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UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDBehold the beauty that is the Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette!

I’ve got to start with an apology though because it looks like this palette is out of stock everywhere, I’ve had it a while I must admit, but life has really been getting in the way of blogging lately. I’m trying to get back on top if now though, sadly in the case of this beauty, a little too late. The main reason I’m still doing this post is that palette contains shades that are available in other formats as well as those that may well appear in future palettes. There are five vintage shades, five shades from previous palettes and seven shades currently available as singles. I am sorry this review is so late, but hopefully it’s still useful for someone!

So the reason I love this palette, or one of the reasons I love this palette is because while there are new shades, there are also really old favourites too (Gash, Acid Rain and UV-B). I’ve remember when Urban Decay first hit Exeter, going in and marvelling at the beautiful products. I especially loved the lipsticks so I’m thrilled to see the Vice Vintage Lipstick Collection… I’m TOTALLY getting as many of those as I can afford!

Okay back to the UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette, henceforth known as the Vice Reloaded palette in this post! Retailing at £43, the palette houses the usual 20 shadows in a variety of finishes, with the usual stunning packaging and attention to detail, as well as the double-ended brush.

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDUD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDThe palette itself is matte black with a crystal effect detail on the front, as well as the button to open the case. It’s very attractive, and as always, there’s a mirror inside too.

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADED UD XX VICE LTD RELOADED UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDAnd inside that lovely jewelled case are beautiful jewel like eyeshadows.

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDThe vast majority of the shades in the palette are perfection, just like UD shadows always are. There are a couple of shades that are a touch patchy and harder to work with but I’ve found patting on over a primer solves that.

So, I’m just going to go ahead and show the swatches, with the official colour descriptions and a note or two where I see fit! All swatches are done without primer.

Starting with the top row:


Suspend (greige-brown matte), Oil Slick (black matte with silver micro glitter), Roadstripe (iridescent white with blue/violet shift), Gash (metallic brick red), Midnight Cowboy (pink champagne shimmer with silver glitter). I don’t know why Suspend is so patchy in my swatch, it just doesn’t come out like that when applied to my eyelid, but to be fair I always use a primer. Roadstripe, this is gorgeous if you love your duochromey shades.. while you can’t really see it in my swatch, its really beautiful!

Row Two:

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADED501 (deep metallic blue with copper micro glitter), Shallow (pale taupe-silver satin), Laced (pinky taupe matte), Hot Pants (pearly medium pink) Mildew (deep metallic green shimmer). The shades in this row are all amazing. Shallow is one of my favourites in the whole palette, for no other reason than I just love the shade. Hot pants is a glorious pink, not a colour I can wear with ease but glorious anyway, and Mildew is a stunning rich shade of green!

Row 3:

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADED UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDSmog (deep coppery bronze shimmer), Misdemeanor (deep olive green matte with green micro shimmer), Freakshow (bright purple satin), Asphyxia (hyacinth shimmer with blue shift), Acid Rain (pale yellow green shimmer with green shift).

Yes I know there are two photographs for this row, but I thought they captured the tones and hues and richness of these shades. All of these shades are incredible.

Row 4:

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDMoonflower (metallic rose gold with gold microshimmer), UV-B (bright blue with violet shift), Goldmine (bright metallic gold), Twice Baked (rich brown satin with gold micro glitter), Anonymous (pale peachy cream matte).

Another gorgeous row, all the shades are beautiful, Goldmine is incredible, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gold like it. Anonymous isn’t rubbish, its just the same shade as my skin unfortunately, but look closely and you’ll see the swatch is there!

Overall, this is a GREAT palette and if you can find it anywhere I would absolutely recommend it. I’ve not tried an Urban Decay palette I wouldn’t recommend yet. They are great for everyone, always a great mix of shades and finishes, making them good for ages and all occasions!

I’m sorry I can’t recommend a stockist, but keep checking the Urban Decay Website, there’s always new goodness there and as I previously mentioned, some of these shades are available as singles!

*product received free of charge for review purposes

Today I’m delighted to be reviewing the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluids.urban decay color correcting fluid If you’re into beauty and beauty products, you can’t fail to have to have noticed coloured concealers/correctors are must have products right now. With shades to tackle most issues, colour correctors are a great way to help achieve a flawless look.

Based on the colour wheel, correctors work to diminish problem areas using colour. So green couteracts redness, yellows and oranges add warmth and hide dark circles, lilacs counteract sallowess and reds and pinks work to hide blue tones, such as bruises or veins.

Urban Decay have launched five shades of their Color Correcting Fluids, Green, Lavender, Peach, Pink and Yellow. I have Peach and Lavender.

urban decay color correcting fluid urban decay color correcting fluid If you’re struggling to remember which shade does what, fear not, the boxes give a good overview of how to use each shade.

In swatches, these are slightly alarming, but don’t forget, these are well blended and worn underneath your foundation.

urban decay color correcting fluid urban decay color correcting fluidThese are a dream to apply, they come in a tube with a doe foot applicator, just dab on where needed and blend. I find they blend flawlessly into my skin and make up, regardless of what else I’m wearing. These are so light too, I’ve been looking carefully to see whether I get creasing under the eyes, but nope, nothing.

I’ve been using both shades regularly, but of the two Lavender is the clear winner for my skin, while it does neutralise yellow tones, it also doubles up as a highlighter on me, worn under foundation it adds a subtle brightness wherever it’s applied.

Peach is less useful for me as it’s really a bit better for darker skin tones than mine, but even so it still covers my dark circles, without making my eye area look orange. That’s magic!! I think Pink would be a bit better for my fair skin though.

I’m hoping to grab the green one in town tomorrow. I’m no stranger to green concealers, they work brilliantly for me, I have a lot redness to counteract, but the formula of these has totally sold me.

Whatever your concern and whatever your skin type, I’m pretty sure you’ll find one of these to suit you.

£17.50 for 6.2g and available from Urban Decay Counters and the Urban Decay Website.

*Items received free of charge for review purposes.

There I was running out of foundation when, with great timing, the brand new Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation* popped through my letterbox.  Urban Decay All NighterUrban Decay All NighterUrban Decay All NighterI received two bottles and what beautiful bottles they are. They have hygienic pumps and are beautifully stylish.

I received two shades, 2.0 and 2.5. Now the shades are supposed correlate directly with the Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup, (my review of that one is here) and I am a 3.5 in that foundation, but despite the shade difference I gave these shades a go. As a guide, whole numbers are warm toned while 0.5 shades are cool toned. As I’m cool toned, I guessed that 2.5 would be the best shade for me.

Swatches: In the next two photos, the shade on the left is 2.0 and on the right is the cool toned 2.5.

Urban Decay All Nighter Urban Decay All NighterWhile the shades look the same in the bottle, actually when swatched and lightly blended you can see that 2.0 is indeed warmer. I’ve tried both shades and 2.5 is definitely the one for me, but both work okay, I’d guess that the 3.5 in this formula would be too dark.

All Nighter Liquid Foundation is designed to give a flawless matte finish that lasts…all night. While the finish is matte, I have found that the finish is far from flat as I hope you’ll see in my last photograph.Urban Decay All Nighter You all know by now my skin is tricky, foundations either work for me or they don’t. They either don’t blend well on my dry patches or they cause me to break out. I’ve had no problems with this one, it applies like a dream (I use the Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring brush for all foundations). I was a bit concerned the waterproof formula might cause me problems, it didn’t and the pigmentation on this one is amazing, you need very little product for a flawless finish. One pump isn’t quite enough for me BUT, if I have plenty of moisturiser on, one pump is plenty! It’s a high quality formula.

I don’t go for a heavy coverage all the time any more, just bad skin days and special occasions, but I can’t be without a fuller coverage foundation and this fits the bill nicely. Only thing worth mentioning is that this does go a bit shiny on me by tea time, using a primer seems to fix that for me and I will stay pretty much flawless till I wash it off 🙂

30ml is £27, it’s not a cheap foundation but if you’re only using one pump at a time, this is going to last for months! Definite recommend, Urban Decay do great bases!

Check out Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation’s 24 shades here.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes

It’s been about six blog posts since I last blogged about an Urban Decay product, I think that’s been a big enough break and I’m back today with another little review. The Urban Deecay 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil in Walk of Shame.

urban Decay Walk of Shame urban Decay Walk of ShameIt’s well known I think that white eyeliners, worn on the waterline can open up the eye, brightening and giving the illusion of bigger eyes. Having tried white liners in the past though, this look isn’t for me, white liner is just too bright, too stark. So nude pencils are much better for me. I’ve tried a few in the past, if I recall correctly I had a Chanel one, and perhaps something similar from Benefit. I don’t know where they went or what happened to them!

I treated myself to the Urban Decay pencil based on the fact that I’ve rarely, if ever had a dud product from the brand.

Walk of Shame Waterliner Eye Pencil is a matte creamy nude shade that promises to last all day.

Urban Decay Walk of Shameurban Decay Walk of Shame On me it nearly does a full a day. I get a good eight hours of wear where it looks perfect and then it starts to fade. At 10pm at night when I cleanse, it may not look perfect anymore but it’s still there doing it’s job.

urban Decay Walk of ShameAs for the effect, it’s considerably more flattering than a white waterline pencil, well on me at least and it’s really effective, the more eye makeup you have on, the more effective it is at opening up the eyes, unlike in my photo, I’m just wearing mascara.

A great buy and definitely recommend for anyone looking for pencil of this sort. I think I’ll probably end up adding a couple of the colours too, black and maybe navy, just because the longevity is so impressive!

I purchased mine from Debenhams, for £15.50.


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick New Shinies!!!! Today I’ve got a few of the new Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks to blog about  but before I start I just need to apologise for the radio silence. Life here just got really crazy and I haven’t had any time for blogging at all! This has meant that this blog post is much later than planned sadly and the Vice Lipstick collection actually launched last month! I’m so sorry!

Anyway, the Vice Lipstick collection is huge news. The collection contains 100 lipsticks in six finishes. Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer. This is has got to be the biggest lipstick collection ever hasn’t it? And there is most definitely something for everyone. At £15 each, these feel like absolute luxury thanks to the metallic cases that close with a really good click.

I’ve got five shades to share with you today, from left to right is Big Bang, 714, Backtalk, Firebird and Pandemonium.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Swatches in the same order:

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick I adore Urban Decay lipsticks and these don’t disappoint! I’ll go through each shade now.

Starting with Big Bang.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Big Bang

Big bang is a metallized finish. And it really does look metallic, what this actually is is glitter though, lots and lots of glitter and as your lipstick wears away, you’ll be left with very sparkly lips indeed. Its a bit much for the school run but the colour is absolutely beautiful and the effect is gorgeous, especially for someone much younger than me! Despite the huge amounts of glitter in this shade, it feels smooth and not at all gritty.

Next is 714.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick 714

714 is a Mega Matte finish. The colour is glorious, and incredibly bright red that is extremely comfortable to wear. It applies easily and wears for quite literally hours and hours. Just gorgeous and very striking.

Next we have Backtalk.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Backtalk Backtalk is a Comfort Matte finish in a mauvey nude shade. The finish is satin-y and applies beautifully! So creamy and smooth and a beautiful everyday shade. Despite being a nude shade, its a little bit different, perhaps because of it’s matte finish. Very comfortable and wearable.

Next is Firebird.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick FirebirdWhat a colour! Firebird is a vivid fuchsia, with blue tones and a very subtle pearl effect. Officially the pearl is fuchsia, but I definitely see something purpley/blue in there and its gorgeous. Wears really well (like all of these), applies like a dream, looks gorgeous, what’s not to love?!

Finally is Pandemonium.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick PandemoniumPandemonium is a red toned purple in a Mega Matte finish. While I absolutely love this shade, it was the most tricky to work with and a bit patchy to apply, I had to go over my lips several times and I still didn’t feel it was fully opaque all over. However I was happy with the finished result and I would still happily wear, I just think its a worth mentioning as compared to 714 (also a Mega Matte finish) this is much drier. Beautiful shade though!

So that’s a quick look at just a few of the Vice Lipsticks, there are of course 95 more shades to finish and I’ve managed to create a wishlist of about 6 must-haves with another 20 would-like-to-haves!

I think at £15 a pop I could get one a month easily! Beautiful lipsticks and just so exciting for lipstick and Urban Decay fans. Do be sure to head to your local counter or have a browse of the range online here, the colour range will blow your mind!

If you’ve already purchased any of these, let me know which shades you got so I can check them out!

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.

Carrying on with my recent Urban Decay purchase reviews, today I’m blogging about the Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector (£25).

Urban Decay One & Done

Urban Decay One & DoneI’m not sure how I’d describe this base product, so lets start off with the official description:

“The best of both worlds, this hybrid complexion cream combines the benefits of a sheer foundation with the coverage of a tinted moisturizer – and our high-tech, weightless formula feels amazing on your skin. One &Done provides all-day wear and covers a wide range of skin tones. But the best part is how it transforms the look of your skin! Light-diffusing spheres immediately help make flaws seem to disappear. Over time, pores appear smaller and skin appears firmer and more radiant”

So it seems to be a BB cream, light coverage, some skincare benefits and some optical blurring.

One & Done is available in six shades, and given their sheerness, these are workable for various skintones. The packaging is a plastic pump-tube that holds 40ml of product but I have to say it doesn’t seem that much when I compare it to my other foundation bottles! Time will tell when I see how long it lasts I guess!

Urban Decay One & DoneThe texture is extremely light, and as you might imagine, sheer, but thanks to whatever witchcraft Urban Decay have used when making this, the coverage on my skin is pretty great. I need concealer on any blemishes and shadows, but otherwise it’s great coverage. For most skins, you can probably skip moisturiser as this is a moisturiser in itself, however for my dry skin, I still need my moisturiser.

Urban Decay One & DoneUrban Decay One & Done

Urban Decay One & DoneAnother aspect of this products witchcraftery is the colour, whilst appearing a little orange hued on my arm swatch, it is nothing of the sort when on my face. The colour is perfect.

I feel like I’m always going on about my skin, but for reference and in case it helps anyone, my skin is very prone to dryness as well as acne, and in addition, I seem to get large cystic spots from lots of products, especially silicones and very rich moisturisers, but this has not caused me any blemishes, and nor does it stick in my dry patches when I apply it.

There aren’t many skin types I would imagine this isn’t suitable for, except perhaps those who require or desire a heavier coverage. If however your skin is plagued with occasional blemishes, don’t just skip this, you might be surprised at the coverage. It is perfect for anyone who wants a light coverage for summer (did I mention SPF20?) or  indeed all year round.

Just to finish up, here’s me wearing it.

Urban Decay One & Done

A definite recommend from me. I am wearing shade Light, and I wear 3.5 in the Naked Skin foundation. If you already wear the foundation, there is a guide on the website (In the product description for One & Done) which will tell you which shade would be best for you.

I purchased mine from the Urban Decay counter at Debenhams, where it cost me £25 for 40mls.

I told you I had lots more Urban Decay coming up and today I’m blogging about the Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter in Fireball as well as the single eyeshadow in Fireball.

When I saw these new Urban Decay Highlighters, I actually wanted to get Aura, the pink-ish one, but when I hit up my local Debenhams, it was out of stock, as well as Sin. The only shade they had left, and they had plenty, was Fireball. I took one look at the orange pan and decided to skip it, but something called me back to swatch it and turns out, it was my favourite, I can’t understand why that wasn’t sold out too, its beautiful!

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter Fireball

The Afterglow Highlighters are I think from this Summer’s collection and retail at £19 each. Sin and Aura seem to be out of stock everywhere, but I can confirm that Fireball is still in stock online at Debenhams.

Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter is unbelievably finely milled, blends like a dream, wears for the promised 8 hours and all three shades are designed to suit all skin tones.

Fireball is a beautiful orangey peach shade, shot through with pink microshimmer, and at a glance it’s not for the feint hearted!

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter FireballUrban Decay Afterglow Highlighter FireballUrban Decay Afterglow Highlighter Fireball Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter FireballDon’t be put off though, it’s both subtle and beautiful when on the cheeks. I did think that it might stand alone as a blusher, but it’s too pale and sheer for my tastes. It’s a gorgeous highlight though and I just can’t understand why this one hasn’t sold out too! Buy it now!

Because I loved this so much, when I found out there was an eyeshadow version, also called Fireball, I had to pick that up too!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Fireball The eyeshadow version of Fireball is from last summer’s collection, but seems to still be widely available from several Urban Decay stockists (£14).

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Fireball The eyeshadow is virtually the same, only richer, more pigmented. It’s a gorgeous coral/orange shade shot through with pink and just perfect for Summer! I also love that you can pop the pan out to go into your Build Your Own Palettes, if you have one.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Fireball

Urban Decay eyeshadows rarely under-perform and this is no exception, this wears all day, doesn’t crease, and has the impact you’d hope for, it’s full of pigment.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Fireball  I’ve had quite a few Urban Decay palettes, but this is my first single shadow, it hasn’t disappointed.

I’m so in love with Fireball, both in it’s highlight and eyeshadow forms, and it’s definitely going to be my go to colour for Summer 2016.

I’m going to try and stagger my UD posts but coming soon are some of the new Vice Lipsticks, the One & Done Complexion Perfector as well as an eyeliner I picked up.

What do you think, could you be tempted to pick up Fireball this Summer?


So today I’m going to be reviewing the Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush which I’m pretty excited about, however first a word of apology.

I can’t believe I’ve not blogged since the 19th of May. I have just literally been so stressed I’ve not even had a spare bit of brain power to think about blogging, never mind do it! However, it seems that now I’ve reached the point where I am ready to start blogging again for the distraction, not just that but I’ve acquired quite a few new products in  my absence thanks to birthday money and vouchers.

I’ve gone a bit Urban Decay mad if I’m honest. Having always been impressed by Urban Decay I decided I really needed some new treats.

The first item I purchased was the Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush (£21).

Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring BrushI don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad word said about this brush and I wasn’t really in love with my Real Techniques Stippling brush, which just left me with an ancient ELF brush which is great but very much past it’s best so I took the plunge.

Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring BrushThis cruelty-free brush  was designed specifically to go with the Naked Skin Liquid Makeup (which I love but have run out of!), but it claims to be great for any liquid, cream or powder foundation. I’ve only tried this with liquid foundations (Clinique Anti Blemish, Urban Decay The One & Done and Mac ProLongwear) and it’s been great with all of them.

The brush is densely packed with the softest bristles which pick up your foundation and distribute it evenly over your skin. I’m not sure if I’m imagining it but I seem to be using far less product with this brush…

Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring BrushThe optical blurring effect is a bit of a misnomer really, but there’s no denying this buffs your foundation flawlessly leaving as perfect a finish as you’ll get with any brush, well, better than any brush I’ve ever tried and it just glides with such ease.

I’ve washed it once, it hasn’t shed so much as one hair, nor has it left any on my face either, feels light in my hand, soft on my skin and applies my foundation like a dream. Highly recommend. I  loathe spending money on things like brushes, always seems such a waste when I could buy pretty make up, but I don’t regret this purchase one little bit and agree it’s worth all the hype. Now I just need to get some more Naked Skin liquid foundation to try it with the product it was designed for… oh what a chore 😉

I bought mine from Debenhams, in store, but it is available online also, here.

OMG! This is about as exciting as make up gets for me. Today I’m blogging about the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass collection. The collection includes five limited edition lipsticks, as well as an eyeshadow palette.

urban decay alice through the looking glassI can’t actually believe that the original Alice in Wonderland palette was five years ago, I blogged about that palette at the time, but appear to have lost the post in my blog move. The original Alice palette was a big deal, it sold out almost immediately and it was beautiful. The Alice Through the Looking Glass products are equally beautiful and are inspired by the film release of Alice Through the Looking Glass which is released next week.

I’m going to start by showing you the eyeshadow palette (£45). It’s truly a thing of beauty. I should say tight now this post is going to be picture heavy. I think for now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

urban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glass urban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glassSo, what you have is the most stunning palette, housing 20 all new shades of eyeshadow and a double ended brush. The box itself is a work of art decorated in a kaleidoscopic pattern and Alice quotes. Once you lift the lid you’re greeted with a mirror and two doors, lift the doors and find a beautiful butterfly who’s wings flap as you move the doors, it’s truly beautiful. When you pull out the draw, you’ll find a brush and the twenty eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows are in a variety of finishes and shades from smooth buttery matte, to glitter to satin and a few in between. It’s truly gorgeous.

Now for swatches, two photos in two different lights, each swatch has been done over Urban Decay Primer Potion, and in rows, from Left to Right. Looking Glass, Hatter, Lily, Heads Will Roll, Time, Reflection, Gone Mad,  Duchess, Bandersnatch, Dream On, Dormouse, Paradox, Salazen Grum, Chronosphere, Metamorphosis, Cake, Chessboard, Royal Flush and Mirror.

urban decay alice through the looking glass urban decay alice through the looking glassSuch beautiful colours. Three points:

This is one seriously beautiful palette that more than lives up to the hype, grab it if you can!

Moving on to the lipsticks, these are £16 each and amazing, I love them more than the eyeshadow palette if that’s even possible.

urban decay alice through the looking glassFirst a note about the packaging, the same beautiful kaleidoscopic print as the eyeshadow palette. Truly gorgeous.

Left to Right for both of the next pictures. Mirana, Mad Hatter, Alice, Time ad Iracebeth.

urban decay alice through the looking glass urban decay alice through the looking glass

It’s not until you see these on that you really see their beauty so I’ll comment on each shade.


urban decay alice through the looking glassMirana is a beautiful matte berry shade with tonal shimmer. The shimmer is totally lost in the swatch and it’s no overpowering when worn, it’s just really lovely.

Mad Hatter

urban decay alice through the looking glassI loooove this shade. Mad Hatter is a bright purple with shimmer. I think the shimmer is slightly blue-y, but it’s truly lovely. I love purple lipsticks anyway, they are great for when you want to be slightly unconventional but aren’t brave enough to go for one of the more unusual shades!


urban decay alice through the looking glassAlice is one of my favourites and the most wearable. It’s also one of the hardest to photograph. It’s a sheer nude, and really pretty as shown above, but what the swatch and the picture above don’t show is that it has a pink shift. The pink shift is nigh on impossible to photograph but it’s GORGEOUS, and as your nude fades through wear, the pink shift becomes more and more apparent. Truly a gorgeous shade This is the  best photo I managed to get of the shift.

urban decay alice through the looking glass Time

urban decay alice through the looking glassTime is the shade I was most worried about wearing, I never thought I could wear a blue lipstick, but this is really special. It’s a gunmetal navy with silver shimmer, the shimmer is not apparent in my opinion, it wears more as slightly metallic. That’s a good think. This is gorgeous!

Finally we have Iracebeth.

urban decay alice through the looking glass No words, this is just the perfect red. And for a matte formula it’s not at all drying. There’s not much more I can say about this, it’s my favourite, the colour is seriously beautiful.

The lipsticks from this Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass collection are all amazing, I can’t think of a bad word to say about them. What a treat!

So there we have it, a not-so-quick look at the new collection. If you’re tempted by anything you’ve seen, I’d get on and shop really quickly as I predict a sell out!

The Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass collection is available from Urban Decay Online as well as from counters nationwide.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes

Urban Decay Gwen StefaniLast month saw the launch of the latest instalment in the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani collaboration.

Gwen is such an incredible style icon, the collection was bound to be a) hotly anticipated and b) beautiful. I’m just doing a quick run down of the products available today, but I want it all, especially the blush palette and the eye palette! Gwen was totally involved in the design of the range and it really shows.

I’m going to start with the Blush Palette which is £35.

urban decay gwen stefani blush paletteThe palette features six shades, Cherry is a light pink satin, Easy is a deep rose with gold shimmer, Angel is a champagne nude shimmer, Lo-Fi is a soft bronze matte, Hush is a medium pink with gold shimmer and OC is soft pink with a peach shift. Honestly, this is just beautiful and thanks to the inclusion of bronze and highlight shades, it looks like a contouring dream.

Next up is the Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette, £40.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow PaletteThis is just beautiful isn’t it? A stunning range of neutrals in a variety of finishes, with the bottom row allowing you to add colour and dimension as required. It goes without saying that Urban Decay do eye shadows perfectly, the formula is always spot on, and I imagine these are no different…. WANT!

The Gwen Stefani Brow Box is £19.50.

235356810alt1The Brow Box is only available in Bathwater Blonde, and contains two brow powder shades, a mirror in the lid, tweezers, and two angled brushes.  There’s also a wax included to keep your brows in place. I’m not a blonde and I like brows dark so this wouldn’t be good for me, however, it does appear to be the same as the ordinary Brow Boxes in terms of content, and that is available in two shades and is the same price. Will have to check it out, I do love a good brow product!

Next are the Gwen Stefani 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils. £14.00 each.

Master_gwenstefaniI must apologise for the low quality image there. The Lip Pencils are available in six shades, to match the lipsticks (I’ll show you next). They are creamy, waterproof formula… and most importantly for me, they prevent feathering.

Finally the Gwen Stefani Lipsticks, £16 each.

3605971098376_gwenlipstick-SMALLSwoon. Looking at these lipsticks, you can tell at a glance Gwen Stefani had a heavy hand in designing. If anything, bold lips form the basis of her style. I’ll take one of each please!

So there you have it, an extremely covetable collection, I’d be happy to own any of the items, but especially the palettes and lipsticks.

The entire range is available from Urban Decay online now. Happy Shopping!