelevant really since these colours are gorgeous!
First up is Va Va Voom, Pink Neon Creme.
orly Va Va Voomorly Va Va Voom
 Firstly, like pretty much all true neon polishes when dry this is not glossy (as seen in my pictures) but a slick of top coat adds gloss, I quite likes the not-quite-matte finish so I left it as it was. This is stunning an so incredibly bright. My picture are making this look more orange than it is, its really a classic highlighter blue pink and so bright you’ll need sunglasses to look at it! Gorgeous!

Next is Here Comes Trouble, Sparkle Green

orly Here Comes Trouble
orly Here Comes Trouble
A stunning bright green glitter made of varying sizes of glitter. It’s so incredibly bright it looks almost as thought it’s lit up somehow, I’ve never seen a colour like it! Removing it was a pain in the bum as with most glitters but actually, it wasn’t as bad as many I’ve used! This was two coats and I would think that for best effect three would even out any little patches.
Corvette Cutie, Coral Creme.
orly Corvette Cutie
orly Corvette Cutie
 This again is considerably brighter than my pictures show although it isn’t as bright as Va Va Voom, and it’s much less in your face. I love this and can see me wearing it a lot over the Summer, not that I ever get a tan but it would look fabulous with a tan!
Lastly is Bubbly Bombshell, Purple Glitter.
Orly Bubble Bombshell
Orly Bubbly bombshell
 I’m afraid I copped out when swatching this one. I rarely wear glitters, not because I don’t like them but because I just can’t stand the removal and after removing Here Comes Trouble I just couldn’t face removing a full hand of this one! I should have done though because this is so gorgeous. Again, different sizes of glitter and I’ve included the second shot even though it’s blurry as it really shows off the pink flash in the glitter. It’s so stunning and I when I have more time and patience I will be trying this out fully on both hands, so when I do I’ll do another post because it’s really special!

So there we have it, the Orly Pinup collection and it’s absolutely gorgeous, if bright’s are your thing.
The collection is out now and you can find stockists at http://www.orlybeauty.co.uk/, they are £8.95 each.

I just had to show you this because… well because it just looks so awesome! Two thin coats of the beautiful Orly Lunar Eclipse with a coat of OPI Black Shatter top coat (out in Jan), and a quick slick of Seche Vite to finish. Stunning!

OPI Black Shatter
OPI Black Shatter
OPI Black Shatter
OPI Black Shatter

So, I never got hold of the Barry M crackle top coat, for those of you who did, how does this compare do you think? Is it worth the extra money?

I’m wondering what combo to do with it next! I love it much more than I thought I would.

29. 09. 2010

Well I must confess I wasn’t actually going to put this manicure up as the pictures don’t do it justice but I was in town this morning and had four sales staff in different shops comment on it so I thought I might as well share.  It’s two coats of Orly’s Lunar Eclipse followed by one of Model’s Own Silver Spangle. Another reason I wasn’t going to put this up is I don’t like the way the Silver Spangle came out. I was hoping for stars on a midnight sky, but I got random splodges of glitter, far more than I wanted, all over. However, the reason it got so many compliments today is the Silver Spangle is so incredibly twinkly, especially under electric lights, which is why sales assistants noticed it, but sadly the finished result couldn’t be captured by my mediocre photgraphic skills. Anyway, here it is as it appears in daylight, just flat silver messy sparkles on blue:

A Lunar Spangle NotD

And next here’s a just a poor example of how it looks when light hits it:

A Lunar Spangle NotD

And finally a bit of blur to show some of the colours that show up:

A Lunar Spangle NotD

Hmm. Well it is very pretty, I’ll have to try harder with the application of Silver Spangle I think.  Anyone have any tips for using big glitters?

Today I bring you the last of my beautiful Cosmic FX polishes…I think I love this, I’m not as in love with it as I am the other two, but it’s special and gorgeous and nice.

Orly Cosmic FX Galaxy Girl

A deep dark vampy berry shade with something special, a turquoise shimmer. It’s extremely unusual and very pretty.

So here are some swatches both indoors and out. Again, you’ll see the shimmer is much more apparent under electric lighting than it is in the sunshine. It’s nice 🙂 You will need to enlarge these pics.

Orly Cosmic FX Galaxy GirlOrly Cosmic FX Galaxy Girl
Orly Cosmic FX Galaxy GirlOrly Cosmic FX Galaxy Girl

Very nice and you will notice that I forgot to do a second coat on my index finger! doh! I keep doing that at the moment, or removing all my polish, starting a new mani and realising I’ve not removed the polish from one thumb. I tell you, my brain’s not been right since I had kids.

Anyway, thats that. I might even, if I ever get more money, go back and get a few more of these babies…