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Lush Salted Coconut It’s been a very long time since I bought anything in Lush, but I was called by the promise of new things, its a bit naughty as I’ve actually been boycotting them but I am weak and here we are. I’ve picked up a few bits lately, but I wanted to put a quick post together about this, Lush Salted Coconut, which is by far my favourite product by any brand that I’ve tried lately.

Salted Coconut is a salty, coconutty, hand scrub.

Lush Salted Coconut Lush Salted Coconut It’s a creamy coconut base, rammed with salt. You just grab a dollop with wet hands rub your hands together. If your hands are especially dirty, then apply to dry hands.

The sea salt scrubs while the coconut oil hydrates and it smells out of this world. According to the Lush website the scent is sweet gorse, but I get coconut and salt. Whatever it is, it smells amazing and the scent lingers on your hands for a long time after washing. I can get wafts if it over the course of a day.

Its not a huge pot, but you don’t need a huge amount. Your hands will be soft and flake free after use, and I promise there’s not a hint of grease left on your skin either, its just lovely. I’d use it at every hand wash if I could, but really once a day is plenty to keep your hands in tip top condition.

Honestly, the best thing Lush have ever made.

100g is £7.95 and 250g is £13.95.

I bought this with my own money (not provided for review purposes!) and you can get your own here.


I’ve been having a little Google and I’ve realised that FuturePrimitive, whilst new to me, have been around a while. And indeed I have read about them on blogs in the past but somehow forgot about them. Here we are though and back in May I had a bit of Birthday money burning a whole in my pocket and the time was right.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co. make soap as the name would suggest. But they make hand make the soap in the traditional method, cold process. The inspiration for the products is taken from nature in most cases and there is a general catalogue of twelves scents, with various Limited Editions coming and going and you have to be quick if you want those. There are some foodie scents too (which are my very guilty pleasure, as I’d love to be sophisticated, but if I’m honest if something smells of cake or sweets, I’m sold), but largely, the scents are based on essential oils. Add in  organic, fair trade, unrefined butters and you’re looking at some beautiful stuff. Along with soaps, there are aromatic oils, scrubs, bathing grains and body whips, and I’m pleased to see whipped soaps have been added to the range this week. I loved whipped soaps and they’d be my top choice for body cleaning every time.

So at the time of my first order I couldn’t choose what to go for so I picked up a few samples.

I grabbed the Sugar Buff Scrub, Body Whip, Soap and Aromatic Oil in St Ives Bay.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

The scent is described as “Softly lapping waves of azure blue. A warm, salty sea breeze, mineral rich seaweed and a hint of Mediterranean Orange Zest”. It’s a lovely fresh scent and one that I’ve really enjoyed using.

I also bought the same sample products but this time in the scent Chocolatier.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

The scent of this range is described “Dark artisan chocolate made in an old back street shoppe with tiny leaded windows. the scent of the orange-infused pure cacao chocolate with Fig syrup, Tahitan Vanilla Beans and West Indian Almond“. Oh this smells lovely. It’s pure chocolate orange for me, you know me, I’m a bit rubbish with scents and the nuances of fig, vanilla and almond are lost on me, but it’s still gorgeous.

A little review of the formulas of the products I tried.

The Sugar Buff scrubs are perfection. The perfect blend of oils, butters and sugar. They scrub really well without being too harsh and you can feel the slightest hint of the oils and butters on your skin after your bath or shower, that’s not to say they leave you oily, they don’t, they leave you feeling soft and moisturised.

The soaps are rich and creamy and a quick rub over a shower puff generates a huge amount of lather and I don’t find them at all drying.

The Body Whip moisturisers require a bit more talking about. Both are light and fluffy and mousse like but the Chocolatier one was especially so, the texture was like nothing I’ve never tried before and I think you can see on the photo up there that the texture is literally like that of a chocolate mousse. It’s sublime. However, with both of the Body Whip’s the slip on them is far less than I’m used to and it takes a short period of getting used to. When you rub it in, your hand will just stop being able to rub it in, so then you just grab a bit more. It’s a strange sensation when you’re used to the more synthetic products you can buy it really is only a case of getting use to it, it’s lovely. Also, I do find they do leave a sticky residue on my skin that disappears in time. I don’t mind this but if it’s a feeling you can’t bear then you might want to avoid these.

The Aromatic oils are lovely and just add a final step to the layering process, and I’ve also heard suggestions of adding them to a scent free shower gel if you’d prefer to wash with shower gel rather than the soap.

With my first order there were a couple of sweet little freebies included.
FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

So enamoured have I been with the samples I bough, it wasn’t long until I bought a few full size products to try out. The Ethereal Seas Body Whip, Sugar Buff and Soap.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

Ethereal Seas is describe as “A cool British Seaside breeze laced with flora. Hints of spicy Basil leaf, freshly-grated Lime Zest, buttery wood notes and cranesbill leaves.”

I’ve not tried these out yet as I’m just on the last of my Chocolatier bits, but they smell glorious 🙂

This time my free sample was Strawberry Sugarcane Soap. Yum.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

Prices are £5.50 for the soaps, £10 for the body whips and £10.50 for the sugar buffs. Soap samples are £1.50 and can do me for about a fortnight, the sugar buff samples are £4.75 each and the body whip samples are £4.50.

Such a lovely range, and really different. So do head over and check them out if you like beautiful hand made, home grown products!

19. 03. 2013

I’ve been aware of Posh Brats for a long long time now and lusted after many of the products but for some reason I hadn’t got round to placing an order.  All products are made in their own workshops in Cheshire and products are all cruelty Free, responsibly sourced and make use of natural ingredients from UK suppliers. And lets not forget the scent list. Good lord, I think maybe actually that might have been one of the reasons I’d not placed an order, I couldn’t decide what to try from the lengthy and quite frankly amazing scent list.

I was absolutely delighted when they got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out some of the products. Oh yes you bet I would.  I was asked what kind of scents I like but given the problems I have make making decisions I decided to leave it up to them what they sent!

And here’s what arrived.

Introducing Posh Brats

Tuscan Olive Castile Shampoo, Butterfly Nectar Body Creme (sample size), Shakespeare’s Quill whipped sugar scrub and pineapple smoothie fizzy bath bomb.  All in all, a good sample of the different products and scents available.

I’m going to start by talking about the Shakespeare’s Quill Whipped Sugar Scrub £7.

whipped sugar scrub

Oh my god. I die. This is amazing. Certainly this scent won’t be for everyone, but it is for me! Firstly, the scrub is formulated with moisturizing butters, natural scents, british sugars and exotic oils. This is not harsh and it doesn’t leave you coated in oil either. In short this is perfect. It lathers gently and  and moisturises and leaves skin smooth. But the scent. Described as Aged Parchment, dust, old wood, red wine, black pomegranate and ancient book leather.  For me I get leather and wood, not so much red wine or pomegranate. It is divine. Makes a wonderful base for Jo Malone’s Earl Grey and Cucumber Cologne I might add.

Next up, the Tuscan Olive Oil Castile Shampoo £5.  Unfortunately this wasn’t for me.  Designed for dry hair, but apparently suitable for all, this just wasn’t my cup of tea, scent wise or performance wise. I’m not put off though, I’m rather fancying the sound of the Poison Apple Vitamin Shampoo and  Raven Moon Vitamin Shampoo. I think it was the Olive Oil I wasn’t so keen on.

Next the Pineapple Smoothie Fizzy Bath Bomb £2.25. Gorgeous. Gorgeous! Bright yellow, fizzy and pure sweet pineapple scent. Farewell Lush. I found a cheaper more fabulous brand thank you very much. I rather have my heart set on trying out the Pistachio Gelato Bath Bomb!

Finally the Butterfly Nectar Body Creme Sample. For a sample this is very generous, especially given how little product you need. The formula is beautiful. It spreads easily, you need very little, it’s strongly scented so you can still smell it on your skin hours after application, but it doesn’t leave you greasy. This isn’t on the site at the moment sadly, but there is a Whipped Sugar Scrub in this scent. The scent is beautiful.  Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Bean, apricot, ginger flowers and plumeria blossom. It’s glorious, but very very sweet. Almost the exact opposite of the Shakespeare’s Quill scent.

All in all, shampoo aside, I’m so delighted with everything I’ve tried. So delighted I’m filling a shopping basket to place an order as I type (flitting between blogging and shopping). There’s going to have to be some editing of my basket though because so far I’ve got BooBoo Baby Cakes Whipped Sugar Scrub, Bubblegum Boudoir Whipped Sugar Scrub, Butterfly Nectar Whipped Sugar Scrub, Dea Lacrimea~Goddess Tears Whipped Sugar Scrub, Fudge Ripple Ice Cream Whipped Sugar Scrub, Lupercalia Whipped Sugar Scrub,  Pistachio Gelato Whipped Sugar Scrub, Magic Mushroom Whipped Sugar Scrub, Ocean Mist Soap Cloud, Old West pine tar Soap, don’t even get me started on the fragrance oils, or the fact that they stock the fabulous Villainess products (if you’ve not heard of them, google!).

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that will without a doubt have me returning time and time again for more gorgeous smellies. There’s certainly a scent for everyone and the products are good quality.

Highly recommended. Do head over and have a look at www.poshbrats.com.

*Disclosure – Products were provided free of charge for review purposes*

Some lovely lovely new things from Melvita of late, I’ve got loads of their scrummy products to blog about, but for now, here’s two.

Melvita Apicosma Body Scrub

Firstly, the Apicosma Body Scrub (£16.50). I love  the Apicosma range.  And this is no exception. The 3 honeyes (thyme, acacia and orange blossom), moisturise well and smell lovely And the scrub aspect of it is argan powder, which very gently exfoliates. It’s very effective and leaves my skin so so soft.

The other item I wanted to mention is the new Ultra Nourishing Cream (£27). I’ve not tried this yet because I’m sticking firmly to my Dr Murad prescription for the time being, but this is a moisturiser for dry skins and comes very highly recommended indeed. For actual reviews see British Beauty Blogger’s review and Really Ree’s review.

I think Melvita are massively underrated, every single product I’ve tried has been fabulous and I’m currently absolutely loving the Argan Oil roll on, which I roll onto my cuticles every night without fail.

Fab products.

Both of the above are available now from www.melvita.co.uk.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

I think one of my favourite things about blogging has been exposure to these small handmade brands that make spectacular products that smell divine.  Flour Mills Bath is my latest discovery and they don’t disappoint.

Firstly, when the brand sent me a little parcel of things to try they particularly mentioned that the parcel was being sent out exactly the same as a paying customer. I can see why they wanted to make special mention of this, because it really is rather lovely.
Flour Mills Bath

Flour Mills Bath

The products I received were nestled in a box full of pot pourri, gorgeously scented pot pourri I might add.

The products I received were the Lime and Lemongrass Body Scrub, the English Rose Body Oil, the Almond Milk Soap and the Nectarine and Honey Blossom Soap.

Starting with the soaps (£4 each), they are both beautiful feel soft and gentle and lather up very nicely. They leave your skin delicately scented and feel very treaty! There are lots of soaps to choose from and I rather fancy the sound of Chocolate Orange, Coconut & Apricot and Basil, Mint and Sage. Yum!

The English Rose Body Oil smells delicious. For your £10 you get plenty of product.  You simply spray onto your skin, massage in, and leave to soak in, if there’s any excess you can remove it. I haven’t bothered with the removing bit if I’m honest, I’ve been using it in the evening when I’ve been going to bed.
Flour Mills Bath

Finally the beautiful Lime and Lemon Grass Body Scrub (£15 for 330ml). The scrub comes in a lovely glass with a sort of cork sealed with wax as it’s lid. Now this had leaked a little in transit, soaking through to the cardboard box, but I’m willing to forgive it that for the beautiful scent and scrubbing abilities. Natural essential oils, grapeseed, apricot kernel and peach kernel oils blend together to make the most gorgeously zingy scent. After using you’re left with soft moisturised skin. It’s really lovely and I love the little bits of Lemon Grass actually in the scrub. It makes it feel very authentic!

All in all, these products were an absolute delight and will make beautiful gifts for people (Mothers Day?). What I think sets this brand apart from similar brands is the wonderful and more unusual scents in the range. Along with popular staples such as Lavender and Rose, there are the more unusual such as those mentioned above, coconut and apricot, basil, mint and sage, nectarine and honey blossom and so on.

Well worth a look if you fancy treating yourself or someone close to you in the near future.

You can find the products at www.flourmillsbath.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

Philosophy Grace Hot Salt Tub & Shower Scrub

I’m not sure I’ve ever reviewed any Philosophy products on my blog before, I don’t know how this has happened as I have used various things over the years, including cosmetics and brushes. But none of the Skin care line. Nor any of the Grace line.

The scrub itself comes in a massive 652g tub which is very heavy, unsurprisingly, given that it’s choc full of sea salt.

Philosophy Grace Hot Salt Tub & Shower Scrub

When left to stand the product will separate, as has happened with my pot, so you get a very oily layer on the top with a lot of salt at the bottom. A quick stir sorts it though and you are left with a gorgeously scented pot of scrub which works very well indeed to banish dry skin and the flakies. I’d say it was an ideal product for pre-self tanning for example. It was exceptionally easy to use and just the right amount of scrubby-ness and the oils in it helped my skin feel super soft after after my shower.

I don’t think this will be the last Skincare item I try from the Philosophy line or indeed just the Grace line as the scent is so beautiful.

The scrub is £20.50 from QVC along with a huge amount of other Philosophy products.

*Disclosure – Sample provided to me for review purposes*

Really can’t knock anything from Melvita, ethical, deliciously scented and pure quality.

Got just a few lovely bits to show you today.

Firstly they have some beautiful gift sets for Christmas in a good range of prices but I’m loving the Apicosma Discovery Set. The packaging is beautiful.


This lovely set is £15 and contains the Body Milk, Lip Balm and Hand Cream. The Apicosma products are all honey based, smell divine and are really nourishing.

The other things I wanted to show you is the Yellow Fruits Duo. £19.50 on special offer at the time of writing.

The yellow fruits in question are Apple, Quince and Hazelnut which makes for a deliciously fruity and different scent. I’ve been loving using these though! There’s a shower scrub (perfect amount of scrub for a product that you use as a shower gel rather than just an exfoliator) and a beautiful body milk which moisturises well and leaves the scent on your skin all day. I’ve also been using the Berry Body Milk which is equally divine.

If you’ve not yet tried out Melvita, get to it, it’s a wonderful, underrated brand and one I would recommend to anyone.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

I recently posted about a couple of beautiful Brenda Anvari skin care products I was using, the Skin Tonic and the Skin Serum. Those two items have made a massive difference to my skin, seriously, dehydrated skin? What dehydrated skin? So I’ve now added a few more products to my weekly and daily skin routines.

Brenda Anvari Skincare

I recently went along to Visage House for a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial which was superb. I have raved before about the experience at Visage House and this occasion was no different, with the exception that on this occasion I was treated by Brenda Anvari herself. Not only was my skin treated to a very excellent and effective facial but I was able to pick Brenda’s brains to get the benefit of her many years of expertise in the skincare industry.

I have learned that since using the Skin Tonic and Skin Serum twice daily since my last visit I have managed to stop my skin being dehydrated which is in itself a revelation. I’ve learned a lot about the little bumps on my face (which is why I was there). A huge amount of those little bumps on my face have now been removed, a few remain, particularly on my chin, which Brenda was unable to work so thoroughly on as I was having a break out at the time of my appointment and squeezing and digging around in infected spots is a strict no no.

At Visage House there are four Face Treatments ranging from 45 mins to 1hr 45 mins, each is tailored to the individual. Prices range from £50 to £89 and if you are in the local area (Exeter) I highly recommend.

After my Face Treatment I was sent off with three new products to add into my daily and weekly regime and much like the Skin Tonic and Skin Serum, these are absolutely fabulous and my skin is really starting to show  the difference now I believe.

The Cleansing Milk (£15.95 for 250ml) is beautiful, with Lavender, Grapefruit and Bergamot. It smells out of this world. In the evenings I use this after first using an oil cleanser, and in the mornings I am using this alone. You just massage it in really well before either rinsing off or removing with a tissue or cotton wool. I prefer to  wash away with a muslin as I feel that’s most effective, but this is beautifully gentle, but still super effective. I then follow up with the Skin Tonic and the Skin Serum. Morning and night.

Then in addition I have the completely amazing Facial Exfoliating Cleanser (£15.95 for 250ml).

Brenda Anvari Skincare

I love this. I love everything about it. I love the herbal scent (rosemary). I love the light creamy texture and I love the amount of scrub it gives… it’s perfection. It leaves my skin glowing. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a scrub that’s so gentle you can’t feel the scrub, but neither is this harsh, it feels like it’s working and it leaves my skin glowing. I use this three times a week.

Finally, I’m now using the Intensive Face Mask (£15.95 for 50ml)

Brenda Anvari Skincare

For something called Intensive, this is the lightest creamiest  mask ever. It’s not one of those that dries on your face like a clay mask, nor is it a peel off mask, this is one of those that dries almost invisible and there are several ways of using it. You can use it as your traditional face mask, apply it and leave it on for 15-30 minutes then remove. Or if your skin is in particular need of saving, you can apply and leave on overnight. Then finally Brenda told me that if you do ever squeeze a spot (tut tut), then apply some of this to it immediately after and leave. The mask replenishes and restore the skin with it’s ingredients, Sea Buckthorne Oil That has a rich source of vitamin A and Omega 7 and Bergamot Oil for anti-aging and conditioning. It’s truly gorgeous and leaves my skin so smooth and radiant.

My skin is still not perfect, I’m still battling with hormonal spots that never seem to go, but that aside, my skin has never been better. I’m also using a wonderful moisturiser and eye cream which I’ll be blogging about very soon, but I credit Visage House and Brenda Anvari for the massive change in my skin. The treatment has cleared out the vast majority of blocked pores (some of which I’m told had been blocked for a long long time) and the products I’m using are helping to stop the pores from getting blocked again. Things are definitely on the up. Each blocked pore is a spot waiting to happen, so to have so many removed really helps me get back to a blank canvas as it were. Now my skin is no longer dehydrated, but is combination, but because it’s sensitive that means it could change at any time… so I’m doing my best to look after it.

I cannot recommend Brenda’s skincare products highly enough, they are exceptionally well priced considering the expertise and wonderful ingredients that go into them, and they are really effective, without any scientific babble to blind you. Gentle, cruelty free, simple and effective, perfect.

The next step for me on the road to skin recovery is to get the rest of the blocked pores unblocked and then I’m keen to get a facial oil into my routine somewhere. I’m also thinking I might go for a bit of Microdermabrasion at some point but will be taking advice from Brenda as to when she thinks that will be appropriate.

If you’re in Devon and you need your skin sorting, get yourself to Visage House for the most luxurious, effective Skin Treatments around. If you’re not in Devon but you like the sound of any of the products then you can buy the whole range online along with the beautiful home fragrances and body products.

Postage and Packaging is free if you spend over £50 and that is easily done, especially with Christmas looming, or  it’s £6.95 per order.

*Disclosure – Both the products and the treatment were provided to me free of charge*

24. 10. 2012

Oh I do love a good scrub. I have a few on rotation that I’m currently loving, two of which are these:

St Ives Scrubs

First up the Elements Warming Scrub. It warms gently on contact with water, ingredients include sunflower and camomile and Sunflower to soothe and sugar and jojoba beads to exfoliate, leaves my skin glowing I have to say and it’s a very budget friendly £5.10, perfect for the winter months to get your glow on.

The other item up there is a St Ives Classic, Invigorating Apricot Scrub. What can I say, it’s a bargain price of £3.99. Leaves my skin soft and beautiful. It’s not quite my favourite scrub out of all the ones I am using but it’s a budget favourite.  Nice amount of scrub without being too harsh (for my tastes) and well worth keeping in the bathroom.

I am having a massive flashback to some amazing St Ives Shampoo and conditioner I used to absolutely love. A quick google would seem to suggest they don’t make shampoos any more though. 🙁

The St Ives range is available from Superdrug.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

Mary Elizabeth Skin Care

Absolutely LOVING these products I was sent to try out from Mary Elizabeth Bodycare.

Before I talk about the products individually in a little more detail, I just wanted to tell you a little about the company and products generally. The ethos is simple. Natural, organic, effective products to help you look good and feel good. There are no boxes, to save on wasteful packaging. Each product contains enough essential oils to ensure that they have all the beneficial properties of the oils, rather than just a minimal token amount to enable the company to list them in the ingredients, all products have undergone all EU testing requirements as well as challenge and stability testing and finally Meadowfoam Oil is used in the moisturiser and balm.  This is a fairly new oil in skincare, is apparently supernourishing and makes any product “luxurious and high end” according to current reviews of the oil, I know nothing of Meadowfoam Oil but will be investigating!

In 2010 Cecilia Rathe had skin cancer, and whilst the treatment for the cancer was successful, it left her skin raw, irritated and with a high possibility scarring. She tried various products to no avail but being a fully qualified aromatherapist, it was only a matter of time before she used her knowledge and skills and created a product herself…which worked. And Mary Elizabeth Body Care was born.

Here’s a quick run down of the products.

Camellia and Geranium Gentle Face Scrub 50g £12.50

Mary Elizabeth Skin Care

A beautiful facial scrub made with Camellia Oil, Avocado Oil, Geranium and Lavender oils and rich in Vitamin E. This is beautiful, you just massage into your skin, dampen, massage again and then remove, you can use this once daily, but I’ve been using it probably every couple of days, only because that’s the best way I can fit it into my already working very well regime. Would definitely without question recommend and re-buy.

Frankincense and Rose Moisturiser 50g £21.50

Mary Elizabeth Skin Care

What a beautiful moisturiser. I think you can see in my photograph, it has the most beautiful texture. At first you think this might not absorb too well, as it feels richer than you think when you apply it, but actually it’s mere moments before it’s disappeared into your skin. By the time I’ve reached into my drawer to decide on the day’s foundation, my skin is ready to go. Its full of beautiful ingredients, Jojoba, Meadowfoam, Frankincense, Rose, Vitamin E, Lavender… it smells beautiful and it feels beautiful.

Juniper and Jojoba Hand Cream 50g £9.50

Mary Elizabeth Skin Care

Another beautiful product. Jojoba Oil, Calendula Oil, Juniper, Geranium, Chamomile… oh it really is lovely. This is by no means a heavy handcream, but it’s certainly moisturising and has become my bedside table handcream of choice, joining the elite products that make part of my bedtime ritual. This is a handcream but you could use it anywhere, I’ve used it on my rough upper arms with some success.

Finally the Nuture Balm with Spearmint and Tea Tree 15ml £6.50

Mary Elizabeth Skin Care

This is the only product I’ve not used a great deal, for no other reason than that Tea Tree and I are not the best of friends and I have many problems with it in the past. When using on wound they get worse, when used on spots they get worse and so it is with this that I’ve only tentatively given this a whirl, and that was on my cuticles. It has a lovely texture, and if you are not weird with tea tree like I am, then you can use this anywhere, lips, heels, elbows, cuticles… anywhere.

What a lovely brand, truly, the products feel like they’ve been made with lots of tlc and are truly beautiful.

At the present time the products are available only from the Mary Elizabeth website but I hear a couple of national online stores are interested in stocking the brand so watch this space.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*