Just Charlie G

You all know that I tend to spend far too much on my health and beauty products, and I’m far too drawn to the high end ranges but now and then I do find something utterly fabulous at a rather wonderful price. I don’t know yet if this is going to be a new series on my blog but this item is just too lovely not too share.

It comes from Waitrose, but don’t be put off, this product is an incredible £1.26.

Waitrose Cinnamon Cakes Shower Gel.

Waitrose Cinnamon Cakes Shower Gel

Sorry for the tiny stock image but I didn’t want to show you my half used bottle. I bought this a few months ago when there was a deal on the Essential Waitrose bath and shower products but it seemed wrong to use this in the warmer weather but now there’s a definite chill in the air this is my new favourite thing. It’s creamy, it lathers like a dream it smells like a slightly woody cinnamon cake and its absolutely scrummy. There’s also bar soap, bath foam and a hand wash. Absolutely delicious and a definite steal at that price.

Go buy!!

PS: I can also recommend the Sweet Plum, Clementine and Amber varieties. Gorgeous.