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I’m not too great at taking supplements of any kind but I’ve been taking these new Optibac Probiotics for Every Day MAX for a couple of weeks now.

Optibac Probiotics for every day maxFor Every Day MAX are Optibac’s newest high strength probiotic supplements. With each capsule containing 50 billion high quality live microorganisms  these are sure to kick start your gut  health. Not only is it super strength, but it’s also super quality with the three strains having been comprehensively researched in the laboratory and clinically trialled  on thousands of people who have experienced improved digestion, boosted natural immunity, lower inflammation and moderate reaction to allergies. If you’re interested, the three included strains are L.acidophilus NCFM, B. lactis HN019 and B. lactis BI-04, all of which means nothing to me at all, but I know that people will want to know what they are taking.

We previously tried Optibac for Babies and Children and I was impressed at how easy they were to incorporate in my kid’s daily life, and these have been no different. You just take one capsule with food, daily, preferably breakfast, and for those who can’t swallow tablets you can mix the contents of the capsule with a cold meal or drink. Ideal.

30  capsules is £35.99 and you can find them on OptibacProbiotics.co.uk where you’ll also find a stockist locator if you’d prefer to purchase in a bricks and mortar store.

*product received free of charge for review purposes

I’ve tried supplements in the past but my inability to stick to anything has meant that I forget a day, then another day, and before you know it, all my good intentions have gone out of the window until I got put on daily traditional meds for my migraines. Now I have to take medication every single day without fail, for the rest of my life and for some reason I don’t forget these.  And so it makes perfect sense to keep my supplements with my meds and take them all at the same time.

And so it is that I now take quite the cocktail of tablets each day. But I’ve been doing it for quite a while so it’s working!

Here’s my daily intake!

Discounting the two small white pills, which are my meds, here’s the run down!

Imedeen Hair & Nails: I take these silica and biotin based supplements daily and I really think I can see a difference already. I’ve been taking them for a few weeks now. My nails were pretty good before hand but actually, I have been a nail biter all my life and if I break a nail and I don’t deal with immediately I can quickly return to being a nail biter. And this is what happened to me recently when I bit of every last nail after two broke and I was going through some stress. My nails are growing back really really fast though even though they were bitten down to the quick as they say. I’m putting it down to these babies. They actually state on the website that you’ll see benefits within four to six months, so I don’t know if I’m imagining it but I’m impressed! My hair isn’t looking better yet but time will tell!

Imedeen Derma One: I take two of these daily as per the guidelines. I reviewed them previously and I don’t plan to stop taking them any time soon. I’m really impressed with the difference these have made to my skin. The “plump-ness” in particular.

Viridian High Five B-Complex with Magnesium Ascorbate: the final pill in my little cocktail. These are for energy! Much needed in the Summer holidays I must say and the High Five is because they contain higher levels of Vitamin B5 that your average supplement and they have a little extra Vitamin C in them too. So far so good. I must mention  here that Viridian do a wonderful range of kids supplements “Viridikid” and I received samples of two of their products for my kids who won’t touch them sadly, but if you’re looking for supplements for kids that aren’t packed with sugar or sweeteners do take a look!

So that’s me, I’m wondering what else I can add to my supplement regime now but I suspect that with this lot I’ve got most bases covered!

Anything you think I’m missing? I’m interested to know what, if anything my readers take regularly and what benefits they get from them!

*Disclosure – all items were erceived for review purposes*

Imedeen Beauty Supplements
(Please excuse the stock photo I can’t find mine anywhere)

Imedeen seem to be taking the beauty world by storm at the moment and I’m just here to add to the hype really. That’s not a huge amount to say but I’ll do my best.

Imedeen are a range of award winning supplements designed to help improve the quality of your skin, inside and out. In the range are Supplements for Hair and Nails, Supplements for Men, and then supplements for 30+ years, 40+ years and 50+ years.

I’ve been using Derma One, which are the ones for those of us in our thirties. This means they are targetting to combat loss of radiance and moisture associated with the first signs of ageing. They contain an exclusive Marine Complex, Vitamin C and Zinc and work int he deep layers of the skin where your moisturisers can’t reach.

You take two tablets a day and can expect to see results within 12-24 weeks but I think I spotted signs of improvement before then.

I find that, as with most things, changes haven’t been drastic, this isn’t plastic surgery after all, but I do see a difference and that is that things seem a little firmer. I’m not sure if I spot increased radiance but I do feel that there are results, particularly around my jaw line where things are starting to slacken (for want of a better term) and everything seems a little tighter. I’m 40 next year, I’m never going to look like I did when I was twenty, but I’m really happy to say this seems to be making a difference to my face!

I honestly think that unless you’re a wee young un, there isn’t anyone who couldn’t benefit from these. I’m thinking that I could probably do with the Hair and Nails ones too!

Usually I’m rubbish at remembering to take supplements but I think the results have driven me to keep going in this case, and there’s no better recommendation than that!

You can purchase yours here, and I strongly recommend you do!

*Disclosure – these were provided to me free of charge for review purposes*

Getting Party Ready with Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett have a selection of goodies to get you ready for your Christmas and New Years parties and the first one I want to show you is the celebrity favourite Coconut Oil. Beloved product of  selebs such as Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston (who mixes hers with rock salt to make a scrub – must try this!).

Since receiving this I am using it religiously, I use it on my legs and upper arms mostly as those are my driest areas and this is really helping them out. I know for a fact it’s what I’ll be using before I apply my wash off tan.

This stuff turns solid at a certain temperature, and the warmer your house, the softer it gets, mine is mostly solid at all times though.

Getting Party Ready with Holland and Barrett

Dig a little out and apply. It turns to oil as soon as it hits the skin and works really well.

Getting Party Ready with Holland and Barrett

My only disappointment with this is that to my nose it’s virtually scentless, my husband says he thinks it smells of coconut but I can barely detect it. I’d love to smother myself in coconut scent if I could, but if you’re not a fan of the scent this is perfect.  It’s £6.99 for 207ml and a little goes a very long way indeed. You can also eat on salads, use for cooking or as a hair conditioner. Very versatile!

Then there are a variety of supplements to help you to look gorgeous for your party. The Skin, Hair and Nails Formula (£7.69 for 60) are tablets containing Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Selenium to help support healthy hair, vibrant skin and strong nails. I’ve not been taking these long enough give an opinion yet but I have tried similar before and I think these supplements and these of this type make a marked difference to my nail and hair growth in particular.

Finally there’s the Fat Metaboliser.  A supplement  to help support weight maintenance, when combined with excercise and  a low fat diet. There’s a 14 Day Diet Plan you can download from the website too. I can’t review these as I’ve not been taking them… I’m just too lazy to remember 😉

I’ll definitely be back for coconut oil, thats for sure!
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Hi all,
Today I’m going to talk to you about Nurture Skincare. This is a website that’s  pretty new to me but I’m delighted to have discovered it as  I’m really enjoying using the couple of products I’m trying out. I’ll get to those in a short while but first, a little about the company.  Nurture Skincare are based Guernsey and are a part of the Healthspan group who are the No 1 direct supplier of vitamins, minerals and supplements in the UK. Nurture Skincare are cruelty free and they are affordable and effective.
The philosophy of the company is simple. To look after not only your external beauty but also your inner health, so their skincare and beauty products are supported by appropriate supplements.  Quite a few of the products have won Beauty Bible  awards in  the Beauty Steals category which is great.  I’ve been trying out a couple of the products lately and am so far impressed.
The first thing I’ve been trying out are the Hair and Nail Strengthener Supplements which are £8.45 for  60 capsules. You take two tablets a day so that is a month’s worth.  These have a range of effective ingredients to  help promote glossy, shiny hair and strong healthy nails. There’s a range of B-complex vitamins to help with healthy cell formation, silica for strengthening nails, and natural oils including apricot kernel oil along with OptiMSM to provide bioavailable sulphur for the production of keratin. I’m not sure what OptiMSM is but it really seems to be working.  My nails and hair both seem to be enjoying a growth spurt, my nails in particular are not just growing but after months of having problems with my nails they are suddenly a whole lot stronger. I’ve always known my diet wasn’t fantastic but these supplements seem to be providing whatever it was I’ve been missing before now! Very impressed, and it is recommended that you take these for 3-4 months for best results, and I’ve only been going a few weeks, so I am looking forward to the end results very much indeed.
The other item I’ve been trying out is the Nurture Replenish Day Cream SPF15 which is a very reasonable £11.95.  This cream  is aimed at an older lady than myself, women in particular who have or who are experiencing the menopause. That said I’m having all kinds of hormonal issues and I don’t see why this wouldn’t work for anyone except those with very oily skin.  The cream contains Phytoestrogens (natural plant oestrogens) of soy bean and red cover to mimic the action of oestrogen (clever stuff!).  It  can help restore density to the skin, therefore reducing fine lines… they can also help to stimulate the skin metabolism, helping you get a brighter healthier complexion.  If that’s not enough for you then there are also ceramides to nourish, pro-vitamin B5 to moisturise long term. Vitamin E for its antioxidant properties and of course it’s SPF15 to help prevent sun damage which of course is ageing.
The cream itself is quite rich and I was afraid it may be too rich for my skin.  Surprisingly,  this wasn’t so, it needs less than a couple of minutes to disappear into my skin leaving me soft and moisturised all day long. Any dry patches are banished immediately. Fantastic stuff… I’d have to say this does compare quite favourably to considerably higher priced moisturisers I have tried.
I highly recommend checking out nurtureskincare.co.uk for affordable effective products. I am suitably impressed.
*This is a sponsored post, but all views reflected are my own, as always*

An anti-wrinkle supplement needing reviewing, I’m all over that! Or at least I wanted to be. It didn’t quite work out how it was supposed to but let me tell you about the product first. When Strength Within was first launched it sold out in 3 hours. Because it’s the first supplement proven to reduce wrinkles.

Dove Spa Strength Within Anti-Wrinkle Supplements

5 Years of clinical research carried out by scientists, dermatologists and nutritionists resulted in the Strength Within supplements. Results have shown smoother skin after just 14 weeks with the greatest effect being on the deepest wrinkles.

The idea is that supplementing the diet with nourishing ingredients has a significant effect on the appearance of the skin.

Ingredients (feel free to click to enlarge):

Dove Spa Strength Within Anti-Wrinkle Supplements

The research was carried out on and with more than 500 women and has been independently recognised by experts from the British Skin Foundation with the final  tests were carried out over 14 weeks with 164 women.

Now that really is something. I can’t tell you how many products or press releases I get that claim to have had a dramatic effect on 99% of women but then when you read the small print there were 10 women on the trial, this is more significant and certainly therefore more believable. And I do believe this product to be effective and I do believe it works… for me though, trialling this hasn’t gone so well.

I didn’t realise when I agreed to review the product that it would involve taking three tablets a day. There isn’t a problem with that, and I don’t have a complaint about that…BUT for me personally, it’s a miracle if I remember to take one tablet a day, never mind three… so I managed about two days before I started slipping and taking one or two a day before forgetting completely. Then I pulled myself together and started again…only to find the three tablets a day nigh on impossible for me to remember to take.  Let me make this clear, this is entirely my problem, and no fault at all of the product. I am just useless.

Soooo…. I can’t really review this other than to say it SOUNDS fantastic and it’s probably well worth checking out. As for the packs I have here, I’m going to try once more to do it as I’m noticing increasingly that the aging process is quickening and my lines seem to grow more obvious by the day so I’m on a mission to do this! Properly! If all goes well, in about two and half months I’ll report back with my results… fingers crossed.

Strength Within is available exclusively from www.dovespa.co.uk and retails at £35 for 28 days supply.

EDIT: I have just been informed that you can take your daily three tablets all at the same time which will make it a lot easier for me!

*Disclosure – PR Sample*