Just Charlie G

Firstly, I though I’d post some pigment swatch pics with a pic of the labelled jars so you can see which is which.

Mac Pigment Swatches
mac Pigment Swatches
Mac Pigment Swatches

Next I got a small order from E.L.F this morning. http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/index.htm

It all looks good but not had much of a play yet.

There’a brow shaping kit, Eye Primer, Lip Primer and Plumper, Pouty Petal Lipstck (this a perfect nude pink for me) and a lipliner. All for less than a tenner. I’ll report back once I’ve tried them all x

MAC. Oh Mac Cosmetics how I love thee. It’s just a tiny collection.
Soft and Gentle Skinfinish and Hot Tahiti lipstick. Gorgeous. Followed by three Holiday glosses in Boy Bait, Phiff and Jingle Jangle. Followed by a couple of pigment Charms and finally my pigment samples. Yum.