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Delighted to bring you this review today. The Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette.

Inspired by an oil slick, the shades and packaging are absolutely beautiful. Be warned though, if you love the look of this after my review, you’d better get it quick as its Limited Edition. I’ve dithered over too many Urban Decay palettes in the past and missed them, I’m trying to spare you the pain. Trust me.

Okay so the box is nice.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Urban Decay Vice 4 When you open up the box things get really exciting. Firstly you’ll find this zip pouch. Which sticks with the oil slick theme and is very lovely indeed.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Urban Decay Vice 4 Urban Decay Vice 4Within the zip pouch is the beautiful palette. Again with the oil slick colours. It’s gorgeous.

Urban Decay Vice 4Um, hello gorgeous. It’s a sturdy plastic palette. The next photo is just to help you gauge the size.

Urban Decay Vice 4Moving onto the contents, let’s take a look.

Urban Decay Vice 4

Okay so a little word about the palette before I start on the swatches. It is, as I’ve already said, Limited Edition, and the retail price is £43. For your money you get 20 eyeshadows and a brush, which I forgot to photograph, sorry. The brush however is worthy and I have been using it.  There entire lid is a mirror inside and it has a magnetic closure. The shadows are in a mixture of high impact colours and neutrals in a variety of finishes, most are shimmery but there are mattes, satins as well glittery shades.

Moving onto the swatches, they are all done without primer, so you can imagine that if you were to use primer you could get more oomph. I like to show shadows without primer because I believe an eyeshadow should perform without primer, and these most definitely do. I have swatched in columns, working left to right, each is just one swipe of the finger.

Starting with Bones, Framed, Discreet and Bitter.

Urban Decay Vice 4Love this column. I absolutely love Discreet (third from the left). It’s a cool toned neutral, with a tiny hint of mauve.  I’d also like to add that Bitter, the shade on the right, trebles in impact with a second swipe.

Next, Grip, Fast Ball, Grasshopper and Flame.

Urban Decay Vice 4Love these shades, but Grip, the grey and Fast Ball, the second from the left, are my favourites in the whole palette.  You can see a look I created with them at the end of the post.

Third column, Deadbeat, 1985, C-Note and Low.

Urban Decay Vice 4Love these shades also, Deadbeat is a nice black and blends well. 1985, that glorious purpley pink has a touch of duochrome-y goodness but a little bold for my conservative tastes while Low, the brown is a touch gritty thanks to the glitter but a nice shade.

Next up we have Beat Down, Underhand, Arctic and Crowbar.

Urban Decay Vice 4Wow. Okay Beat Down (first on the left) is beautiful, it has a stunning shimmer in a bright violet that makes it look illuminated, actually the same can be said of Underhand (second from the left) and Arctic (third from the left) each of these is so full of dimension, they glow. Crowbar however, as you can see from my swatch is full of chunky glitter. I’m not sure how best to apply this without considerable fall out, I suspect a primer and patting motion would be most successful. Its a beautiful olive green shade.

And finally, Pandemonium, Harlot, Robbery and Delete.Urban Decay Vice 4These shades are amazing. Firstly I’m going apologise for my picture of Harlot, both in the pan and in the swatch, I just couldn’t get my camera to co-operate with this shade which is a huge shame as its beautiful. While it looks frosty lilac in my photograph, its actually much more special in the flesh, it has a pink tone to it it goes beautifully with all the other shades in this column. All of which I love.

This is a beautiful palette, and one that should please both neutral and colour fans alike. The performance of all the shadows is good to excellent with no obvious duds. The glitters are hard to work with, but still beautiful and they wear well, and of course, with a primer, they stay put all day. I’ve had a little play with all of the shadows now, and with apologies for the low quality photo, this has been my favourite look so far. Excuse the crazy eyebrow!!!

Urban Decay Vice 4

Discreet as a base, grip in the outer corners and Fast Ball blended in. I’m fairly sure I added a few others into the mix as well, but those are the ones I definitely recall.

Absolutely love this, and highly recommend, but move fast if you want one for yourself!

The Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette is £43 and available from www.urbandecay.co.uk/

*Palette received free of charge for review purposes.

I don’t think the trend towards matte lips is going away any time soon, which is good news for me since they have long been my favourite finish. I much prefer a matte, or nearly matte finish to a glossy look, and generally speaking I prefer the feel of them too.

The new Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks promise huge amounts of pigment, a matte and velvety finish, while not sucking all the moisture out of your lips, a common problem with matte lipsticks.

The Matte Revolution Lipsticks range of shades (there are 9 I believe) are for the most part bold, offering high impact colour.

A word about the packaging, which I failed to capture in my photos. They feel heavy, expensive and high quality.

The shades I have are (L-R) Bad Blood, Stark Naked and Blackmail.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick


And swatched in the same order:

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick


They are all just amazing. As promised the pigment is indeed heavy and the colours are amazing. Bad Blood is a true red, Stark Naked a nude shade that is opaque enough to cover my very pink lips, and Blackmail is the most amazing blackened berry shade.

Application on all is easy, they have that slight drag that you get with matte lip products, but they go on well with one swipe. They vary slightly in matte-ness, with Stark Naked being the most matte, and Bad Blood having a slight hint of a sheen.

I am wearing Stark Naked all the time, its incredibly wearable.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick Stark Naked


Bad Blood is amazing, and please excuse this photo, its sort of cringey-sultry-shouldhavebrushedmyhair-y.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick Bad Blood

I haven’t taken a photo of me wearing Blackmail because quite frankly it would put you off. Its sad, its my favourite colour, but it really doesn’t suit me at all, but if you can wear very dark lips, I would highly recommend.

I can’t think of anything there isn’t to love about these lipsticks, they apply really well, they last really well on my lips and I love the packaging. The price at £15.50 is reasonable. I think they feel like a much more expensive lipstick. I’m not saying they are cheap, but as I say it feels like a £20+ lipstick in all regards.

Available now from Urban Decay counters nationwide and the Urban Decay Website.

*Lipsticks received free of charge for review purposes.

Who doesn’t love Urban Decay? Not many people I know that’s for sure, and my blog stats tend to point towards my Urban Decay posts being my most popular. It’s fortunate then that I have a few more posts lined up!

Starting today with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm*.

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty Balm Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty BalmThe Illuminating Beauty Balm promises to minimise the appearance of pores, lines and wrinkles, while feeling lightweight on the kin and offering radiance. It’s oil free, which is great for my spot prone skin and can be worn alone, or under foundation if you want to add radiance in that way. It’s not only cosmetic though, it promises to also offer long term anti-ageing benefits, by way of protecting the skin from daily stress, as well as improving elasticity.

Love the packaging too, I really like how Urban Decay design fun products, that don’t lack class.

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty BalmSqueezing some out of the tube, my first thought is that the shade looks suitable for my skin, and while I can see a slight shimmer it looked as I’d expect a product designed to give glow.

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty BalmBlending the product out a little I start to see glitter. Not chunky glitter admittedly, but perhaps shimmer is a better word.

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty Balm

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty BalmUnfortunately, the same holds true when you apply to your face, look closely and you’ll see a fine sprinkling of quite obvious shimmer, all over. That said, take a step back and its no longer as obvious.


Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty BalmThanks to the hormones, my skin is a bit blemish-y at the moment so I’ve not worn this without putting foundation over the top, but wearing it in that way works really well for me. It may be something to do with the fact that I wear the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, but these two products go together really well. That glitter/shimmer is no longer apparent but the radiance is and its really effective.

I rarely skip a highlighter these days, as my skin is lacking in radiance, but with this under my foundation I found my face isn’t as flat without a highlighter meaning I feel happy to skip that step.

It wears really well, and my foundation applies perfectly on top of the BB with no conflict. I’ve also tried it with Clarins Everlasting Foundation with the same results.

I’m not sure how happy I’d be to wear this alone, solely because of the shimmer aspect, its not densely packed with shimmer, its more sparkles dotted all over your face, but again, I may be overly critical, just take a step away from the mirror and they are not apparent at all.

Under foundation though, this is fantastic, works really well for me and wears well too on my fussy skin.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm retails at £23.50 and is available from Urban Decay online and counters nationwide.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.




Urban Decay naked2Delighted to be blogging about the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I received this to review, in addition to the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation which is my favourite foundation. I’ve actually already reviewed it and I love it, you can see my post here.

Moving on to the Naked 2 palette. I already own the first Naked palette and there’s no denying the Naked palettes just really work. From the varying textures in the palette, to the wearable shades, to the excellent formula both in terms of application and wear time and not forgetting the versatility, Urban Decay’s Naked palettes are just a brilliant idea, taking you from subtle looks to dramatic looks with just one palette, if you are not a makeup hoarder one palette could cover all your eye shadow needs, if you are a hoarder, then get them all!

And lets not forget, so popular have the Naked palettes been they’ve spawned a thousand nude and natural palettes from other brands, and they haven’t stopped coming yet, and its easy to see why.

Naked 2 is filled with taupe toned neutrals, in a variety of finishes, from ultra shimmery to ultra matte, from the softest cream shade to the darkest black and everything in between.

The palette itself is a taupe neutral metal with a satisfying click shut  and a hinged, mirrored lid. Also included is a double ended brush and Primer Potion samples.

Urban Decay naked2 Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2Before I go into the eyeshadows in more depth, a quick word about the brush. It makes a huge change for a brand to included a quality, useable brush with a palette (hello premium brands that include sponge tipped applicators!), and I love Urban Decay brushes and the Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush is next on my wish list, having had it used on me in store and played about with it, it’s just amazing. So, the eyeshadow brush is great too and more than passable for on the go application.

Moving onto a closer look at the shades and swatches, you’ll see a photo of four shades, names underneath each shade, followed by swatches of the same shades in the same order. Swatches are all on bare skin, no primer.

Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2

Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2

Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2

Stand out shades for me are Tease, Busted and Bootycall, for no other reason than they are my favourite shades. Pistol was a little disappointing in the swatch, but let me tell you it’s incredible over primer. All of the shades are amazing over primer, if you don’t have Urban Decay Potion Primer eye primer, I’d recommend it, these eye shadows work amazingly well without primer, but they are incredible with. It not only affects the depth of the colour but increases the wear time.

Urban Decay naked2If I had to choose between this and the original Naked palette I’d choose this one purely for the addition of the black, I wear a lot of black eye make up, and not just at night-time, so having a great black, handily packaged with my other shadows is a real bonus for me.

I’m no make up artist, but here’s a subtle little look I wore the other day, along with the Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Foundation.

Urban Decay naked2


Definitely recommend this one. As I say you can’t go wrong with Urban Decay eye shadows in general, but this is my favourite Naked Palette.

You can purchase your own Naked 2 Palette for £38 from Urban Decay online.

*Both the palette and foundation were received free of charge for review purposes.


You might remember I recently blogged about the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Make up and I promised I’d be back with a review of the powder I bought at the same time, the Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder.  I don’t know why brands insist on giving products such lengthy names but I’ll be referring to it as just the powder from now on!

At £23, it’s not the cheapest powder on the market, but I’ve spent more before now, so for me its an okay price. I love everything about the packaging. Once you open the external box, you get this lovely little pouch.

P1170106I don’t really use these pouches that powders often come in, but they do look nice 🙂

Inside you have your palette, its a good quality plastic, in a metallic, bronze-grey shade.

P1170107 P1170108Press the button to open up and inside you’ll find your powder and a mirror inside the lid. Under the lid you’ll find a spongy applicator which I forgot to take a photo of but it’s nothing you’ve not seen before.

P1170110 P1170111As you can see, I don’t tend to opt for the applicator, preferring to use my brush, but the addition of a powder puff is certainly useful for when you’re out and about.

In terms of application it goes on beautifully, leaving a natural flawless finish. I picked up shade Medium Light as I was advised by the Urban Decay counter assistant, which seems to be perfect for me.

P1170112On my skin it sets my make up well and isn’t too matte and apparently there are optical blurring pigments to help minimise imperfections and leave you looking soft focus. It goes really well with the Naked Skin Liquid Make up and lasts on my skin most of the day, I find it needs retouching at about 2pm ish most days.

Here’s how my skin looks with both the foundation and powder, no filters or retouching. However, please excuse the photo, a) its back when my hair was very dark, b) it was just a quick snap taken to show a friend with my phone, c) clearly I wasn’t using my new hair routine for frizz free moisturised hair.

10873022_10155029299535144_7243454173185348070_oAll in all, I like this powder, it does the job well for me, and it doesn’t seem to break me out, which lots of products do so that’s always a winner!

Mine was £23 and I bought it from the Urban Decay counter in Debenhams.



I was applying my foundation this morning and realised it’d make a good blog post because its a fantastic product. I picked up the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup a couple of months ago, I shall refer to it as Naked Skin from here on in!


I’m not sure what drew me to it, I can get really quite bad skin, and all the impressions I had about this product were that it was very light.

To just explain in a bit more depth about my skin, I have ageing skin, I suffer quite badly with hormonal spots,as well as quite extreme dryness on and around my nose. If that wasn’t enough, I am starting to get pigmentation marks around my eyes (up close they look like freckles but from a distance, dark circles) while the skin around my nose and nostrils can be quite red toned.  Don’t I sound lovely!

The official description of the foundation is that it feels as though you’re wearing nothing, has a luminous demi-matte finish with a result that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as making you look airbrushed.

Starting with the range of colours, the range is excellent with 18 shades I believe. The numbering system really helps to loacte your perfect colour. Warm toned skins should look for shades ending in .0, cool tones finish in .5. I had an in store assistant help me to colour match and we agreed shade 3.5 was absolutely perfect for me. It isn’t a shade I would have chosen for myself, I would have chosen paler, but I have to admit she was right.

On my hand it looks not right at all!



Its an extremely liquid formula so when pumping out, I would advise not pumping out too much, it’ll run off your hand before you can use it all.  I was keen to see if such a lightweight formula could cope with my redness and blemishes, as well as not clogging in the dryness on my nose. I couldn’t have been more pleased and surprised with the result.

This is a foundation where I find I use the least out of any I’ve ever tried, a little goes a very long way and blends beautifully, even on my dry patches much to my surprise, this is highly unusual and I find with most foundations I require primer on my nose, but this is not the case with this foundation.

Coverage is similarly surprising. For the first time I feel my skin looks as though I’m not wearing foundation, my tones are evened out so that redness is far less evident. Regarding blemishes and spots, I always use concealer, no question, however I’d go so far as to say coverage with this on small blemishes is excellent, bigger blemishes would mean you couldn’t skip the concealer, but as I say, I never do anyway.

It has an excellent wear time on my skin too, lasting a good 8 hours without shiny patches or obvious fading, and as I’m one of those people that touches their face a lot, this has been really tested.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this foundation, its passed my expectations quite considerably, it suits all but my most spotty days. I find its great for days (like today – excuse the hair) where I don’t want to look made up, but it gives such a good finish its also ideal for a really polished make up look.



I’m just including this next photograph to demonstrate how flawless it is around my nose. Around the sides of my nostrils, around my nose piercing, my skin gets terribly flaky and dry, and foundation makes this look much worse, but it really isn’t the case with this foundation.



There are only two people I wouldn’t recommend this product to, those with quite serious acne, and those who like a heavily made up finish from their foundations, this looks incredibly natural.

I also purchased the Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder which I will put in another post in due course but suffice to say I’m so impressed I’ve got the Naked Concealer and the Illuminating Beauty Balm  on my wish list.

The Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup is a pricey (but worth it) £27 for 30ml, but do remember, you need to use very little.

I purchased mine from Debenhams.

06. 04. 2010

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but purples don’t work on me really so I’m trying hard to make them work because I like purple!

Products used:

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation in light (reviews on this coming soon)
Sheer Cover Light Concealer

Mac Mineralize Blush Duo in Rhapsody in Two

Mac Please Me lipstick

Sleek Palette (original) purple & pinky purple
Sleek Palette (original) gold to highlight
ELF Brow Kit in Medium
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner Rockstar on waterline
Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

It was a bit more vibrant in real life and less pink. I dunno, I don’t think I can make them work really.

I realised yesterday I had even done a face with Mac Viva Glam Cyndi. It’s a really beautiful shade and I’ve worn it a lot since I got it. Gaga didn’t really appeal to me but I knew I’d love Cyndi.  What I really like is that the colour is very buildable. One swipe for a sheer reddy coral which you can build to be a vibrant bright almost red. I’ve gone for a medium look here 🙂

I used Mac Chartreuse pigment & the green from the Urban Decay Alice palette on my eyes and a touch of Benefit Coralista on my cheeks.

and here’s a good swatch of Viva Glam Cyndi.

MAC Cyndi Lipstick

I’m waiting for the new collections to get on the Mac website – I want several bits from each. What about you?

Good moaning.

Right then I’m in the doghouse because I forgot to do this post. :p

The very lovely Louise over at Get Lippie very kindly sent me this foundation to reviw for her as the shade was too pale for her. Please check out her blog if you haven’t already, she’s one of my fave Bloggers. You can see my review on her site but I thought I’d repeat it here for you all. Thank you Louise.
Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation

I’ve been using Lilly Lolo Mineral foundation for years, it works well and looks really natural which is great, but sometimes I want a more finished and polished look and so have been on the hunt for a cream foundation that suits me. Louise kindly offered to send me this one she had in return for a review as it was too pale a shade for her. So here we are.

The packaging is really rather nice. Heavy solid, transparent purple compact with inlaid design on the lid. Inside is a (very  shallow) pan of foundation and underneath that is a brush to apply it with.

Okay now brace yourselves, you need to see what I’m working with. Eeep!

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation

I applied this on day one using the brush it comes with. It went on easily and smoothly, was easy to blend and gave good coverage to the spots on my chin, it wouldn’t need much touching up with concealer. However, I’m recovering from a cold and I have some dry skin around my nose – the effect wasn’t pretty. This stuff is definitely not for people with dry skin. The other thing I should mention is that within moments of application I started to come out in red slightly itchy blotches. These were caused by the brush. I don’t know why, or what the brushes that do this to me are made of, but an hour later the blotches were gone. I won’t use that again, but that’s not a massive problem except it loses the portability factor me as I’m unlikely to carry a foundation brush around with me.

It lasted well throughout the day and I would describe it as light to medium coverage, it didn’t mask out my freckles and looked soft and natural.

I tried again today but this time used my own foundation brush, went on nicely with no irritation this time. My dry skin has pretty much gone today so the finish was much better without the clumping in the dry spots!

t’s a pretty good colour match for me and I like the finish, but it won’t be my go-to foundations for a couple of reasons:
I do get dry patches from time to time which this foundation does not suit.
The brush doesn’t work for me.
It’s not terribly buildable and if you try it can get a little cakey.
The quantity you get is tiny. It wouldn’t last me five minutes.

I take a lots of pics of myself (for my blog) and this gives you awful white face when a flash hits it, but in natural light it’s good.  I think it’s a pretty good foundation actually and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a handbag foundation compact just so long as they don’t suffer with dry skin and can afford to replace it often. I will definitely finish it, but I probably won’t replace. The search continues!

Argh Flash White Face!

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation

 Natural light is much better!

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation

25. 01. 2010

Hi all, hope you all had a fab weekend and a not too bad Monday. My weekend was pretty uneventful really, just popped into town on Sunday for a few bits, a fry up and a Costa coffee and cake. Big G and I are Latte fiends and have a homemade one every single night at 9pm in a tall mug, but usually at least once a weekend we do a Starbucks or Costa run into town. It tricky though because Costa does the best coffee but Starbucks do the best cakes, like Apple and cinnamon fritters and chocolate cake doughnuts…but I digress.

Aaaanyway, I nipped into Superdrug for some baby things and a couple of bits might have fallen into my basket. Namely the Barry M Silver Metallic eyeliner that I fell in love with when I saw Muhsine review it over at bubblegarm. I dunno, it swatched nicely on my hand, beautifully pigmented but I can’t get it to work well on my lids at all. It kind of skids over bits leaving bare patches, but I’ll try again tomorrow with some UDPP and I’ll take some pics if I can.

The other thing was that I gave into the hype and bought myself Gosh’s Darling. Hmm. I’ll have to try it again tomorrow because it was definitely a bit meh on me. And streaky. I think I’m just too in love with MAC mattes. I’ll try again though.

Finally, 40 followers! I’m thinking I’ll do a giveaway if I ever get to 100 but that seems more possible now than it did when I started. Thank you everyone who takes the time to read my inane ramblings 🙂

Lots of love,